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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Golems and building

Posted by Lithuanian Monday May 28 2012 at 3:02AM
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Weekend started with jet-levelling to level 78. it was easy enough with killing some golems. Then I came to Dralk, home of the Lunus dragons, to earn respect of local Town Marshall. He has little trust in bipeds, believing in Dragon superiority, and gave me some tasks, each having some joyfull comment like "I do not expect you to live, your grave will be there".

It was only one time that I was killed: all other times I was triumphant. I did all the quests Dragon required...but so far he does not tell me about respect. Strange thing, maybe I missed something.

I have finished our tier 1 Guild house in Bristugo - it was relatively easy. After that - some runs to finish three tier 1 tents (mostly used to store little amounts of stuff. They are very cheap and easy to build, unlike Silos). Later I turned to forgotten Player's D. plot. Finished three storage silos (since they are tier2, it was no problem) and 1 pawnbroker store. Now, all that remains in both plots are tier 4 structures and I will return to them later.

Then it was a long run towards Shaman level 78. I returned to the guild Saritova to re-slaughter local Fire Opal golem population. The fight weas fun: I could withstand any golem, if it was alone, but almost had to run if there was 2 of them. My Shaman spells worked perfectly: I invited Golem with some curses like "Decay" and then ran back, casted another curse like "Ruin", back again and cast "Dispirit foe"...and only then I fought with all my special attacks. Typically I gained some 6800 or 7200 xp (which made to kill almost 100 golems). There was also one named golem - Grandus - who was generous enough to give some 17.000 xp. These golems are social, so one has to plan attacks with care (or attack will end in fight "one versus all").

My fight was interrupted with one new player. He asked if someone could make him some tools (axe and wood saw) "in exchange for decent amount of cedar boards". I told I could make it...for one big "thanks". I re-asked if he needed other tools and made all metals tools he needed. Only stone tools were a problem, mainly due to quarry was more far away than metal ore.

Then I resumed fighting only to be interrupted by Player S. She adviced me to go to ED. I went, then had to go to eat...and when returned, she was not online. I waited for some 1,5 hours, she was not online...then returned to my golems.

Level 79 was reached quickly and I gathered nearly 70 trophies of these golems. Selling their loot gave me money.

In our chat we had some interesting talks. There are monsters in Eastern Deadlands some players used to level on. Those have high evasion, but little defense. Player D. levels on them, reaching at least 2 levels a day. However, developers promised to "correct" this. A pity: i think they should have left it. If player is bold enough to travel through most dangerous place and in the middle of it he faces this kind of mobs - mobs themselves could be a kind of reward. Had some talks about me: people think I am helpfull and usefull.

Player S. lost her plot due to some login problems and plot is bought by some other Dragon. A pity: I contributed some resources to this lair.

And so the weekend in Istaria was over. It was very good, even grinding was not boring and I am waiting for new adventures in my favouritew game.