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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Friendly. Dragon. Crafting

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday May 15 2012 at 8:32AM
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Adventures with crafting are going on and on...

Initially it was Player T with his Guildhouse. he just set up a tier 2 Guildhouse. Well, it is a wast building that needed almost 20 type of resources from every building school. Numbers differed - from low 50 to big 300. Bearing in mind that I need to help Player D. - I tried to craft resources that contribute to both plots.

I did not wait long: Player D. found a way to finish his Tavern. Solution was simple: when you deconstruct a building in Istaria, you get so-called "Novian resources". So, if your building got 100 slate slabs, you got 50 Novian slate slabs. No matter what your skill is, you may use them on any building that requires slate slabs. The only restriction: you may add Novians to the plot you own. So, Player D. just took Novians, added them and voila - Tavern is finished.

This left me in a curious situation: I was preparing a huge load of Elm bracers for both plot and soon some 30 of them became obsolete. Added bracers - and then went to gather slate.

In snowy Mahagra fields I found one Dragon. He was gathering slate too and was friendly (as are almost all Dragons). He asked me, lvl.100 person, if I needed help (no, I didn't) and later we just talked about resources where to store them and what to do with them. He was kind enough to offer me a load of 2000 slate bricks. I refused. I am lvl.66 Mason and slate is too low for me, I don't get any xp. Those bricks would be great for any lower level crafter. However, such approach is typical for Istaria. If you need tools, there would always be some crafter who would make them for free. If you need resources - someone would have them. Even I was offered huge numbers of certain resources to level up my Carpenter.

Slate was finished and added. Then time has come for primitive Bronze sheetings and jointings. I went to "the town of my youth" - New Trismus and harvested there...and then back to Bristugo.

I levelled up my Enchanter while adding Pale construction stuff to the plot too: gained almost two levels.

Thus the crafting day was over. I left Guildhouse at some 40% completed. There are still many resources required. The only problem is paying. Player T. set up things that if you add stuff, you got paid. Well, I would rather work for idea, for the joy of building apperaring...and if someone does insist on money...well, then for sum big enough to cover teleportation costs. That's all, nothing more nothing less.

And so the day ended. I know, I have to start fighting one day, level up my Shaman, then Druid and other schools to be as good in battlefield as I am in crafting. And I will do this - when I finish those two plots.