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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Armor and levelling

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday May 8 2012 at 3:47AM
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It has been a good weekend in Istaria.

Of course, crafting again. Running to various locations, harvesting resources...and taking use of different cargo disks.

In Istaria, player can use special item to store items - it is called "cargo disk" and has several classes and types, from primitive lvl.1 to lvl.100. Basic cargo disks can store up to 10 stackable items, while more advanced - only 1 type, but they usually have more space. In other words: if you need "little by little, step by step" resource - use disk that has less apcew but stores more items; if you go for serious crafting - use disk that hold 1 type of resource and has many space.

And the crafting was going on. Player L. helped to build Player's D. plot. We have finished some three structures: Cauldron, pawnbroker and consigner. I do feel good when I see building appearing out of scaffolding. It's like real building, it's about being proud of something positive.

I tried to take Armorer school, but to join it Armorcraft 80 was needed, so had to take Outfitter. Levelled Outfiter to some level 15 by doing level 1 quests. They were quite fun: each has its own story, its own run across New Trismus, visiting almost every crafting/fighting NPC. And, of course, I gained some money for each quest. I also went to my vault,  scribed some primitive tier 1 formulas...and then took Armorer school. Advanced it easily: initially with crafting cobalt bars from cobalt ore, later - with mithril bars. Now I am some level 26 Armorer, capable of doing tier 1 armor (and the formulas: I got them by doing quests. For free).

In our chat, we had some interesting talks. Initially one player told she was bored and had no motivation to craft. I explained there is motivation. Does she have all level 100s? Or at least top levels in all building schools? Even if she had - she may be the person that helps any building to appear (being Dragon means one can fly). Or she may just sit in starting areas and help new hatchlings. I think, she had to agree with me.

Later, exchanged some jokes with another player (I thought she was angyr on my: lucky, she wasn't) about plots. I am concerned about former Guild House in Bristugo as the owner has virtually disappeared. But looks like there is too little chance to buy back this plot from him.

Overall, I felt satisfied with these days. I crafted, I levelled and helped others. Life is nice once again.