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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 20 2015 at 5:52AM
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Dragons Prophet

A new game that one kinnie reccomended…and very mxied impressions.

Customization – good one. From eye colour to ear angle or foot size – feel free to create anything. Not able to decide – no problem, there are some premade builds. Some costumes to choose from. I created, no doubt, women, all very sexualized (breasts size – always maximu, cleveage – always maximum etc). An unmercyfull army of sexy blondes, so to say…

Classes; four. Basically, standard trinity. Guardian, then archer and 2 magic casters.

Graphic: nicely done enviroment. done with love and care. Of course, there is some Asian influence, like adevertising with swords that are bigger than person.

Controls: almost none, almost no way to customise. The worst part of the game. Mouse is to look, WASD/keyboard arrows to move…F to talk (what a…? F to talk?). You can’t press with mouse na enemy or friend to look: please press “Escape” first. You can’t access in-game menus just with mouse: please press “Escape” first.
For fighting you do depend upon combos only. Forget large number of melee/ranged attacks: you will do standard one, then stabndard one, then see how standard changes to, say, combo1. Good for those who may enjoy simplyfied Warden…bad for all others.

You  could capture your own Dragon and I saw players riding ones – yet capturing is just a matter of swift reactions/internet connection and RNG. I did not manage to capture, so ended in killing dragons.

Restrictions for free players are minimum, I did not run into serious ones.

And no nuking classes. If you remember Lotro’s minstrel, forget it. Duel with lvl.2 opponent would be not easy, if you are lvl.25 or lvl.3. Not so many quests, but tons of quick spawning enemies. Little quests was a disappointment for me – both Istaria and Lotro have thousands of them. Dragon’s prophet has some known feastures too, like titles for achieving level/introduction and even daily quests.

I jumped in and out for few days. Wanted to play, was a bit angered with controls and not so many quests, but then I had nice enviroment (“flower monster” type errors does not count) – and almost dead chats, no Guild invitations, no access to World chat (for that, feel free to purchase World Meghaphone from the store). Game with little population, but with Dragons you  could ride. Looked like game had a little sign “Please stay there”.

I finally uninstalled. But yet I will miss nice enviroment and my army of mercyless sexualized blondes.


No activity.

Lord of the rings online

Basically – only festival quests: fireworks, envelopes and on dasy time – remind about fireworks festival. Also, helping random people with instances, mostly lvl.50s. This is where I can shine with nice shing-shings. Yesterday we had a Champion run – group consisted entirely from Champions.

Also, made a Legendary weapon for one Warden. it’s nice when you are needed. Nice when you can help others.

And so weekend has ended- an interesting one…though I still look for something to replace Lotro one day. writes:
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