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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 20 2015 at 5:52AM
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Dragons Prophet

A new game that one kinnie reccomended…and very mxied impressions.

Customization – good one. From eye colour to ear angle or foot size – feel free to create anything. Not able to decide – no problem, there are some premade builds. Some costumes to choose from. I created, no doubt, women, all very sexualized (breasts size – always maximu, cleveage – always maximum etc). An unmercyfull army of sexy blondes, so to say…

Classes; four. Basically, standard trinity. Guardian, then archer and 2 magic casters.

Graphic: nicely done enviroment. done with love and care. Of course, there is some Asian influence, like adevertising with swords that are bigger than person.

Controls: almost none, almost no way to customise. The worst part of the game. Mouse is to look, WASD/keyboard arrows to move…F to talk (what a…? F to talk?). You can’t press with mouse na enemy or friend to look: please press “Escape” first. You can’t access in-game menus just with mouse: please press “Escape” first.
For fighting you do depend upon combos only. Forget large number of melee/ranged attacks: you will do standard one, then stabndard one, then see how standard changes to, say, combo1. Good for those who may enjoy simplyfied Warden…bad for all others.

You  could capture your own Dragon and I saw players riding ones – yet capturing is just a matter of swift reactions/internet connection and RNG. I did not manage to capture, so ended in killing dragons.

Restrictions for free players are minimum, I did not run into serious ones.

And no nuking classes. If you remember Lotro’s minstrel, forget it. Duel with lvl.2 opponent would be not easy, if you are lvl.25 or lvl.3. Not so many quests, but tons of quick spawning enemies. Little quests was a disappointment for me – both Istaria and Lotro have thousands of them. Dragon’s prophet has some known feastures too, like titles for achieving level/introduction and even daily quests.

I jumped in and out for few days. Wanted to play, was a bit angered with controls and not so many quests, but then I had nice enviroment (“flower monster” type errors does not count) – and almost dead chats, no Guild invitations, no access to World chat (for that, feel free to purchase World Meghaphone from the store). Game with little population, but with Dragons you  could ride. Looked like game had a little sign “Please stay there”.

I finally uninstalled. But yet I will miss nice enviroment and my army of mercyless sexualized blondes.


No activity.

Lord of the rings online

Basically – only festival quests: fireworks, envelopes and on dasy time – remind about fireworks festival. Also, helping random people with instances, mostly lvl.50s. This is where I can shine with nice shing-shings. Yesterday we had a Champion run – group consisted entirely from Champions.

Also, made a Legendary weapon for one Warden. it’s nice when you are needed. Nice when you can help others.

And so weekend has ended- an interesting one…though I still look for something to replace Lotro one day.

Terra, Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Friday April 17 2015 at 8:04AM
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Did not log in. Reason – below.

Lord of the rings online

Festival. A bit grindy one and my NaktiesKarys does his best to grind for tokens. Not sure why, maybe just to have ones for next festival should I decide to buy mount and not waste my time.

Helped one player from my former Kinship, Dunedain of the North, to achieve level 40. Call it “power-levelling” or anything – but I enjoyed. it. We ran Sambrog, then Tuckoborough, then again Sambrog. My usual ritual: when entering Sambrog chamber, first use /mock emote on Sambrog. At level 43 he is a mockery. “My” player died only once, later I explained him two simple rules: 1) do not run ahead of me and let me deal with groups; 2) if any problem, run to me, not from me. He listened and I was able to be…efficient.


Downlod of 25 Gigabytes. Updating, installing, updating…finally, playign. Game done with much love, graphic is good, even anime look is not that bad.

Controls, they were just not for me, I got lost in them, I got almost beaten by lower lvl mobs. Sorry, Terra, you are really good mmo for those who manage your controls (not me though).

And so the day has ended: little impressions. Still looking for something to replace pay-to-win, hardcore mode Lotro (I can gues sthe only harder modern mmo is EVE). I felt unimpressed, lost, without my place in virtual world. Something needs to be done.

Just – what?

300 euros to play Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 13 2015 at 11:24PM
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Been a bit busy, aiding plots…and then suddenly getting lost. Too many things to do and no giant task to keep me occupied all the time. Talked, roleplayed, asked for advice. One kind person from Guild adviced to level up Mage from current level 10 to some lvl.16 and then start Paladin.

To do that I relaly would need power-levelling. And this is what i could not get. A pity.

Lord of the rings online

I was calculating simple things on the “imbue” system. If level 25–40 costs some 3000 mithril coins, then it is some 25.000 Turbine points. At current sale one could buy 26.000 TPs for only 149,99 euros. Since almost every class has two legendary items, to imbue them and actually play with their full power one needs simply 300 euros.

It’s not to mention tons of LI experience runes, scrolls of empowerent, crystals. Every item that enhances combat abilities is on store. If you need – feel free to buy things that, for example, almost never drop.

Wait wait, you can grind!– one would object. Correct. For one Legendary item one needs 25.000 TP. Let us guess, one earns 1000 TP each day (that’s 10 toons non-stop, without playing anything valuable or having fun in real life). Then, player needs 25 days of perpetual grind. But let us say, he manages to get 5000 TPs from extras: oh, only 20 days. Sicne we have 2 legendary items – it’s almost 1,5 months of grind.

Lotro is now officially not only pay to win, but a worthy competitor to any Asian grindfest. A game that I am losing faith into.

I keep logging, keep asking if any lower level player needs help (and rarely getting positive answer). i keep aiding kinnies and random people with instances or skirmishes. But I do understand that almost all “end-game” content is locked for me now. Locked, because no one could beat RNG 9a war without victory). Locked behind Great Wall of Super Grind.

Wait wait, Turbine announced they would lower prices!

No, they won’t. It’s Turbine that denounces truth even now. Why person who denies ruth could be trustworthy? Oh, and by the way: on almost everyone reacts negatively or purely mentions facts that legendary system overhaul was, in fact, needed after Moria. Now, it’s too little, too late.

I do not believe in Turbine. I almost don’t believe in Lotro and I really don’t know what to do next. If I do not start making something in Istaria, I would have to look for something to replace p2w Lotro.

And so grumpy day has ended: just a grey, grumpy day.

Lotro again

Posted by Lithuanian Saturday April 11 2015 at 9:07AM
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Was once again lost with so many jobs there. So much to do, so little time, so manyu runnings forwards-backwards. Two Guild plots. One Guild member plot. One big plot with many floorings. One plot that owner almost does not touch, but still needs some job.

So many schools to finish, at least get my Weaver to lvl.100 from existing lvl.67.

Result – almost nothing done, exept adding some Sandstone and Mithril to big plot with much flooring.

Lord of the rings online

Stormsong and Vytautaz turned in task items (Stormsong ran out of them). NaktiesKarys chated, sometimes about bloothirsty “romantic”, but this is my “last romantic person in Middle Earth”…

Finally finishes one very hard deed – Roots of Fangorn challenge. We got a good company with powerfull tanks…and yet wipe after wipe. My Champion was totally hopeless – no DPS, no survivability, nothing, except nice shing-shings. And shing-shings were needed, since we always ran into groups of monsters. After third defeat, I told group I was leaving after next one. Well, I got killed soon, but at least cursed challenge was completed. Now, all deeds in Limlight Gorge are done.

Next – attacked Sambrog with one kinnie, lvl.46 run was pretty one, once again I got illusion of being powerfull. Of course, we joked about poor Sambrog being tortured, stomped and alike.

Also ran few instances with one lvl.26 player.She was a Minstrel, impressed with how I dealt with mobs. I explained her that at level 100 her Minstrel will make it twice effective as any lvl.100 Champion.

And so, the day has ended and I felt happy in virtual world.

exiling orcs

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday April 9 2015 at 12:32AM
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Played little due to running in real life. Chatted, harvested some sandstone for one very big plot.

Lord of the rings

This is where I was almost shining yesterday. Helping one kinnie with Barad Gularan (maybe 2 times), then – with Urugarth, finally – with troll slayer deed in Misty Mountains. Barad Gularna is an instance I do not like – last boss is real pain. It can be beaten only by out-dps’ing – but we did it, we had lvl.100 tank, so things went as they should.

Tried to aid one player, but he told he had few minutes left. Ok, ran lvl.46 Great Barrows, once again nice shing-shings.

I felt really satisfied: I was of some help to others, I was one who almost tanks and sweeps group of trolls without problems (well, the only problem is stun).

Path of Exile

Tried this one. Mostly good impressions.

Character creation: zero customization. If you are Witch, you are woman, you can’t change anything. Archer is woman too. Others are men.

I chose Witch. It’s spellcaster, game info tells she has some protective shield.  Spells tend to be firre and ice, mostly AoE. I like this little class.

Graphic: something like Diablo. A bit dark (don’t expect cute shiny colours).

UI, controls: this is where game does not shine. No minimap, walking with mouse only (no cursors). Keyboard customizations (except casting) are hard to find. No minimap.

Community: chat was overflooded with “WTS WTT” things, walls of text. Was not easy to navigate in chat too.

Overall, if I was a bigger fan of Diablo, this could be the game. Right atmosphere, nice class – things are just ideal for any Diablo lover.

And so the day has ended and the life was just nice in all three games (sorry, PoE – uninstalled).

pay to win vs fun to play

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 6 2015 at 11:48PM
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Our really big plot in Last Stand is almost finished. 34 storage silos done, very few remaining. Our megabuilder, the plot owner, worked day and night there. I aided as much as I could…well, if I was not distracted by other plots. Now there is little where I can help with.

I grinded mithril in huge numbers, targeting motherlodes: harvest, deposit ore to vault, return to motherlode. Later started to grind steel for our Guildhouse in Heather. And finally yesterday – switched to Weaver and made some cotton runs.

We roleplayed a lot about motherlodes, their protection and harvesting. Since yesterday was Easter, someone proposed gathering eggs. Of course, I told to paint motherlodes and get them, then other chat members intervened and we got a very nice, refreshing talk.

In Istaria I feel as at home. I have many schools to finish (after all we are game that allows multiclassing), many buildings to aid, many things to learn, many items to loot (and possibly transfer to an alt). There are no situation like “ok, daily task finished, what to do now?”. There are situations like “ok, one task finished, which one out of 99 I should pick?”. Even if I do grindiest grind – I see  sense in it. Harvest obsidian in the name of harvesting obsidian is not fun at all. Harvest obsidian so that new much needed structure could appear – this really makes sense. Harvest obsidian so that other player could make stuff and increase level – it makes sense too. I feel in  community where I am needed by others and I need others too. I feel reallyu happy there.

Lord of the rings

now almost officially becomes pay to win game. Update 16 is on its way. Introducing 3 new regions and – legendary weapon Imbue system”. System promises an option to “imbue” level 100 weapon so that it grows with the owner. No need to reforge each 10 levels. Weapon would have some 40 levels. 25 of these are free, 15 – purchasable with Mithril coins. It is pay to win, if we talk about sparring: whoever has more mithril coins, wins. Also, new “essence armour” with 5 slots is introduced. Bearing in mind that good essences are super expensive and require too much hard work – this armour makes no sense.

The sense is  – Lotro starts to roll down to pay-to-win model. We are seeing only first step, there would be more and more of these. No one objects using mithril for fluffy items: if you have too much TP or cash, feel free to invest, say, 100$ worth mithril coins to Aragorn’s decorated WC.

People I have talked to were not excited about these news too. One told me like “everyone knows Lotro is going to its end, so they just milk players”. Maybe that’s too radical, but the way game treats players is very unfair.

Which makes me understand I will have less reasons to log in. I have no activity left and no wish to fight losing fight with random number generator. I have no spare thousands of $ to spent on legendary weapon. All I have is my Kinship where I come to talk or occasional people I could help with.

And this is where I got some surprises. A group: lvl.88 Runekeeper, mighty lvl.100 Guardian and my lame lvl.100 “champion”. Warg Dens of Dol Guldur. I run forward, shing-shing, more shing-shing, runekeeper throws Sith-type attacks, Guardian collects a horde of monsters, I shing-shing…and we are almost there. One time something went wrong, probably too many monsters, my shing shings killed some, but group was wiped. We returned, avenged…and repeated with poor wargs. At the end group (including experienced tank) told me that “we went this far because of your dps”. They were…in fact they were impressed with my class, with me and my shing shing. It was the biggest compliment I have ever received in Lotro.  This run aside, managed help other people too.

I could only conclude that Istaria and Lotro makes me feel very, very different. Lotro is pay to winn (or – grind half of your life to win); Istaria is have fun to play. In Istaria I am needed to community; in Lotro questions like “any low lvl players needing any help?” almost always got unanswered. in Lotro, there is almost nothing to do, except fight RNG; in Istaria, there are great many things to do, f rom visiting nice snowy lakes to helping huge plot or learning all battle/crafting schools.

Istaria is in all ways  better.  Lotro is like a dying star: it still shines, it still expands, but anybody could predict that end is near.