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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Update 13: today

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 14 2014 at 8:05AM
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Lord of the rings online

I think everyone is Lotro waits for Update 13. Some information is leaked even now. Like – those who own Helms Deep expansion, won’t have to purchase and alike. There are some negative information: first age symbols would be extremely rare drops, available only from instances, especially Big Battles. Turbine is making serious mistake there: Big Battles were not succesfull. Raiders disliked them, soloers hated them, nobody enjoyed them much. Instead of accepting mistake (well, everything happens) they are most likely to force us to do this. But I won’t do, I will wait for this symbol to drop as meta-deed reward or appear on Auction house. Prices are expected to be at ~1000 gold coins (I have never had that much). A pity Turbine mistreats players this way. Make it very expensive SKirmish camp item and no one would complain. Make it named lvl.95 monster drop and no one would complain. Just please do not force us.

NaktiesKarys was active and seriously helped by the Kinship. Did all “Big battles”. Disliked them all: too complicated, too difficult, you need to team with extremely experienced player to get good results and some kind of good loot. Mine was lame, trashed all of it. Tried my Engineer, constructed traps and it worked. After advice of kinnies- had to relocate BB trait points, now I invest heavily into constructing and deactivating – maybe it would help me one day. Battle of Hornburg was an impressive one, especially the end. I rode in a field of victory, talked to Gandalf, Theoden, Gimli, Legolas – all legendary characters.

There also was one not so bright moment. My hurry, it one more did wrong things. Once I deleted quest to encourage 4 Rohirrim defenders with emotes. This time some good person on wiki wrote it. I did it, then received tons of quests to do. All rewarding reputation with Helmingas (I’m already Kindred), all advancing slayer deeds (most were already finished). Once again, there were sad stories about towns assaulted, people slained. Had to make one decision for Thane: attack town (suicide mission), flee to Helms Deep (half-suicide) or ask people (they tend to attack town – suicide mission). I chose Helms Deep, half people left only to be slained. Another point: one Thane trusted word of an Half-Orc to call off town attack. She let prisoner go based on his “word of honour”. Of course, half-orcs arrived and only reinfocements saved poor town. Oh, dear Rohirrim, if you only had more brain..

However, I am doing almost every quest in Helms Deep region now and enjoying content. Also, it gives me Westemnet iron coins (and coins means relics) + LI experience. It is good too.

My new main toon, StormSong, started her activity. She does every quest and my gosh, it is a joy. I run, I use hardest attack, mob dead 30 meters away, I wait for 10 seconds and second mob is dead. Aggro would mean problem, have to pick targets one by one. So far did spider slayer, spider slayer adv., brigand slayer, brigand slayer adv., quests in Bree (15) deeds untill lvl.11. Feeling really good and hope life would be very bright with my Minstrel. The only problems are virtues (not sure which to slot) and stances. In agressive -self healing- stance I am overpowered, but of no use to the fellowship. In Melody stance I am healing, but doing 25% less damage and some of iconic attacks are not working as they should.

And so weekend, full of adventures, has ended. I had 5150  Turbine points from various sources:slaying lizards in Nala-Dum, Orcs in Dn, half-orcs in HD, reputation, as well as basic deeds in Bree. Life was very good in Lotro.

And let us hope Update13 won’t spoil much of it…