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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

multiwinged instance, forgotten grind

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday April 10 2014 at 6:56AM
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Lord of the rings online

Sometimes things just happen. You log in, you are determined to grind last 55 Turbine points…when suddenly something changes your plans and you forget grind.

NaktiesKarys logged in to check Hobbit presents when one kinnie asked if someone was up to one instance (only one instance per some hours is very little in our Kin. But yeah, it may happen). Of course I was. Instance was – Ost Dunhoth, part of “In their abscence” instances. It is level 70s instance, most of were lvl.95, we had tanks and healer. Initially had some problems with gathering sixth person (well, instance requires players to step on a platform and there are 6 platforms). When we finally got one – we started assault. Things were supposed to be easy: with tanks and champions, with healers and pets we were destined for victory. We ran, smashed any “opposition” we encountered, finally ran into some mammoth, ran from it. Then there was a big room full of mammoths and adds. We were told to take care of adds – our tanks would kill mammoths.

Then things went wrong. We were just wiped, no heals helping. One time wiped, second time wiped…had to leave and reorganize to raid. More players, some from other clans (I noticed Greyhammers). Only then we managed Mammoth Room of Death. Then we had to leave, leader started new wing. This time it was easier, we just DPSed monsters. Last wing – we were supposed  to kill monster, but were teleported to Grand Stairs in Moria, fought some mobs here while listening to Gandalf’s discussion with Durin’s Bane. Then we were transported to Zirakzil, faced Durin’s Bane, destroyed it quickly, were teleported back again.

Only to see fight with the last monster and mock it while it talked. He talked Gandalf was dead (I replied “Gandalf is alive, u noob!”), he was going to end us blah blah blah. Almost everyone mocked lame monster, I just half-angrily told him to shut up because I had little time to lose.

And then Gandalf himself showed up, made a mess and we finished monster. Instance was finished, I got many valuable relics. Returned to Forlaw, did some daily tasks…and hurray, reputation changed, now only kindred remains (30.000 points while I can get only 2500 a day). I also got 5 TPs for finding Ost Dunhoth.

Vytautas logged in, turned in almost last task items. Today I would have to turn in last ones…and start to fight my way to level 48. There are enough quests for some 20.000 xp points.

And so the day has ended. It was fun to fight in that instance and gain experience as well as get some rewards from loot. WbaF was forgotten as well as her grind. I had 4965 Turbine points, crafted some LI settings. Day has been very good in Lotro. writes:
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