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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Sword halls, deeding fun

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 7 2014 at 8:06AM
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Lord of the rings online

Weekend was full of acitivity. Vytautaz turned in task items in Angmar and did random quests to gain xp and reputation. Also, he was supplied with Moria reputation items, hundreds of them…so soon reached Kindred.

NaktiesKarys enjoyed Kinship activity. Crafting halls was started and assaulted many times, skirmish raids in the Way of the Smiths were organized as well. There were more activity, just I can’t remember it all. Finally, I took a liberty to do Crafting Halls solo. It went good, soon I finished meta deed (to do all deed there) and received a meta-metadeed (complete 4 metadeeds). More metadeeds – more instances – more fun, more TPs. Also finished some slayer deeds to advance my virtues. From various Moria/Lothlorien instances I gained hundreds of reputation items as well as sellable loot. Failed one deed – Roots of Fangorn (locked, because I did  not purchase this region).

I also was happy to help other kinnies. One of ours seems to enjoy power-levelling. Initially helped him with Mirkwood epic quests. Organized Sambrog runs, then we switched to tier2 Sword Halls. That turned into massive xp gain for kinnie – he reported some 100.000 xp per instance (with xp accelerator). I did it untill got all instances locked; well, Lotro has a limit of 10 instances per hour. I do not entirely approve his power-levelling. He is some lvl.66, so it won’t take long untill lvl.95 (provided he does Hytbold instances). But it’s his choice after all.

Other kinnie asked for help in North Downs, but he was too quick too hurry and died. Which was strange to see lvl.29 Minstrel dead. He is Minstrel, ranged self-healing tank, capable of killing a mob every 10 seconds. However, we finished his quests quickly.

We talked about Update 13. Folks are saying “easy mode is no more” which disappoints me. Now I could feel powerfull, what does top-level mean…and if they m ake it hard mode, it may mean begining of an end(for me). However, almost no one supports my opinion, lots of players thinks “easy mode has to go”, they are telling virtues and titles would be too important. Well, it’s more pain for me: I did enjoy easy mode by far.

And so weekend has ended, I had 4890 Turbine points. I am waiting for that Update 13 and feeling life is superb in Lotro so far. writes:
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