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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Rift:the fail

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday April 1 2014 at 7:06AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys started the day with Vile Maw. Needed 9 tentacles, group gathered too quickly, had to convert to raid. Tentacles were killed withing few minutes, Watcher killed too soon. Deed completed, some meta-deed completed, Turbine points earned. I thought about going with someone to the Forges of Khazad Dum…but then we organized Rift run. Oh my, the Rift, the only place to earn reputation with the Eldgang and turn in some quests! Of course, I was in.

Group was good, all tanks, many minstrels. But then, almost everything turned just plainly wrong. First run to the boss: one side to wrong side, some evil fire-breathing immortal things spawns and I was dead. Resurrected. Next time – monster surrounded by 4 lesser mobs. Tried to attack lesser one, used AoE attack (I am AoE after all), AoE hit main monster – dead again. Next room, some monster with lots of hp, we almost killed it, it was with 1 hp…and then became immortal. No attacks, magic, melee, ranged – helped. Many of us were wiped. Then immortal one summoned orcs, we ran to them, I ran to my kinnies to aid…and was insta-killed. Resurrected again.

Next room was without deaths (strange). Finally – Mr. Balrog. Some kinnies dies because touched water (never ever touch green water!). Then water was cleaned and very soon our group was almost wiped out by some attack, no matter how strong everyone was. Not all kinnies made it to the chamber (the area is extremely hard to navigate). We tried to divide into 2 groups, pull some lame levers. I ran at all speed, saw few trolls running to greet me, was pressing button for attack…and was dead. I did not attack, trolls did not attack – once again, some nuclear weapon used. Retreated, run with one Hunter again…when I stepped on something, we got few flames following us, I tried to range-atack them and was killed. Flames were immortal too.

No one could resurrect me, so I was really angered and retreated. I really hate this instance. In anger, I cancelled all Rift quests, burrying any hope of finishing it…and some meta-deeds. It is just plainly impossible. All “strategy” is just lame, there is no strategy, except one, proven by time.

A military one. NOT invented by me, but by experts. If force A attacks city defended by force B, then force A should be triple stronger as force B. It is a rule, unless one is to use carpet bombing or weapons of mass destruction. Thus: Balrog has ~240.000 hp, hence total hp of players,excluding adds (pets, heralds…) should be ~800.000. Following my calculations, some 100 Minstrels, 75 tanks (guardian/captain) and 25 of any classes are needed to have a small chance of survival. Strategy is too simple: all minstrel fires their storngest attacks at once. Tanks rush to earn valuable 10 seconds for Minstrel to recharge. Maybe then Rift can be won. It can be won in any way by lvl.50s. If we stick to just ~160 players: 100 minstrels, 60 tanks. No champions, burglars etc.

Thus I left angry and grumpy. Switched to XbaE, did the last deeds, managed to show one lvl.12-13 Champion how he could be outperformed by Minstrel, finally did Cartographer of Eriador…and it was over.

And so the day has ended. I had 4605 Turbine points. Day has been…poor…in Lotro. writes:
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