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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro:anniversary, maintenance

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 29 2013 at 4:31AM
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Lord of the rings online

Saturday: Lotro was on maintenance again, so I could play very little. Last week Lotro was on maintenance too often. Seems they had some problems with log-in servers and are working with it.

I missed one (last?) chance to level up in Moria. One player offered me his help – to travel together and slay lots of monsters here. Unfortunately, he had same skills of navigation as me: blind would lead the blind. A pity, I had to refuse: I do need person who is: a) of my level; b) knows Moria very well, every corner, every turn, every quest location. On the other hand – asked if somebody was hunting in Moria. Several players were, but did not respond: a sign I am just ignored when I ask for support in Angmar/Moria.

Was happy enough to escort one player to Eregion. He harvested metal (ancient iron/silver), I just guarded. It was kind of impressive: once I defended him against a wave of attack that included named lvl.40s monster. I used all Champion abilities to survive, used health potion – but I did survive and so that player. Went to other player to Haudth Iarcith for some killing. I was satisfied with my own perfomance: at last my big level meant something.

To relax, I took some trips to beloved Evendim and Eregion. Mined ore here and supplied kinship members with it. I also went to Enedwaith, gathered Khazad Iron/gold: gold was for one Jeweller (I always supply her) and iron – for me. Crafted Khazad iron and steel ingots. Also, was able to construct a powerfull two-handed sword for my kinnie.

Of course, was doing Anniversary quests. I am very close to level 58 – but what would I do next is unclear. To go to Enedwaith I must be lvl.60 at least. How do I get two levels (>0,5 million xp) if I have no doable quest and no killable monster with decent xp? Crafting is not an option, it’s too grindy.

WoneE, my Tp grind toon, deleted. Before deletion she transferred some 101 Traveling rations to main alt.

And so weekend in Lotro has ended – good one, but without any enthusiasm. Just do Anniversary quest, receive xp, wait for some 30 minutes, do Anniversary quest, receive xp…No doable quests, only relaxation is metal crafting. Fun is left somewhere outside Lotro.

Mines of Moria, you say?