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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Long run: starting

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday April 25 2013 at 3:15AM
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Lord of the rings online

Lotro anniversary festival continues and I am doing all quests in Bree I can. Yesterday has done: 2 firework launch quests (2400 xp + 27 silver + 2 tokens each), 1 “find envelopes” quest and 1 “bring gifts” quest as well as 1 “locate perfect places for fireworks” quest. Tokens do not interest me much, since I have everything I want from this festival: maps, mounts. The only needfull thing may be powder to make fireworks – if anybody in the Kin needs, I may barter it.

Of course, it means I will have some problems trying to reach lvl.58. Each quest gives me 2400 xp, so 5 quests a day will give 12.000. For next level I need some 200.000, so I need 16 days of work. Festival will last for 5 days – I will be one week short.

One Kinship member responded to me concerning Moria…but he left Moria behind (lucky one!) and heads to Lothlorien. I do not want to spoil his questing, so will just wait untill/if somebody in Kinship offers some help.

If not – well, I will wait. There are nice people outside of Kin that offered me help. As is said in musical – “All you have to do / is sit and wait”. I will wait, a bit disappointed in Kin and Turbine.

I wish I could suggest Turbine to follow its own policy. And policy is simple: for most levels there are 2, if not 3, regions to level up. Ered-Luin, Shire – covers almost same levels; lvl.40-50 is covered by Angmar, Misty mountains, Forochel, Eregion. Lvl.60s – as I heared – Mirkwood, Great River. Only lvl.50-60 is sovered by Moria only. Solution: take out region of Mirobel in Eregion and make it not up to lvl.52 as is Eregion, but lvl. 54-60, making Enedwaith a natural continuation. But I won’t suggest it since nobody will listen.

So – effect taking immediately, I am starting some 2-weeks long run of waiting. Maybe I will grind for TPs so that I’m able to buy Enedwaith. Maybe I will craft a bit to make Khazad-steel. But in the end, with Kin or without it, I will reach level 61 to say good-bye to Moria and wellcome Enedwaith.