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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

(fire)working, Moria deed completed

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday April 24 2013 at 3:59AM
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Lord of the rings online

Lotro anniversary works fine: I am in Bree almost all the time doing quests. Each quest (most – firework ones) means some 2000 xp, 26 silver coins and some 2 Anniversary tokens for me. I bought some maps and received “Cartographer of Eriador” quest. However, quest did not count maps I have already purchased in Yule festival: had to go to house, take maps off the walls, put in my inventory and only then were they counted. Result: 12 out of 21 objectives completed. Some maps can be obtained from veteran players only – but I was unable to find them in Auction House.

Finished a deed “Mora cartographer”: had to collect some 11 maps of Moria. One Kinship member was very kind and borrowed me some – thus, deed completed, 10 Turbine points earned, maps returned to owner.

We had to expell one Kinship member due to his offensive language. It is in very rare occasions that we expell active member – but this time we had to. Everybody is free to compete in hate speaches about Sauron and his minions only.

However, I do feel sad. My toon andvances only because of festival quests – maybe 8000 per day and I need some 200.000 to advance to lvl.58. I keep asking about Moria – if somebody is hunting and almost nobody responds. Only 2 from Kinship were honest and responded: but this time, they were questing, not grinding and I would have spoiled everything for them. I told that all I needed was a small fellowship to kill everything of lvl. 57-59. I could advance my deeds, I would not be a noob walking past top-level tank…but no one responded. No one cared.

And so the day has ended leaving me a bit sad:feeling alone in top-level Kinship and in huge world of Middle Earth. To make things worse, I had no possibility to get help too. Things are just a little grumpy in Lotro.