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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 22 2013 at 3:00AM
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Visited once (since Lotro was on maintenance), did some quest on Spider isle and logged off. Player S., my impatient sweet Dragon plays no more. A pity. All other players of Universal Soldiers guild are there, having fun.

Lord of the rings online

Dunedain of the North had their own Spring Festival. Sunday, 19:00 everybody gathered near Western gates of Bree – riding horses, ponnys and goats, some – riding festival fireworking mounts (randomly shooting fireworks). There were lots of fun as we waited for our leaders to arrive.

Then, all the big crowd rode to the Shire. It was a huge procession, somehow resembling cavalry of Rohan charhing into…wait, innocent little Hobbitses land? Oh, no – we charged into the SHire race field. Many of player we met wondered what these Dunedain are up to: and well, we were up to having much fun.

Finally, Shire race. Lots of players here, a big race where some of the officers served as judges and some just watched from the roof of the stable. Then, to calm down and concentrate, everybody went to Hobbiton for some fishing. Rules were very clear: everybody fishes, whoever catches the most fish – wins. Once again, lucky winners – and then up to “Saimon says” – repeating emote given by officer.

Thus the event ended, later those who wished engaged in sparring (well, sparring is not for me, dislike PvP). Our festival was over, once again we impressed everybody in our way and the world once more witnessed the unity of Dunedain.

Lotro anniversary festival continues, I grinded enough tokens to buy Festival horse. No, I do not really need it, but since it is for free, why not take it? I will grind for more tokens and buy some nice maps for my house: just NOT those of Moria, a region I do dislike.

Took part in 1 raid and 1 skirmish. While raid was a kind of waste of time (some 400 xp only) – skirmish was much more fun and challenge and reward. Siege of Gondamon – we all defended Gondamon from enemies from ravens to Dragons. Xp was good, rewards – too. I am lvl.57 now and got some 25.000 xp out of 270.000 required. All I need are few good trips to higher level regions, like final region of Moria.

And thus the weekend ended. I had some 11 TPs, some 5 tokens of festival and even some fun.


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