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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Forochel, Kinship event

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 8 2013 at 1:46AM
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Lord of the rings online

Dunedain of the North celebrated their top-status: maximum lifetime of the Kinship reached, top members number (1500) – reached. We gathered at our Kinship house – and somebody played nice music, somebody danced or fought, while some were enjoying delicious cakes or even smoked. When everybody got tired – a “Hide-and-Seek” took place. Officers were hiding, and members were searching. My “Dunedanmule” was found quickly :(

Then, fashion show took place, we had many many contestants and once again – the winner. Finally, quiz about Lotro and even fighting took place while those who did not participate enjoyed races and fireworks. There were many of our Kinship as well as guests – each having great fun.

And NaktiesKarys continued his journey in Forochel. Three deeds completed, some Turbine pointsd gained – and all of Forochel explored. This region is great: it has beautifull, admirable look, this snowy and icy world with its blizzards and frozen lakes. Quests (some of them – repeatable) are organized in such way that while you do them, you greatly advance your own deeds, so there is not so much senseless grinding. Unfortunately, last non-fellowship quest was done and now I do depend on repeatable ones, which also give some reputation with Lossoth. Which means I would stay in Forochel untill complete last deed. What’s next? No idea, there are no regions left.

There was one forced-fellowship quest I could not complete (boss had 23.000 hp + 5 bodyguards) and also one place where fellowship was required. Did not do them at all: maybe it’s a task for lvl.85 or if I meet any other player nearby.

A little thoughts about Angmar: I may return here when every monster is grey. Then, safe travel is guaranteed and I could finish some of the quests (not all, of course). Moria remains a curse because there is no guide about it and nobody (yet) could help me with it. All I may need is just a guidance: go 5 meters here, turn there, go 258 meters right untill reach that crystal, go right and down untill you see Camp of Orcs. All I need is location of some quest instances.

Forochel is interesting: it offers 195 Turbine points as rewards while costing 595 TPs: but it also offers much much fun.

DunedanMule, my new toon, began to serve Kinship: she gathers all the stuff that may be needed by Kinship and stores it in her Vault. When there is no flow of goods, she fights and gains me valuable TPs. Now, I have some 740 Turbine points and the goal is – to buy Premium wallet for some 995 TPs. And then I would have to find some friendly region.

And so weekend has ended, I had a great fun in Lotro.