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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Ice lands:having fun

Posted by Lithuanian Friday April 5 2013 at 1:15AM
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Lord of the rings online

I liked planet Hoth, last base of the Rebellion and those pretty Imperial walkers slowly advancing, firing they green beam weapons. In Istaria, there was Island of Ice with beautifull frozen lakes and even ice-flowers.

Yesterday went to Forochel just to test that region, since nothing can be worse than Angmar and Moria. I did like Forochel. A world of ice of snow, covered with mist and based on Scandinavian names. A region with the beautifull landscapes, be it roads, or local folks (Lossoth) having fun, riding Mammoths, with its frozen seashore and some ‘arctic’ beasts.

Of course, took some quests immediately. What other players may complain – is that you have to travel some distance to get to quest area, then ride back and return…But that’s not a problem for me. If map is working, if I can rely on it – everything else is just fine. So, I did my quests by picking up stuff, killing beasts. Some quests were interesting, like “destroy the traps, but do not kill any cow” and cows were too close to the traps. Another quest needed to place stone in the shrine and gave me some 50-60 minutes for that. Almost every quest gives reputation with Lossoth. However, the Lossoth are very suspicious and so they treat anybody as outsider: earn 10.000 reputation to become “Neutral”. To compensate it, some reputation quests are repeatable and monsters do drop reputation items.

Quest rewards were not so grear for me (sold almost everything), but on level – maybe they mean something. Monsters’ drop is good and when sold, I gained enough moneyu to be happy. In terms of metal harvesting – nothing too spectacular, Ancient Iron and Ancient Silver (Eregion is better for this).

Not so much slayer deeds, but once again – repeatable quests (like “kill 18 warghs here”) make this task lots and lots easier. No other region I have visited had such daily quests.

I am satisfied with Forochel. Not sure how about TP investment ratio – but at least I am having fun here. Would stay there untill I finish last of deeds (except instances, because I doubt I’ll find any fellowship).

Lotro, I’m having fun once again.