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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Good day in Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday April 30 2013 at 4:41AM
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Lord of the rings online

It’s finally, finally lvl.58! Thanks to generous Anniversary quests – I reached that level. However, thoughts are not super optimistic. Pure statistic:

    • level 50: reached in 7 days
    • level 51: reached in 3 days
    • level 52: reached in 1 day
    • level 53: reached in 2 days
    • level 54: reached in 7 days
    • level 55: reached in 1 day
    • level 56:reached in 18 days
    • level 58: reached in 1 month

The far, the longer. Of course, some days were spent on alts, grinding for TPs and lots of days spent just riding, gathering metal.

I was happy to help one kinnie: he rode to Angmar and needed some help. I do know this situation – so went to help. First quest was to kill some Morroval which we did. They were level 40 and I was level 58 (my kinnie – some lvl. 44 Hunter). Together we just killed everything without a trouble. Next was Angmarim captain with some 6000 health: killed by us too. Finally – one overgrown Turtle with 17.000 hp. This was a hard task: I had to use everything I could: controlled burn, green bubble, “dire need”, bracing attacks…but we killed the ugly creature. I left satisfied: at last my level could mean something to others!

Turbine introduced some new barter items for Festival and extended festival to May 6th. These include 2 types of fireworks and a new mount. I’m very glad developers did that: now I and players like me could purchase something usefull in big quantities.

Other news:received 2 quests to go to Moria. No, thanks, I cannot go there without help and there is no help at all. Nobody offers help even when I am asking. However, I will soon go to make new alts, grind for some 700 TPs and purchase Enedwaith. Moria will be visited the same way as Angmar: when it is grey and I have some tank player by my side.

Overall, the day has been succesfull, I’m very glad with Lotro.

Lotro:anniversary, maintenance

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 29 2013 at 4:31AM
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Lord of the rings online

Saturday: Lotro was on maintenance again, so I could play very little. Last week Lotro was on maintenance too often. Seems they had some problems with log-in servers and are working with it.

I missed one (last?) chance to level up in Moria. One player offered me his help – to travel together and slay lots of monsters here. Unfortunately, he had same skills of navigation as me: blind would lead the blind. A pity, I had to refuse: I do need person who is: a) of my level; b) knows Moria very well, every corner, every turn, every quest location. On the other hand – asked if somebody was hunting in Moria. Several players were, but did not respond: a sign I am just ignored when I ask for support in Angmar/Moria.

Was happy enough to escort one player to Eregion. He harvested metal (ancient iron/silver), I just guarded. It was kind of impressive: once I defended him against a wave of attack that included named lvl.40s monster. I used all Champion abilities to survive, used health potion – but I did survive and so that player. Went to other player to Haudth Iarcith for some killing. I was satisfied with my own perfomance: at last my big level meant something.

To relax, I took some trips to beloved Evendim and Eregion. Mined ore here and supplied kinship members with it. I also went to Enedwaith, gathered Khazad Iron/gold: gold was for one Jeweller (I always supply her) and iron – for me. Crafted Khazad iron and steel ingots. Also, was able to construct a powerfull two-handed sword for my kinnie.

Of course, was doing Anniversary quests. I am very close to level 58 – but what would I do next is unclear. To go to Enedwaith I must be lvl.60 at least. How do I get two levels (>0,5 million xp) if I have no doable quest and no killable monster with decent xp? Crafting is not an option, it’s too grindy.

WoneE, my Tp grind toon, deleted. Before deletion she transferred some 101 Traveling rations to main alt.

And so weekend in Lotro has ended – good one, but without any enthusiasm. Just do Anniversary quest, receive xp, wait for some 30 minutes, do Anniversary quest, receive xp…No doable quests, only relaxation is metal crafting. Fun is left somewhere outside Lotro.

Mines of Moria, you say?

Lotro:expansions, quests, news

Posted by Lithuanian Friday April 26 2013 at 4:25AM
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ord of the rings online

Turbine has finally announced new expansion: Battle of thel Hellm’s Deep. There is talk in their forum and everybody awaits pre-order conditions. Expansion extends top-level to 95, brings more Epic line allowing even lvl. 10 player to take their part in the battle against Sauron’s minions. Everybody awaits what will this expansion bring to the game. At least some progress.

Needless to say, players are actively discussing this on official forums and when “Fall 2013″ comes, we will see what did we get.

And by far – Anniversary festival continues. I was active there and managed to do firework launching quests – some 4 times, envelope quest – 1 time, “perfect places for fireworks” quest – some 2 times and gift quest – one time. I’m doing this because of xp only: Anniversary tokens are of no use for me. I have bought all the mounts and most maps I needed. Fluff items like “you in the box” are not for me.

Fireworks launching aside, helped one kinnie with trophy items (we have some in our Kinship house), adviced another from kinship and talked to yet another. One player was kind enough to make me lvl.58 bow – it will help me advance quickier. Was happy to craft one weapon for another kinnie – at least some use of me…

I have lost any hope of going for a kill / quest in the neariest future. All I can foresee is crafting – gathering Khazad metals (bronze, tin, iron, gold), smelting and refining them, advancing my weaponsmith and gaining little xp from that. And I do understand that withing next few weeks (!) I won’t be visiting Moria. Kinship is of almost no help, local chats are dead – I am left alone.

And so the day has ended with lots of fireworks and some experience. Today I will be doing Anniversary quest again and  again – untill anniversary ends (April 30th). No killings, no quests, just crafting and fireworking – this is how Lotro is today...

Long run: starting

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday April 25 2013 at 4:15AM
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Lord of the rings online

Lotro anniversary festival continues and I am doing all quests in Bree I can. Yesterday has done: 2 firework launch quests (2400 xp + 27 silver + 2 tokens each), 1 “find envelopes” quest and 1 “bring gifts” quest as well as 1 “locate perfect places for fireworks” quest. Tokens do not interest me much, since I have everything I want from this festival: maps, mounts. The only needfull thing may be powder to make fireworks – if anybody in the Kin needs, I may barter it.

Of course, it means I will have some problems trying to reach lvl.58. Each quest gives me 2400 xp, so 5 quests a day will give 12.000. For next level I need some 200.000, so I need 16 days of work. Festival will last for 5 days – I will be one week short.

One Kinship member responded to me concerning Moria…but he left Moria behind (lucky one!) and heads to Lothlorien. I do not want to spoil his questing, so will just wait untill/if somebody in Kinship offers some help.

If not – well, I will wait. There are nice people outside of Kin that offered me help. As is said in musical – “All you have to do / is sit and wait”. I will wait, a bit disappointed in Kin and Turbine.

I wish I could suggest Turbine to follow its own policy. And policy is simple: for most levels there are 2, if not 3, regions to level up. Ered-Luin, Shire – covers almost same levels; lvl.40-50 is covered by Angmar, Misty mountains, Forochel, Eregion. Lvl.60s – as I heared – Mirkwood, Great River. Only lvl.50-60 is sovered by Moria only. Solution: take out region of Mirobel in Eregion and make it not up to lvl.52 as is Eregion, but lvl. 54-60, making Enedwaith a natural continuation. But I won’t suggest it since nobody will listen.

So – effect taking immediately, I am starting some 2-weeks long run of waiting. Maybe I will grind for TPs so that I’m able to buy Enedwaith. Maybe I will craft a bit to make Khazad-steel. But in the end, with Kin or without it, I will reach level 61 to say good-bye to Moria and wellcome Enedwaith.

(fire)working, Moria deed completed

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday April 24 2013 at 3:59AM
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Lord of the rings online

Lotro anniversary works fine: I am in Bree almost all the time doing quests. Each quest (most – firework ones) means some 2000 xp, 26 silver coins and some 2 Anniversary tokens for me. I bought some maps and received “Cartographer of Eriador” quest. However, quest did not count maps I have already purchased in Yule festival: had to go to house, take maps off the walls, put in my inventory and only then were they counted. Result: 12 out of 21 objectives completed. Some maps can be obtained from veteran players only – but I was unable to find them in Auction House.

Finished a deed “Mora cartographer”: had to collect some 11 maps of Moria. One Kinship member was very kind and borrowed me some – thus, deed completed, 10 Turbine points earned, maps returned to owner.

We had to expell one Kinship member due to his offensive language. It is in very rare occasions that we expell active member – but this time we had to. Everybody is free to compete in hate speaches about Sauron and his minions only.

However, I do feel sad. My toon andvances only because of festival quests – maybe 8000 per day and I need some 200.000 to advance to lvl.58. I keep asking about Moria – if somebody is hunting and almost nobody responds. Only 2 from Kinship were honest and responded: but this time, they were questing, not grinding and I would have spoiled everything for them. I told that all I needed was a small fellowship to kill everything of lvl. 57-59. I could advance my deeds, I would not be a noob walking past top-level tank…but no one responded. No one cared.

And so the day has ended leaving me a bit sad:feeling alone in top-level Kinship and in huge world of Middle Earth. To make things worse, I had no possibility to get help too. Things are just a little grumpy in Lotro.

Raids and deeds

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday April 23 2013 at 4:16AM
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Logged in for a while, tried to do one quest, but did not find monster, chatted a bit and left.

Lord of the rings online

Lotro was on a long maintenance: only at evening it became playable. Logged in, did one anniversary quest…and folks asked if I want to join Rift raid. I joined.

We ran through the Rift, I remembered some things about tactic, some things I have forgotten. First attacks were kind of easy, then it became harder and harder. But we did it, almost with no losses. One time I failed group with aggroing flame worms and being killed. One time I did not ghet it who was speaking on TeamSpeak and went to a wrong group. Except of this – fight was going superb. We fought, we killed, we looted. Unfortunately, there were too little things I really needed.

Alas, TeamSpeak server went down and we had to abandon the raid – will continue today. I rode to Bree, finishing some anniversary quests and purchasing some maps. Which immediately acitvated deed “Cartographer of Eriador”. Looks like I would have to grind for more anniversary tokens. I also tried local “Gift boxes”: bought 3 and only 1 contained usefull stuff, some tier4 legendary relic. Others were worthless cosmetic stuff which I sold. Conclusion:too risky, maybe purchasing marks is a better option.

In Lotro forums folks are very enthusiastic about out Spring event and video shows how impressive was our riding and partying. I’m looking forward for a new Kinship event.

And thus short day in Lotro has ended. I left satisfied. Maybe today I will get a group to Angmar/Moria to advance my toon to lvl.58…


Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 22 2013 at 3:00AM
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Visited once (since Lotro was on maintenance), did some quest on Spider isle and logged off. Player S., my impatient sweet Dragon plays no more. A pity. All other players of Universal Soldiers guild are there, having fun.

Lord of the rings online

Dunedain of the North had their own Spring Festival. Sunday, 19:00 everybody gathered near Western gates of Bree – riding horses, ponnys and goats, some – riding festival fireworking mounts (randomly shooting fireworks). There were lots of fun as we waited for our leaders to arrive.

Then, all the big crowd rode to the Shire. It was a huge procession, somehow resembling cavalry of Rohan charhing into…wait, innocent little Hobbitses land? Oh, no – we charged into the SHire race field. Many of player we met wondered what these Dunedain are up to: and well, we were up to having much fun.

Finally, Shire race. Lots of players here, a big race where some of the officers served as judges and some just watched from the roof of the stable. Then, to calm down and concentrate, everybody went to Hobbiton for some fishing. Rules were very clear: everybody fishes, whoever catches the most fish – wins. Once again, lucky winners – and then up to “Saimon says” – repeating emote given by officer.

Thus the event ended, later those who wished engaged in sparring (well, sparring is not for me, dislike PvP). Our festival was over, once again we impressed everybody in our way and the world once more witnessed the unity of Dunedain.

Lotro anniversary festival continues, I grinded enough tokens to buy Festival horse. No, I do not really need it, but since it is for free, why not take it? I will grind for more tokens and buy some nice maps for my house: just NOT those of Moria, a region I do dislike.

Took part in 1 raid and 1 skirmish. While raid was a kind of waste of time (some 400 xp only) – skirmish was much more fun and challenge and reward. Siege of Gondamon – we all defended Gondamon from enemies from ravens to Dragons. Xp was good, rewards – too. I am lvl.57 now and got some 25.000 xp out of 270.000 required. All I need are few good trips to higher level regions, like final region of Moria.

And thus the weekend ended. I had some 11 TPs, some 5 tokens of festival and even some fun.


More (and thoughts about Moria) here:

Lotro anniversary:alone

Posted by Lithuanian Friday April 19 2013 at 3:01AM
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Lord of the rings online

Anniversary – thanks to the God – is finished for me. Grinded for some festival tokens: game gave 2 tokens, then one search for envelopes, some 2 or 3 fireworks lauches…and voila, 40 tokens. Exchanged into Fireworks Horse: looks not so impressive, but it has 250 health and that health is the most important.

Went to Moria, 21st hall in hope of having repeated quests here…but there was none and I was afraid to ride further because of every meter of the road patrolled by enemies. Took part in one raid, but it gave me no satisfaction: big tanks – tanked, I just stood and used every attack I had.

Moria empty as always, no help from others like (almost) always, I am just alone in the whole Middle Earth. More thoughts here:

Lotro anniversary

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday April 18 2013 at 3:48AM
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Lord of the rings online

Anniversary continues, my NaktiesKarys made the best decision about it: he went to Angmar. Finished some 3 quests, then went for “wigh slayer” deed and killed almost every wigh he encountered. 5 TPs earned, deed completed. Tried to do one lvl.48 quest, but in envolved running through a horde of fallen spirits (9000 hp each). Hardly escaped from them.

"Anniversary" quests are hard to do, but still I manage to do some of them.

Lucky for me, double-xp time is coming so that I could focus on advancing, maybe in dreadfull Enedwaith.

More thoughts in my blog:

Fireworking:Lotro anniversary

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday April 17 2013 at 5:54AM
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Lord of the rings online

Left Angmar (it is not that bad if grey…) to take part in Lotro 6th anniversary. Got a present – 4 fireworks and fired them.

Anniversary takes place in Northern gates of Bree and offers some quests:

  1. Gifts. Bring gifts to various NPCs – Bree, Combe, Michel Delving, Thorins hall, Bree again.
  2. Racing: race with special Anniversary horse/ponny and win the racw within given period of time. There are 2 races – in Bree and near Michel Delving
  3. Envelope crysis: find envelopes around Bree, get 6 invitations.
  4. Locate perfect spots for fireworks in Bree.
  5. Fire different fireworks in territory between Thorins Hall and Rivendell.

Players report beer-fighting takes place in my native Thorins Hall: cannot confirm this one. Lotro official site  states monsters may drop some type of tokens one could exchange into gift boxes.

Some quests are single-use, some (mentioned there) – repeatable. I cancelled envelope and “perfect spots” quests just because Bree was over-crowded by players and it was impossible to catch flying envelope (it flies faster than I could ride) or find a “perfect spot” – just because somebody with faster mount used spot before me. Rides are problematic too: one has to know race territory perfectly and know exact timing: when to jump, when to turn; one mistake, race failed.

However, rewards are some kind of promising: 40 tokens – Firework horse, +62 speed and 250 health. There is other mount, cheaper and equal to standard pony. Also player can buy some maps, from Moria to Angmar.

Overall – activities are worth to try, but only when player activity is lower than 75% of server capacity…

Light in the end of Angmar

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday April 16 2013 at 3:18AM
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Lord of the rings online

Lotro was on maintenance, could not log in for some time. Used this time to speak with kinnies. Shared my thoughts, this time in a more rational way. Everybody listened (except 2-3 who were discussing their PC). One very kind kinnie offered generous help: to aid in all fellowship quests in Angmar.

I returned to Angmar. Starting region was grey, I had not to worry about that ugly wolf attacking me out of fun. Did 4 quests at the begining, then failed with the 4th: well, it was a bit hard to kill monster with 13.000 hp and having many add-ons (spiders). I fought it, killed add-ons, but when monster was left with 4000 hp, I was left with some 500 – had to run. Asked for help from anyone of lvl. 50-59. I needed only 1 player, but 2 responded. We killed monster, another forced fellowship quest was over. Then our Officer came, he escorted me, protected from anything dangerous and we finished several hard quests.

Of course, some fellowship quests remain, one “escort lame NPC” quest remain, but at least it is a time when I see light in the end of tunnel Angmar. Once again Kinship shows me support so that I could advance a bit (1 quest gives me 700 xp – more than killing 10 enemies).

Other news: one player left after annoying everybody with his racism. Everyone rejoiced: racism is wellcome ONLY if speaken about how worthless, lame and unworthy of living are the hordes of Sauron. Any other racism means 2 options: leave Kinship or be kicked out.  More positive news: helped some kinnies with metal ingots, adviced another new player about riding. It’s a very good feeling to be usefull to others.

Lotro is celebrating 6th anninversary – will take a look what social activities do they offer. Life is becoming good with Lotro.

Lotro: end of fun

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 15 2013 at 4:25AM
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Lord of the rings online

Following the advice, went to Moria. Killed some monsters, receiving 75 xp per kill. Given I need 200.000 xp to level 57 – some 3000 monsters are needed. Just great: if I kill a monster every 1 minute, that’s 50 hours of non-stop gameplay, provided items do not wear, I loot nothing and monsters spawn at the same place.

Switched to harvesting metals. Things went a bit better (some 45 xp per harvesting + some 20-30 for smelting + some for making weapons), but still very time consuming. And then I realised it was a dead end.

Angmar is either grey or very dangerous. Moria (and therefore Lothlorien) is not and will never be an option: a very dangerous and grumpy maze impossible to navigate alone. I was left with no option to advance and no will to advance.

Purchased Premium wallet, it saved me some place in the vault. Went to Enedwaith, mined some Khazad iron/gold…and left alone. Kinship sometimes just ignores me, not answering even to “hello” or “hey folks, may I ask one question about NN?”. Only one person offered help and one wise and good person listened to me yesterday.

Thank you, Turbine, for ruining all the fun for medium-level player. You left me sad, depressed and lonely. Chats in your over-powered regions are dead, usually there are zero players around and I have not heared about any Kinship’s raid to ANgmar/Moria (except the Rift).

End of weekend, end of any fun in Lotro. All that I can do is harvest metal ore so that I always have reserve. No hunting, no questing, no deeds left: just empty cold unfriendly world.

Lucky in Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Friday April 12 2013 at 5:50AM
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Lord of the rings online

The day was full with things. WoneE did some deeds and gained a little Turbine points. Not as much as I thought I would be able to.

NaktiesKarys recruited one new player, also completed one deed in Forochel. And I do love this icy region with its beautifull landscapes. A complete contrast to Moria: player-friendly, sometimes – challenging, beautifull world where map works and there is always to look at…and player unfriendly, too hard world without any sign of beauty where map is no of no use and there is nothing to look at.

I won at lottery! Received many prizes at one time: Rune of experience, granting some 87.000 Legendary weapon xp; 2 maps to Moria; 5 parts of legendary weapon and 1 Token of Wargh (donated to one Kinship member). I am mostly impressed with such big success.

Was happy enough to help one new Kinship member with killing in Barrows. We just ran through everything, killing and looting. The person we fought for grew up by two levels due to intense fighting in the Haudth Iarcith. A pity I had to leave, because it was midnight and I had to sleep.

Went to Evendim to mine rich iron – and one kinnie asked for a new two-handed weapon. Created level 22 one, with critical success (bigger bonuses on weapon). Even managed to give away some unused ore and metal ingots.

The day ended with 936 Turbine points, still >700 lacking, but this is a task for weekend: few disposable toons, few rides and reputation grinds – and voila, I have 1690 Turbine points.

Life in Lotro is just beautifull.

Turbine points ride

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday April 11 2013 at 3:55AM
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Lord of the rings online

WoneE, my new single-use toon was born and grinded for Turbine points. She (yet another blonde Human Champion woman) quickly finished intro – and rushed to quests/deeds. Killing poor spiders was very quick – first TPs gained. Then, I accidentally used my  24-hours-lasting horse package, so had to use it. Visited almost all Dunedain history items and finished Bree-land ruins. Went to the Shire, finished “Views of Shire” and “Farms of shire” deeds. Then back to Bree, managed to finish 15 Bree-land quests. Having little time, used reputation items in shared vault – and voila, Kindred with Men of Bree.

The day started with 806 Turbine points, ended with 916 Turbine points, also with some travel locations in the Shire discovered: my toon could do some very basic deeds in the lands of Hobbitses. 774 Turbine points remain to my target.

NaktiesKarys was doing worse: stood in Forochel, thought about skirmishes, when somebody told skirmishes were intended for groups only. Declined one offer for help, logged as Vytautaz and did “Siege of Gondamon”. I was at lvl. 34, enemies – at lvl.32. I was not impressed: repelling first assaults was doable solo, but the last assault left me alone versus hordes of enemies and even evil Dragon at the end. Experience was not enough to advance and I looted only some 23 silver worth drop. Nothing impressive, had to admit and too little to advance by one level within few days of grind.

And thus the day has ended. I felt satisfied with my WoneE: she will possible live longer and provide my basic toon with financial support longer than expected. If I continue to do so, it will take less time to finally get Enedwaith + premium wallet.

Cloning for Enedwaith

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday April 10 2013 at 4:34AM
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Lord of the rings online

Had just some 1-2  hours to play Lotro, so created a new clone: WoneE. Another Human girl, another Champion that rushes to grind 135 Turbine points, then give her money to main toon and be safely deleted.

NaktiesKarys/DunedanMule did nothing at all while WoneE reached level 7 and finished her first quest that counts for deed "Bree-land adventurer". Of course, she will use hundreds of Barrow-treasures and Cordolan trinkets stored in shared vault.

No Turbine points were gained this way. My current goal: Premium wallet and Enedwaith quest pack, total 1690 TPs. Need some 890 TPs, so yet another 6 toons + some 80 Turbine points get aside. Strategy is clear and logic: Premium wallet allows storing of many barter coins/tokens/taxidermy items and Enedwaith will allow to grow.

So - forwards to the race for Turbine points, adventures in Enedwaith awaits!


Forochel, skirmishes, Moria

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday April 9 2013 at 2:47AM
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Lord of the rings online

Finished last non-forced fellowship in Forochel, started finishing slayer deeds. Angmarim slaying was going extremely fun and good: I just stood in one place, killed any Angmarim, sometimes fighting 5 or 6 of them and loote anything valuable. Killed some 300 Angmar invaders and could tell honestly: Live free, my loved Forochel! Yes, I was happy. Then I went to one point where NPC asked me to kill 20 worms which I did receiving xp and reputation. Soon went to some warm springs of Forochel and finished basic worm slayer deed (150 of them) as well as Gauredain (kill 150 of them).

Well, Forochel was very good. Easy to navigate, map does work, plenty of enemies around, so growing up and getting richier is not a problem. And beautifull icy surroundings are just fascinating. I do love Forochel.

However, my levelling up is just stagnating since there are not so many mobs I could gain xp from. Angmar is not an option (must wait untill it become grey), Moria is not an option, Lothlorien is not an option.

Lotro forums accused me of everything, from not using some plug-ins that surely would not work to “bad attitude” towars Moria. They should have read my first posts about Moria to understand how I was enthusiastic in the begining! But why bother to read when it’s easier to accuse?

To my luck, met one wise player. He is some lvl. 72 and going for one hard quest in Forochel. I talked to him telling about my misadventures in Angmar/Moria and that I am very bad at skirmishes/instances. He did understand me, first person who did so, who had wisdom to listen and try to understand. He advices Enedwaith (lvl.60-65) and untill lvl.60 – skirmishes. Yes, I’m very bad in these, but looks like I would have no other option after I leave beautifull Forochel.

And thus the day has ended, half-grumpy, half-optimistic. I need level 60: then, to Enedwaith and hold there as long as possible. And grind Turbine points: I have 806 of them and need 1690 (Premium wallet + Enedwaith). So – NaktiesKarys would rest a bit. Time for a quick grind of 890 Tps.

Forochel, Kinship event

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 8 2013 at 1:46AM
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Lord of the rings online

Dunedain of the North celebrated their top-status: maximum lifetime of the Kinship reached, top members number (1500) – reached. We gathered at our Kinship house – and somebody played nice music, somebody danced or fought, while some were enjoying delicious cakes or even smoked. When everybody got tired – a “Hide-and-Seek” took place. Officers were hiding, and members were searching. My “Dunedanmule” was found quickly :(

Then, fashion show took place, we had many many contestants and once again – the winner. Finally, quiz about Lotro and even fighting took place while those who did not participate enjoyed races and fireworks. There were many of our Kinship as well as guests – each having great fun.

And NaktiesKarys continued his journey in Forochel. Three deeds completed, some Turbine pointsd gained – and all of Forochel explored. This region is great: it has beautifull, admirable look, this snowy and icy world with its blizzards and frozen lakes. Quests (some of them – repeatable) are organized in such way that while you do them, you greatly advance your own deeds, so there is not so much senseless grinding. Unfortunately, last non-fellowship quest was done and now I do depend on repeatable ones, which also give some reputation with Lossoth. Which means I would stay in Forochel untill complete last deed. What’s next? No idea, there are no regions left.

There was one forced-fellowship quest I could not complete (boss had 23.000 hp + 5 bodyguards) and also one place where fellowship was required. Did not do them at all: maybe it’s a task for lvl.85 or if I meet any other player nearby.

A little thoughts about Angmar: I may return here when every monster is grey. Then, safe travel is guaranteed and I could finish some of the quests (not all, of course). Moria remains a curse because there is no guide about it and nobody (yet) could help me with it. All I may need is just a guidance: go 5 meters here, turn there, go 258 meters right untill reach that crystal, go right and down untill you see Camp of Orcs. All I need is location of some quest instances.

Forochel is interesting: it offers 195 Turbine points as rewards while costing 595 TPs: but it also offers much much fun.

DunedanMule, my new toon, began to serve Kinship: she gathers all the stuff that may be needed by Kinship and stores it in her Vault. When there is no flow of goods, she fights and gains me valuable TPs. Now, I have some 740 Turbine points and the goal is – to buy Premium wallet for some 995 TPs. And then I would have to find some friendly region.

And so weekend has ended, I had a great fun in Lotro.

Ice lands:having fun

Posted by Lithuanian Friday April 5 2013 at 1:15AM
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Lord of the rings online

I liked planet Hoth, last base of the Rebellion and those pretty Imperial walkers slowly advancing, firing they green beam weapons. In Istaria, there was Island of Ice with beautifull frozen lakes and even ice-flowers.

Yesterday went to Forochel just to test that region, since nothing can be worse than Angmar and Moria. I did like Forochel. A world of ice of snow, covered with mist and based on Scandinavian names. A region with the beautifull landscapes, be it roads, or local folks (Lossoth) having fun, riding Mammoths, with its frozen seashore and some ‘arctic’ beasts.

Of course, took some quests immediately. What other players may complain – is that you have to travel some distance to get to quest area, then ride back and return…But that’s not a problem for me. If map is working, if I can rely on it – everything else is just fine. So, I did my quests by picking up stuff, killing beasts. Some quests were interesting, like “destroy the traps, but do not kill any cow” and cows were too close to the traps. Another quest needed to place stone in the shrine and gave me some 50-60 minutes for that. Almost every quest gives reputation with Lossoth. However, the Lossoth are very suspicious and so they treat anybody as outsider: earn 10.000 reputation to become “Neutral”. To compensate it, some reputation quests are repeatable and monsters do drop reputation items.

Quest rewards were not so grear for me (sold almost everything), but on level – maybe they mean something. Monsters’ drop is good and when sold, I gained enough moneyu to be happy. In terms of metal harvesting – nothing too spectacular, Ancient Iron and Ancient Silver (Eregion is better for this).

Not so much slayer deeds, but once again – repeatable quests (like “kill 18 warghs here”) make this task lots and lots easier. No other region I have visited had such daily quests.

I am satisfied with Forochel. Not sure how about TP investment ratio – but at least I am having fun here. Would stay there untill I finish last of deeds (except instances, because I doubt I’ll find any fellowship).

Lotro, I’m having fun once again.

Moria, auctions, mules

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday April 4 2013 at 1:15AM
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Lord of the rings online

Visit to Moria to do 3 quests. I was determined to go there, do quests, advance a bit…and possibly go further and do more quests.  It turned out to be impossible: quest area was unreachable, I could either fall down to death or go back. No way to reach it, no way to finish simple lvl.52 quests.

I say good-bye to Moria, this region that could make anybody use the worst words and feel depressed. It’s just a region where you can move behund point A and point B only without option to navigate deeper.

Took some time to advance my alt that wourd serve as “carrying mule” for the Kinship. Found stuff that does sell, brough it to the “mule” and sold in Auction. Result: 2 days and most vault upgrades done (people are paying crazy amounts of money!). Need possibly one last upgrade – and the mule is about to begin her carreer.

The day was kind of very dissapointing. I am starting to lose my faith in Lotro. Nowhere to go (Angmar is too hard with forced fellowships; Moria is impossible to navigate, Lothlorien unreachable without Moria), no way to level up, no help from anybody when that help is needed.

Celebrating:Dunedains of the North

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday April 2 2013 at 1:54AM
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Our Kinship, Dunedain of the North, Easter event:


First, all who could gathered near the southern gates of Bree. Initially there were only 3 of us, waiting for others. And then, lots of players came, many officers and just kinship members. We joked, rode our horses/goats awaiting 19:00 London time.

Then, the parade began. We ran through Bree, all other players looking at our parade, visiting all places of interest. Some officers rode their fine horses so that nobody could be lost. After Bree, our company gathered near the entrance to Barrows. We stood, listened to nice music played by Minstrels, roared to the air and once again attracted other players. They wondered why there are so many Dunedains and received an answer that Dunedains are celebrating Easter. Barrows were invaded quickly and enemies were slaughtered without mercy: Dunedains do not tolerate Mordor’s evil that invaded our Middle-earth!

After that, the most funny part took place: officers went to Thorin’s Hall and hide there: it was up to Kinship members to search for them. Six officers were hiding in a hidden and not-so-hidden places. This was a great fun both for officers and players. Best seekers received valuable awards and I think, everybody left satisfied.

The event ended in massive PvP fighting (“sparring” as it is called). I could not take place there – it was a bit late.

Side effect of the event: yesterday, all the Barrows were overcrowded…

Other news in short: I managed to help several players wity quality weapons. I am also starting to role-play (?) Dwarf. I am speaking about “my native Thorins Hall”, when making weapons sometimes add about “original Dwarven quality” and alike. It is good to finally be able to help others. I also started a new toon, named “DunedanMule” that would carry all the Kinship stuff and give it away to our kinnies. The problem is money: I need some 12 gold coins to buy all vault upgrades (and while barrows are crowded, I just can’t  hunt here). When vault is upgraded, Mule will serve our Kinship.

And thus the Easter days in Lotro ended, I felt very satisfied and happy. Life is good once again.