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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

"I need you at hunt"

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday April 25 2012 at 1:39AM
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I took most of the day in crafting. Same old good tactic: harvest mithril, fill at least 2 silos, then make mithril bars and gain xp as a Miner; switch to Fitter and recycle mithril tools (make tools, deconstruct to bars...and repeat).

Result: if I am not wrong, level 95 Miner and some 2 levels of Fitter gained. I do hope I can reach level 100 in Miner school this week.

Our leader made me some Mithril bracelets, enhanced with top tier technologies. Finally I would be able to fight some monsters in a serious way. Of course, I still have some armor components to upgrade. But these are thing to do for the next time. And it was from our leader that I received word "I need you full y upgraded at weekend's epic hunt". I also received some valuable advices about future quests.

Yes, I may finally be needed by someone for some big hunt.  If I could participate -I would take part. It was too long since I took part in epic hunt: something, our Guild was always famous for.

Asked one player about his future plot in Bristugo. I am awaiting this for it would be my chance to help that player as well as finish Player's D. alt's plot almost myself.

At the end of the day I grew tired from grinding mithril. I saw Player D. used some of the mithril (but he used too little, since he was free to use all he found; strange). Went to rest - i.e. harvest some slate for Player's D. alt's plot. managed to make some stuff...when Player S. contacted me.

She needed to go to one NPC - werewolf. One of the tow friendly werewolves in Istaria. However, the road to there is not too safe for lower level characters: lvl.40s ice monsters patrol the road, eager to engage in battle. I managed to cover my group while they were running.

In fact, we had but two choices: run by the road (faster, but lots of monsters that will attack) or run by the seashore (slower, but less monsters). I chose the second choice and we almost made it...when Player S. suddenly disconnected. Well, she had some things to do in real life. I showed the way to other Player, waited almost untill midnight...and then went to sleep.

The day was over. I managed to advance by some levels and am close to level 100 (need some 2 levels per day to reach the top before weekend). I helped, was helped and I see great playing in the future.