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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

impressive weened in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 23 2012 at 1:47AM
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There was a very impressive weekend in Istaria. It began, as usually, with lots of crafting. Running to mithril motherloads, loading ore to storage silo, filling silos, making bars...and thus I worked for many hours. result: yesterday evening I reached Miner lv..90 and Fitter level 82. Now I need some 2 full storage silos (12.000 ore) to get one level and this amount will only increase.

Then had to work getting components for last few elements of my armor. i have platemail armor, only need last 3 elements of it. So, some elements were gathered, some received from other players (in Istaria, you only rarely need money...). Went to hunt with Player S.: she just slaughtered several mobs at the same time and I had just to pick up components. My own hunts were not very succesfull: killed one time and few times had just to run from angry social monsters.

Then I had to help Player S. with crafting. I managed to harvest several motherloads of granite so that she may advance by several levels (at least two, I think).

Was also helping Player C.: her alt was making last preparations for becoming Adult Dragon and we were running, fighting, I was escorting the group and sometimes even resureccting them from dead. I was in group and sometimes had to solo several enemies at once. To my pleasure, I could cover group so that they could go to their destination safely - or just heal anyone who fights near me and my heals were effective.

Then the Ascension to the Adults: one of the most impressive events in Istaria. I have written about it - how Dragons stands in the circle of the friends and uses Phylactery of Shadows; how great magic fire circle forms about Dragon, covering with light so hot and bright that no one could see what is inside; how great whirlwind runs through the territory and in the fading circle of fire a new, big Adult Dragon appears. And how everyone greets Adult Dragon that gained ability to fly - and how new Dragon proudly flies the skys above the place of Ascension. This was written many times and I won't be repeating it.

While watching Player's C. ascension, I also managed to help two players. Explained game crafting and multiclassing system to one Sslik and guided another. The last was a bit impatient, but we made a good group. I healed him, at some cases - resurrected so that he, Cleric himself, witnessed what level 100 Cleric is capable of. A pity in group with me he did not gain any experience.

Our leader has returned after long time of absence and everyone is happy he is back. he is the soul of our company and the one who helps newbies.

And the main event: Dragon fights (PvP) in Arena. I was summoned by Player S. as a non-combatant Cleric who would resurrect. To demonstrate I am peacefull, I carried no shield or weapon and stated several times about being non-combatant unit.

The fights were superb. Ancient Dragons, each using his/her own abilities, chooisng between healing and attacking, all type of spells filling the sky and a spectacular fight. Adult dragons versus ancient ones (needless to say, Adults were defeated). And then -Ancient Dragons duelling. Arena was sometimes too little for them and their fight was very intensive, we saw almost every spell/ability used. My Player S. was killed 1 time and was victorious 6 times, even against one of the most experienced Dragons. A pity I had to leave this arena.

So - the weekend was very great. Life is superb once again.