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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

don't trouble trouble...

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday April 17 2012 at 1:40AM
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Don't trouble trouble untill trouble troubles you. ( a proverb)

Initially it was cedar and some Cedar crafting. I finished it relatively quickly. Then had to switch to Elm. It was a bit more work, since I had to do some 400 elm timbers, some hundreds of elm bracers and, in order to avoid paying for teleporter (if you travel with cargo disk that has some cargo - you are paying even for free destinations), I had to make several jumps: Last Stand --> Bristugo; Bristugo-->Harmony, then recall to Last stand...and repeat. Each run  meant some 23 stuff and I could carry a maximum of 123.

Elm bracers were finished quickly and I had to switch to Elm timbers when I was approached by Player S. alt: this Dragon neede to kill lvl.45 Golems and get 5 special shards. The fight was a bit difficult: my Dragon managed to die several times, but I was able to resurrect her. Overall, the fight was over very soon, she had her 5 shards...and lost connection. A pity.

Then I continued with the Elm. At the end of the day I had almost 2/3 of Elm timbers done, but was too tired to continue.

Was approached by one of experienced players and we had a good, frankly talk in private chat. I do trust him, therefore I can tell whatever I think and I will be listened to and adviced. We talked about recent "SPring content". Yes, mithrill is really overguarded, that's the developers' way to make game more hard so that players won't leave too soom. Yet he told me -something I did not think about- that in earlier times most of metal required dual alloys and it was difficult to get them...and still people managed to get them and advance somehow. That player also lost some of his stuff during one accident: he left a silo open for public and all the stuff was lost. he told he was thinking about leaving the game - and I do complain about guarded motherloads.

He is right. Yes, I am upset with new content and I could tell softcore game is not bad...but the question is not motherloads or alloys. The question is that I just have to put more work into levelling up.

The day was ending, I went to New Trismus to relax. Found no one who needed help, so just stood in the field killing lvl.2 grulets with some basic fire spell.

The day was a good one. I worked on Player's D. plot and did not so little job, gaining no xp or coins for that. 50-60% of his structures are now done and I face the most grindy part of it, sandstone and slate. But the day I will do it, I will be most happy: I will know that entire tier 2 plot was built by me only.