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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Weaving & building

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday April 3 2012 at 1:54AM
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Was working with my Mason once again. Same Aughundell mines, same silos, filled with Granite keystones and running between silo and Stoneworking shop: make granite bricks from slabs, then make granite keystones from granite bricks. It took me little time to make 300 keystones and add them to Player's D. plot. As I made more of them - just added the rest to another plot.

Granite work with Player's D. vault was finished. I thought about taking another school up to lvl.40-50 so that I would be able to advance the rest of building schools - Weaver, Fitter and be able to help people with all the rest stuff.

Universal Soldiers chat helped me much. They adviced to take Weaver and since I am Gatherer lvl.100, Fletcher lvl.100, Blacksmith lvl.100, Weaponsmith lvl.100 - produce Ironsilk spoons. As a precaution I got some tier 1 crystals to advance to level 10. And then all the fun began: crystals did take me to level 10 Weaver. Full load of Ironsilk took me to lvl. 17 and then another load - to lvl. 20. I would need just few loads to advance to lvl. 40 and then - just help people with their plots.

It does pay off to help others. The main bonus is that you help another person (and that person does not know it was you). Secondary: xp for crafting basic materials (like granite bricks). Then - xp for crafting building materials (like granite keystones). And finally - xp for adding materials to the building.

And yes, I would have much work with Player's D. plot. There are tier 2 and tier 3 materials needed for storage silos, crafting structures. There are some tier 4 materials too which would require adequate crafting experience. I can predict my own excitement when instead of scaffolding a new nice building appears. It looks like a rest from combat advancement gave me much. I re-understood the joy of crafting and thus helpnig others.

And from combat experience: helped one more Dragon to gather 25 Silver golems fragments. It is one of the most grinding part of Dragon's Rite of Passage since those golems are really greedy. As we say, the easier they give away fragments, the less they suffer...but seems they do love pain.

The day was a good one. I am on my way to help others both in fight and in craft, I am usefull to others and feeling happy.