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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

New achievements:superb weekend

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 30 2012 at 3:45AM
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Weekend was very bright making me feel happy, although with some heretic thoughts.

Crafting was going good.I mined one mithril motherload after another, filling storage silos and looking how my xp grows. Finally, I am Miner level 100 and Fitter level 100:those schools are finished. I ran to level my Carpenter. Started with level 73 and this morning I reached level 83.

I have asked folks about what to level: Mason (level 66) or Carpenter (lvl.73)? Everyone adviced Carpenter. So let it be Carpenter.

Of course, I took some rest and helped others. One Dragon needed to advance craft with sandstone: just mined one motherload, later -another. Another Dragon needed help, this time with slate: it's ok, mined as long as I could, leaving PC only to have some sleep. And next time I was asked to escort Dragon to one Tower in  safety through hordes of golems- and that was done, Dragon took no serious damage. Yet another time we hunted Silver golems for their components: hunt was succesfull, although my Dragon went into some risky fights where heals were needed.

I also went to aid some tier 5 buildings to appear. Unfortunately, found only few tier 5 silos: they will give me good xp, I hope.

We took some hunts, though they were disastrous: group was killed several times only to earn death points. I promised. Sometimes I feel just miserable because of that: i run, one level 89 monster stuns me, I can't dispell a thing and am killed. I almost promised not to take part in epic hunts.

Overall, the weekend was very bright. I was very happy with it.

And the heresy...well - about it next time. Could it be I am looking for some game like Istaria but with more softcore active content?

group fighting, single crafting

Posted by Lithuanian Friday April 27 2012 at 3:26AM
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It is spring in Lithuania, weather is very good, everything blossoms...and so are my days in Istaria now.

Yes, I do rush with harvesting, running from one motherload to another, filling silos with mithril ore and counting: 4 silos is enough for one level and this number will only increase. However, I do grow - I am already level 97 miner and some level 93 Fitter.

Yesterday one experienced player asked if someone could help her with her character levelling. She was some lvl.65 Mage and needed to level. Her problem was armor, it does not adequately protect against monsters. I saw it as opportunity to fight - and we went to kill Mithril boulder golems.

It was a perfect group. Mage was extremely effective in hitting golems, making more damage than I could do. I was good at taking hits and healing. We ran from one golem to another: I invite golem to fight and try to attract golem's attention, while Mage just unleashes everything on enemy - quakes, paralyze, curses of decay and many others. Sometimes we stood idle, because golem was killed to fast and we had to wait for spawning.

Result was good: Mage advanced to level 66 and made it about 30% to level 67, but unfortunately, she had to log off. Well, I hope we could continue next time with the same Mithril golems (level 95-99). This group fighting made me feel like in old good times - fighting, healing (and my heals were efficient), killing anything that moves.

When I reached Miner lvl.97 - went to craft slate for Player's D. plot. As it was night, I did not too much - only 120 slate keystones (which mean I harvested 4800 slate slabs). Added it to the Player's D. plot so that now only 200 slate keystones remain. After that, all that I should do would be pale essence construction things.

We also had a discussion in the chat about Istaria and how the game could be improved. There were various thoughts, from very optimistic to very pessimistic, but still everyone wishes to offer new ideas that would help the game.

And thus the day ended. I felt happy as I was, once again, usefull to others and I advanced my craft (which would be usefull to others). The days are very bright once again.

Sharing:resources and life

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday April 26 2012 at 1:49AM
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The day began with usual running to Mithril fields and harvesting motherloads of mithril, then making bars, deconstructing tools. Gained 1 Miner level (and it took almost 3 full silos) and some 3 levels as Fitter. I'm growing and it is good - other metal-based schools would be easier to do.

Was contacted by Player's D. alt. He reminded me of his plot and that some structures needed slate keystones only. Well, I went to craft slate and managed to make some 120 in a short time. Went to Player's D. alt plot, went close to one storage silo and added missing keystones.

...and soon I found myself within the silo. I thought I was stuck there forever, but fortunately, people told me how to get out. Added more resources to next silo so that Player D. can finish it.  As Player D. asked - left him some mithril in the silo to level up crafting.

Then Player D. asked if we wanted to hunt Darknor. I knew it was hard, some 80.000 hp monster, but thought that I am Cleric, have good healing spells and have nothing to fear. Our group was medium one, some 5 players: 3 Dragons and two bipeds (level 100 one and me).

The fight was very hard one. Darknor is huge monster, huge health, lots of cursing spells, self-heal and still has some of his bodyguards. We, both healers, did our best to aid group: used any mean of heal and I sometimes tried to cast curses on Darknor. Few times Darknor paid attention to me, I had to run from it (the bright side: if he attacks me, he does not attack someone more valuable). We did fought as hard as we could.

However, at some point things began to change: health was running too low, we started to be killed too often. It was a har job for me: to run at any costs to fallen comrade, resurrect him...and run away from Darknor or his minions. I got killed some 4, if not 5 times, each time to be resurrected by Dragon or second healer. But I did my best trying to heal and resurrect.

At the end almost all group was killed and we had to retreat. Started looking for another monster, called "Son of Gigaroth", but did not find him...and I went to sleep since it was almost midnight.

I was glad of this fight. Although I wasn't able to even hit Darknor - I helped my own group. And I did understand what does it mean to kill this monster, therefore can tell any player that such fight is really hard.

And so the day ended. I felt happy, I was thinking about this fight - not about grinding mithrill (which I would inevitably grind untill level 100). Good old days are returning.

"I need you at hunt"

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday April 25 2012 at 1:39AM
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I took most of the day in crafting. Same old good tactic: harvest mithril, fill at least 2 silos, then make mithril bars and gain xp as a Miner; switch to Fitter and recycle mithril tools (make tools, deconstruct to bars...and repeat).

Result: if I am not wrong, level 95 Miner and some 2 levels of Fitter gained. I do hope I can reach level 100 in Miner school this week.

Our leader made me some Mithril bracelets, enhanced with top tier technologies. Finally I would be able to fight some monsters in a serious way. Of course, I still have some armor components to upgrade. But these are thing to do for the next time. And it was from our leader that I received word "I need you full y upgraded at weekend's epic hunt". I also received some valuable advices about future quests.

Yes, I may finally be needed by someone for some big hunt.  If I could participate -I would take part. It was too long since I took part in epic hunt: something, our Guild was always famous for.

Asked one player about his future plot in Bristugo. I am awaiting this for it would be my chance to help that player as well as finish Player's D. alt's plot almost myself.

At the end of the day I grew tired from grinding mithril. I saw Player D. used some of the mithril (but he used too little, since he was free to use all he found; strange). Went to rest - i.e. harvest some slate for Player's D. alt's plot. managed to make some stuff...when Player S. contacted me.

She needed to go to one NPC - werewolf. One of the tow friendly werewolves in Istaria. However, the road to there is not too safe for lower level characters: lvl.40s ice monsters patrol the road, eager to engage in battle. I managed to cover my group while they were running.

In fact, we had but two choices: run by the road (faster, but lots of monsters that will attack) or run by the seashore (slower, but less monsters). I chose the second choice and we almost made it...when Player S. suddenly disconnected. Well, she had some things to do in real life. I showed the way to other Player, waited almost untill midnight...and then went to sleep.

The day was over. I managed to advance by some levels and am close to level 100 (need some 2 levels per day to reach the top before weekend). I helped, was helped and I see great playing in the future.

Friendly race (5:1) and discussion

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday April 24 2012 at 1:38AM
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The day began with my usual preparing to harvest mithril motherloads. Then Player D. (himself, not his alt with the plot) offered what he called "a friendly competition" - who will gain more crafting levels before any of the side logs off the game.

And the competition started. I mined mithril, stored in silos, untill had 2,5 silos full. Then - I made bars and filled an entire silo with them. This was repeated several times. At the end of the day: I was Miner lvl.93 (three levels) and Fitter 86 (at least three levels). Player D. gained only one. Well, biped ability to change schools played for me: I gained xp as a miner when made bars; I gained xp as a Fitter when I made tools from bars.

At the end of the day we practically ended up competiton. Player D. went to craft scales and needed some components. Unfortunately, I had only one of them available. I also let him use mithril: I was just too tired to race more, for level 94.

To take some break, switched to Fitter and added some 120 steel jointings to Player's D alt. plot. Experience was little one, but at least it was fun. Thus, competition ended with my win: I gained 5 levels, Player D. - one.

Then it was discussion about what I call "advanced gathering". One Player told us that we may want to harvest everything before developers cut off advanced gathering "in the neariest future". I told this near future may be maintenance day (which is today). Other players objected telling it was not too easy and that they may remove "with the next Delta" and no one knows when next update will be.

Then the same Player told she finally earned some title. I asked if that was hard. Response was very cold, like "I never stated anything to be hard or easy. All I said was that I earned the badge. Thank you for your interest". Well, I think she went angry for me. Only later I understood this badge was really hard to obtain...but she shouldn't be angry on me.

I also obtained information about one valuable quest that would give one devastating spell: all I need is to level my Shaman to lvl.75 (from existing lvl.65).

If only I had this week available for advanced harvesting - I would be able to reach level 100 in Miner school, then get some levels in Fitter or Mason.

And thus the day ended. It was really fun and good.

impressive weened in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 23 2012 at 1:47AM
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There was a very impressive weekend in Istaria. It began, as usually, with lots of crafting. Running to mithril motherloads, loading ore to storage silo, filling silos, making bars...and thus I worked for many hours. result: yesterday evening I reached Miner lv..90 and Fitter level 82. Now I need some 2 full storage silos (12.000 ore) to get one level and this amount will only increase.

Then had to work getting components for last few elements of my armor. i have platemail armor, only need last 3 elements of it. So, some elements were gathered, some received from other players (in Istaria, you only rarely need money...). Went to hunt with Player S.: she just slaughtered several mobs at the same time and I had just to pick up components. My own hunts were not very succesfull: killed one time and few times had just to run from angry social monsters.

Then I had to help Player S. with crafting. I managed to harvest several motherloads of granite so that she may advance by several levels (at least two, I think).

Was also helping Player C.: her alt was making last preparations for becoming Adult Dragon and we were running, fighting, I was escorting the group and sometimes even resureccting them from dead. I was in group and sometimes had to solo several enemies at once. To my pleasure, I could cover group so that they could go to their destination safely - or just heal anyone who fights near me and my heals were effective.

Then the Ascension to the Adults: one of the most impressive events in Istaria. I have written about it - how Dragons stands in the circle of the friends and uses Phylactery of Shadows; how great magic fire circle forms about Dragon, covering with light so hot and bright that no one could see what is inside; how great whirlwind runs through the territory and in the fading circle of fire a new, big Adult Dragon appears. And how everyone greets Adult Dragon that gained ability to fly - and how new Dragon proudly flies the skys above the place of Ascension. This was written many times and I won't be repeating it.

While watching Player's C. ascension, I also managed to help two players. Explained game crafting and multiclassing system to one Sslik and guided another. The last was a bit impatient, but we made a good group. I healed him, at some cases - resurrected so that he, Cleric himself, witnessed what level 100 Cleric is capable of. A pity in group with me he did not gain any experience.

Our leader has returned after long time of absence and everyone is happy he is back. he is the soul of our company and the one who helps newbies.

And the main event: Dragon fights (PvP) in Arena. I was summoned by Player S. as a non-combatant Cleric who would resurrect. To demonstrate I am peacefull, I carried no shield or weapon and stated several times about being non-combatant unit.

The fights were superb. Ancient Dragons, each using his/her own abilities, chooisng between healing and attacking, all type of spells filling the sky and a spectacular fight. Adult dragons versus ancient ones (needless to say, Adults were defeated). And then -Ancient Dragons duelling. Arena was sometimes too little for them and their fight was very intensive, we saw almost every spell/ability used. My Player S. was killed 1 time and was victorious 6 times, even against one of the most experienced Dragons. A pity I had to leave this arena.

So - the weekend was very great. Life is superb once again.

race against time and dis-illiusions

Posted by Lithuanian Friday April 20 2012 at 1:55AM
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Was a bit ill in real life, so can write review only now.

Two days of crafting. Initially was helping with Player's D. plot. Did half of slate work, but then got so tired of slate that turned to Sandstone. Added all Sandstone keystones and now some 184 Sandstone construction blocks remain.

Also helped Player C. with her Rite of Passage to kill monsters or just to craft Obsidian bricks. We went to search for one friendly werewolf. Then - by seashores, avoiding evil - to Northern Deadlands to kill Esh the Mind lasher. Our group was 2 Dragons (lvl.30s) and my multiclassed Cleric. We found that Esh and killed him, although resurrection had to be used. Later, we went to Draak to kill Ghostly Dragon and we succeeded despite being outnumbered by ghosts and their guards.

Unfortunately, had to turn off one very friendly Dragon's task to go to Island of Fire and slain Fire Element. Island of Fire is still very, very hard for me and even as Cleric I am easily hit and killed there.

Also, I felt I was involved in...don't know how to call, a kind of roleplay. One Dragon asked me to come and resurrect another Dragon and I was in hurry with mining (explanations later). I waited untill I finish and then rushed to them, telling that it was a duty of Cleric to help those in need. Even today, going to work, I thought about being Cleric as of warrior who should leave battlefield the last, not leaving those in need behind him (unless Cleric is commanded to leave). And Cleric is more about spiritual things, unlike "tank" Warrior.

Yesterday it became clear one very positive enhacement is to be removed. I will not disclose what is that untill it is removed. In short, I had to rush to harvest mithrill.

Well, my fears about over-guarded mithrill were only partially true. Yes, the mithril fields are divided into several sectors. Yes, they are guarded by lvl.97-99 Mithril boulder golems (sometimes 2, sometimes 3). However, motherloads now spawn within the same field, not just "somewhere in time", so it is a bit easier. Also, I noticed one almost unguarded sector, although there were no motherloads here. Result: advanced my Miner from lvl. 75 to lvl. 80 with making mithril bars from mithril ore. Advanced my fitter from lvl.55 to some lvl.62 by making and deconstructing mithril tools.

Unfortunately, extreme harvesting meant that I had to refuse all help requests. Not very good, but I have to hurry up before positive enhacement is turned off.

The days were good, as (almost) always in Istaria.

good old times - again

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday April 18 2012 at 1:22AM
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Updates did not take too long, so I was able to play Istaria yesterday.

Player C. has returned and good old times are again in the game (at least for me). Initially I went to craft Elm timbers: needed 104 for Player's D. plot. I managed to start producing, when Player C. appeared.

And then I went to helping her with her Rite of Passage. We went to Meteor crater and killed Golems. Player C. stayed alive all the time, bravely attacking monsters and retreating only when situation was very grim for her. We were also supported by one Dragon so killing was going very well.

Later I went to help Player S., she went into trouble again. And after that - back to Player C., to kill Crystallized golem in Meteor Crater. Of course, we killed it and at least one part of Rite of Passage was over. Some time passed and I needed to help Player C. again with some NPCs.

I managed to add Elm timbers to Player's D. plot so that now all the metal and wood stuff is added. What remains is some 1000 slate construction stuff and about 300 sandstone. The very grindy and non-interesting part, but I will make it and finish Player's D. plot alone.

Good old days are back for me. I craft, I help others and this is very good feeling. Life is beautifull once again in Istaria.

don't trouble trouble...

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday April 17 2012 at 1:40AM
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Don't trouble trouble untill trouble troubles you. ( a proverb)

Initially it was cedar and some Cedar crafting. I finished it relatively quickly. Then had to switch to Elm. It was a bit more work, since I had to do some 400 elm timbers, some hundreds of elm bracers and, in order to avoid paying for teleporter (if you travel with cargo disk that has some cargo - you are paying even for free destinations), I had to make several jumps: Last Stand --> Bristugo; Bristugo-->Harmony, then recall to Last stand...and repeat. Each run  meant some 23 stuff and I could carry a maximum of 123.

Elm bracers were finished quickly and I had to switch to Elm timbers when I was approached by Player S. alt: this Dragon neede to kill lvl.45 Golems and get 5 special shards. The fight was a bit difficult: my Dragon managed to die several times, but I was able to resurrect her. Overall, the fight was over very soon, she had her 5 shards...and lost connection. A pity.

Then I continued with the Elm. At the end of the day I had almost 2/3 of Elm timbers done, but was too tired to continue.

Was approached by one of experienced players and we had a good, frankly talk in private chat. I do trust him, therefore I can tell whatever I think and I will be listened to and adviced. We talked about recent "SPring content". Yes, mithrill is really overguarded, that's the developers' way to make game more hard so that players won't leave too soom. Yet he told me -something I did not think about- that in earlier times most of metal required dual alloys and it was difficult to get them...and still people managed to get them and advance somehow. That player also lost some of his stuff during one accident: he left a silo open for public and all the stuff was lost. he told he was thinking about leaving the game - and I do complain about guarded motherloads.

He is right. Yes, I am upset with new content and I could tell softcore game is not bad...but the question is not motherloads or alloys. The question is that I just have to put more work into levelling up.

The day was ending, I went to New Trismus to relax. Found no one who needed help, so just stood in the field killing lvl.2 grulets with some basic fire spell.

The day was a good one. I worked on Player's D. plot and did not so little job, gaining no xp or coins for that. 50-60% of his structures are now done and I face the most grindy part of it, sandstone and slate. But the day I will do it, I will be most happy: I will know that entire tier 2 plot was built by me only.

building, (mis)understanding...

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 16 2012 at 2:02AM
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A weekend spent on crafting.

Initially was levelling my Enchanter and then added some pale essence construction stuff to Player's D. plot. Then switched back to Fitter and went to look for the same iron motherload. On the entire world there was only one left (needless to count all the regions I have visited). Only one motherload, on too huge place. Only on Sunday I was told there were 4 (!) motherloads of iron (tier 2 resource) too close proximity to tier 6 monster, Istaria's top monster.

Untill then - made very ineffective long runs. However, result is - all iron construction job on Player D. plot is now done. It took me tens of thousands of iron bars, but I made it.  Later I switched to cedar and elm construction stuff and have done almost 50% of them.  Now Player's D. plot is almost 50% done and all that remains is very grindy and time-taking job. However, I will do it.

Went into long discussion with experienced players about "Spring content", but we can't find any consensus. They want more hardcore, I want more softcore. A pity there was no one who would support me.

Player S. appeared and we talked a bit about "Spring content". She also informed that one very friendly Drgaon - Player C. - is returning to Istaria after some "sleep" period. I am very glad to hear this.

Also, Last Stand is operational and I can finally enjoy its expert structures and public silos.

Also had not-so pleasant talk with one Dragon. He invited me to private chat and asked like "can u fast lvl. me to lvl.13?". I re-asked if he wanted crafting or combat levelling and received answer he needed quick levelling. Since it was not clear what exactly he wanted - I cancelled chat and teleported to one settlement.

Overall, weekend was good. I levelled up (now am Fitter lvl.50), I helped other people's buildings and will help even if I gain no xp for that.

magic essence day

Posted by Lithuanian Friday April 13 2012 at 1:41AM
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My tour of helping Player D. with his plot and seeing what happened after "Spring update" continues.

Witnessed revamp of Trandalar:Acul. In exchange of (at least that was promised) withdrawal of iron from there - the continent has been revamped a bit. Main square with landing pad and teleporter were changed, some forest added and overall atmosphere is better than it was.

Next good news is that Last Stand plot is operational once again: all silos and structures can be used by players. It is a good sign for me, I could harvest resources and safely deposit them there.

I did some wood and slate job for Player's D. stoneworking shop. Initially - several hundred elm construction things. Of cours,e stoneworking shop needed only 100, but I added to other structures as well. Then I switched to slate blocks and keystones:added them too, it was much easier than with wood.

And finally I switched to the last building school: Enchanter. It is a very grindy school, as trainer warns. You get essence, make essence orbs (best ratio is 2:1), then make construction spheres (best ratio is 20:1) and add them to some structure (best ratio 2:1). Initially I worked very simple way: 1) used tier 1 crystals and gained 11 levels by simply using crystals; 2) took some 2 runs with full load of high level essence, made essence orbs and reached some level 17. Finally I went to construct essence spheres, but these were a bit hard. My skills are still low and I get not the very best ratio. However, managed to add some spheres.

Talked with Player S. - currently she helps hatchlings to grow and soon will be testing new stuff. She also loves to panic upon hearing something. Also talked with Player D. - of course, he is not leaving the game, just wanting to take a short break.

Overall, the day was good. "Spring update" is not very bad as I thought and I soon will be able to finish any tier1 - tier2 biped building. Entire plot...and it can be finished by me alone, a wonderfull thing.

Istaria:life after updates

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday April 12 2012 at 1:51AM
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Life after updates goes on and I have witnessed some of its moments, while searching for iron Motherloads.

Scorpion island mountains have been redrawn. The look much better than before: before these were just empty mountains with gems and monsters. Now there are mystic bridges, glowing icy paths, woods - a better atmosphere, especially for role-players. Negative thing: developers promised silver and iron fields on each corner of the mountains and there was no iron field.

Ogres have been renamed: now we have, for examply, Sal'kuk. If one doubts whether it is higher than Nah'kuk or equal to Bhal'kuk - he is mistaken. It's just former Ice ogre.

Although promised, there are still no teleporter to Fabric island: not checked if there is one from it.

The rest of the day was spent gathering iron and adding it to Player's D. plot. One moment he approached me and said he needed one particular structure to be finished: therefore, had to concentrate almost all attention to that structure. The only problem is that it requires Enchanter school and I did not start it yet. So - alone I would not able to finish this building.

Also spoke with Player S. She became very active in the game, received invite from developers to be a test player (she will receive 200.000 health while on test server) and ability to report bugs. I'm glad she is so active, although she is too quick to make decisions. One player mentioned he may leave Istaria- Player S> alarms: "Nakties, I need your help, that player is going to leave Istaria".

One negative moment: I did not find iron motherload near Chickonis. Searched and there was no motherload. ANother player found some kilometres from the former place...but I was afraid to go. Refused to go there, although motherload was in the exact place. I noticed I do not trust developers, I can't think they could improve the game.

But overall, the day was good. I made almost 50% of iron jointing work on Player's D. plot. I made some woodworking job too. And I am able to do some 80% of his plot alone. Once again, I am usefull to others.

motherload hunt

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday April 11 2012 at 1:55AM
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Promised "Spring content" has taken more time than I expected. It was only some 22:30 Lithuanian time when Istaria went online. I even start visiting Istarian forums (the things I avoid doing: do not want to be upset).

Lucky for me, started chat with Player's D. alt about his plot. He is learning to be biped after being powerfull Ancient Dragon. He asked about crafting schools (there are 5 of these and all are to be levelled to lvl.100). But in order to do them, one has to take at least 2 other schools like Blacksmith and Gatherer. For the begining, I adviced him to take Mason. He could gain experience by adding hundreds of sandstone (later - slater) keystones and blocks to his structures. And this will free my time to concentrate more on metal-based fitting.

Was in search of motherload of Iron and hardly found one. But when found - made some Iron jointings, gaining xp...and will gain xp for adding them.

The end of the day was summarized by discussion between one player and me about recent downgrades. She told like "how wonderfull that they reformed mithril". My response was like "Yes, I do agree, metal based schools had to be ruined".  She went to explain, but I told I did not want to provoke disorder in the chat. I may be right and may be wrong - just now I do think that recent downgrades are downgrades and will/may ruin metal-based school.

However, most players supported her. Which can mean only one: they are very experienced players wanting more hardcore. I do want softcore game where I could just relax. I do not need to calculate each step, guessing if I could run from horde of Golems before I get 10 mithril ore or how many seconds would I survive fighting that horde.

The day ended. Good news: Player D. opened tier 2 silo for me and now I could store iron sheetings or jointings there; I started producing iron jointigs once again. Maybe life is not as bad as it seems after Spring downgrade.

great weakend in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday April 10 2012 at 1:26AM
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A long weekend (due to Easter - up to Monday) in Istaria.

Crafting: was levelling up my Weaver, then turned to Fitter. First ten levels were done without crafting or questing: I just used tier 1 crystals. Each gave either +250 or +500 to crafting, so level 1 to level 10 were done easily. Some levels were done just by making cobalt bars.

Then came Iron sheetings: a special construction material for tier 2 structures. I needed Iron, preferably - Iron motherloads (from 2000 to almost 5000 ores), but it was hard to find them. There was no motherload in Trandalar's Acul (or it was hidden too good); there was no motherload in Aughundell mines...lucky enough one very friendly Dragon showed me a way to motherload of iron near Chickonis.

I made several levels by iron sheetings only. When I grew tired from iron - switched to bronze ones. And yes, everything was meant to help Player's D. buildings on his own plot.

Later I went las time to old good Mithril anvil mines that soon will become useless (since all Mithrill would be overguarded and no one below level 100 would be able to get it). This was the levelling: making bars, then making tools and finally deconstructing tools. Experience was very good, I grew up some 6 levels to some lvl.43.  With my fitting 500, I could produce iron jointings which I did: with motherload harvested, I made over 100 jointings and once again added them all.

And finally, I began to concentrate on one building at Player's D. plot - tier 2 storage silo. I ran, harvested and made the stuff needed specifically for this structure. Result: after many runs, the structure is finally built and operational. I felt very satisfied and happy. However, it is only the first structure built by me: there would be entire plot that I would build alone.

Took some part in the fighting: some folks were preparing to fight Son of Gigaroth, some big and very strong monster. I was taken as a healer (Cleric). Tried my best, used all heals I had, but all our group was wiped out, even Ancient Dragons.

I am also happy to have helped others: harvested slate for one player so that he may advance faster; made some bronze tools for other player; borrowed armor to another player (just borrowed, I guess he will return it as soon as he gets to armor level 91).

There were few not so bright knews too: many plots are disappearing. Either owner quits subscription or just owner gets no interest in the plot. There were two very usefull plots at Acul and now one plot is empty and another has all silos inacessible. Last stand has all silos inaccesible for some week. Our Guildhouse is still 'locked' and the owner has last logged in at March 15. And today they will introduce "Spring update" that would kill metal-based schools.

However, so far so good. I helped others, was helped by others and really enjoyed what I did. Maybe one day I will return to fighting and level up my Druid.

lags, tickets,crafting

Posted by Lithuanian Friday April 6 2012 at 1:54AM
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...and the good news are "Spring content" due to some technical problems has been postponed untill April 10. Of course, hardcore fans are very enthusiastic in the forum about every vital resource being overguarded.

Istaria experienced serious lags yesterday. Initially it was simple problem with server, I got disconnected. Tried to relogg - "No such username/password combination". Tried again and again - same thing. Skyped one veteran player - he told he cannot log in too. Reset my PC, started to log into Istaria - same thing. Filled a ticket to Istarian support...and a bit later my password was accepted, thought 3 or 4 times game disconnected ("error ID:57"). And finally, I could log into game. Looks like everyone crashed almost the same way. The forums were empty, no one complained. And yes, it was first time after long pause when I visited official forum.

The last non-lagged day was spent with kenaf crafting. I made required  200 Kenaf construction bolts and added these to Player D's plot. Grew up by 2 levels only with crafting bolts and adding them to player's plot. Later saw 2 unfinished tents in one plot and helped to finish one by adding tier 1 construction materials. Second is almost finished, just need to add some stone.

Tried to go harvest Granite and grow up my mason...but alas, "my" plot at Last Stand is experiencing some problems: no silo is accesible, therefore nowhere to store stuff. Fortunately for me, I had no stuff stored there. Looks like I would gave to wait. Untill then - just ironsilk harvesting and growing my Weaver.

Went to New Trismus to relax a bit. Well, found no one who could need my help, therefore simply walked, killing some innocent monsters. Of course, I would be more than happy to help anyone. But at the meantime, I could be usefull to other players with some Weaving, Carpentry or Masonry. I saw some plots that need help and I would help them.

The day was relatively good. Maybe today there would be no problems with silos and I could continue my peacefull levelling up.

teleporting & kenafing

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday April 5 2012 at 1:46AM
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Updates in Istaria were finished, when I got home. I did not check all of them, but one thing is for sure: there is no teleporter in Fabric Island, as "Spring content" promised. No teleporter from island, no landing pad in island, no teleporter destination to island. "Spring content" went wrong?

Went to craft Ironsilk. It was simple: collect all you can, then make spools, delete spools and repeat circle. My Weaver grew up, he is now some level 32.

Which meant a sygnal to buy some Journeyman level formulas...and run for Kenaf. It was a weird task. Kenaf is supposed to be near Kenaf point, but I met only few of them. Fabric isle had Kenaf but very far from any teleporter or structure. Finally I found Heather: there is a Kenaf field near teleporter as well as player-build town with public silos.

I managed to store some Kenaf bolts in my vault (still overflooded by stuff: formulas, components, trophies...), some - in public silos. At the end of the day I managed to add some 200 Kenaf bolts to Player's D. plot and advance by one level entirely by making/adding Kenaf. There are more Kenaf to add though.

We had little discussion about the "Spring content" and I do not want to escalate this. Most experienced players are hardcore ones and we would never found any consensus there. One very friendly Dragon offered his help (if one Dragon would be enough for tens of lvl.91-95 monsters...), but I will do everything to avoid mithril mining: it becomes highly ineffective.

At the end of the day I went to relax to New Trismus. Found lots of new Dragons and almost no bipeds. The ran to bronze mining area, asked one new player if he needed my help. No, he did not.

Note for anyone who is new to Istaria: if I am needed, just call Nakties Karys, I play often and can come to help.

So - the day was over, I left the game satisfied. I was usefull to others, I grew up and it was good.


Istaria Spring update:waiting

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday April 4 2012 at 1:53AM
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Virtrium has finally released (and spent all the Tuesday: had no chance to play) Spring update for Chaos and Order shards. As all updates, it brings both good and bad news.

Good news: some NPCs are returned to their homes (home sweet home) - something players have demanded for a long time; some new quests are introduced; some vanity items are being sold (like hats et cetera); semi-intelligent mobs lvl.91-95 would now drop formulas; metal veins and gems would not spawn on the top of the mountains (as only part of the Dragons could reach it, most players won't); also, some teleporters are reported to be constructed.

Bad news: mithrill now is almost unavailable:it's over-guarded by top tier 5 golems and officially there are only some nodes left "relatively safe" – good-bye, metal based schools; Granite nodes from previous rich region of Drift point have been almost removed, now there are maximum 6 of them and 1 node is guarded by 2-3 golems (reason may be player-based plot nearby which helped crafters to advance); completely removed Iron from Trandalar:Acul where there were motherloads of this metal (once more good-bye to any metal-based scool); Dark Iron veins in Acul became over-guarded (reason:player plots nearby, developers probably thought it was too good); some already dangerous monsters are made social.

To make things more complicated, some monsters were renamed. "Sand beetle" or "Sand ogre" were too easy, now they have been named "Loricatus beetles"  and "Agh'kuk ogres". It's very easy to make distance between Thankuk, Aghkuk, Bhalkuk, Ishkuk ogres...

There are also cosmetic changes that won't affect gameplay, like plots' land redraw or renaming some mobs, like Lieutnant Vekh is now Commander Vekh. Also, some previous Spring content was removed.

Impression as per what I have read: more downgrades that upgrades. Good for hardcore players that want to fight for every piece of resource and very bad for those who are lesser than combat lvl.100. What they introduced mean that players now have far less intentions to buy plots near harvestable area: no one knows if within next downgarde the area would still be usable. Metal-based schools suffered unrepairable blow, both medium-levelled and high-levelled crafters now would be forced to use lower tier metals or they would be forced to harvest guarded by tens of high-levelled players.

Of course, developers are introducing static content, like teleporters, instead of dynamic (like scaffolding of teleporter which requires lots of resources from players: if you want teleporter, construct it yourselves). Sometimes I do wonder: what, if there were updates, but only introducing new things (enemies, quests, items...) and not changing old ones, unless everyone complains?  Maybe then Istaria would be much better.

But once again, no one would listen to non-hardcore and non-paying players like me.

Weaving & building

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday April 3 2012 at 1:54AM
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Was working with my Mason once again. Same Aughundell mines, same silos, filled with Granite keystones and running between silo and Stoneworking shop: make granite bricks from slabs, then make granite keystones from granite bricks. It took me little time to make 300 keystones and add them to Player's D. plot. As I made more of them - just added the rest to another plot.

Granite work with Player's D. vault was finished. I thought about taking another school up to lvl.40-50 so that I would be able to advance the rest of building schools - Weaver, Fitter and be able to help people with all the rest stuff.

Universal Soldiers chat helped me much. They adviced to take Weaver and since I am Gatherer lvl.100, Fletcher lvl.100, Blacksmith lvl.100, Weaponsmith lvl.100 - produce Ironsilk spoons. As a precaution I got some tier 1 crystals to advance to level 10. And then all the fun began: crystals did take me to level 10 Weaver. Full load of Ironsilk took me to lvl. 17 and then another load - to lvl. 20. I would need just few loads to advance to lvl. 40 and then - just help people with their plots.

It does pay off to help others. The main bonus is that you help another person (and that person does not know it was you). Secondary: xp for crafting basic materials (like granite bricks). Then - xp for crafting building materials (like granite keystones). And finally - xp for adding materials to the building.

And yes, I would have much work with Player's D. plot. There are tier 2 and tier 3 materials needed for storage silos, crafting structures. There are some tier 4 materials too which would require adequate crafting experience. I can predict my own excitement when instead of scaffolding a new nice building appears. It looks like a rest from combat advancement gave me much. I re-understood the joy of crafting and thus helpnig others.

And from combat experience: helped one more Dragon to gather 25 Silver golems fragments. It is one of the most grinding part of Dragon's Rite of Passage since those golems are really greedy. As we say, the easier they give away fragments, the less they suffer...but seems they do love pain.

The day was a good one. I am on my way to help others both in fight and in craft, I am usefull to others and feeling happy.

Esctasy and agony

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 2 2012 at 1:57AM
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Weekend in istaria - full of impressions.

First of all - fighting. Since I am multiclassed Human, I should be able to start one of the end-game quests, "Dralnok's Doom" quest line. Yes, it's meant for level 100 only, but I am multiclassed, I have good armor, good jewellery, strong heals and highest tier buffs.

First mission was simple: go speak to NPC, he sents to another NPC, then I am sent to scout out of the town, speak to new NPC and return. No reward for this, but that doesn't matter (at level 100 you gain no xp for anything).

Second mission: go to some valley, scout it. Piece of cake: roads are clear, the only monster was some enraged level 71 wisp, but she is no match for my multiclassed biped. Ok, trigger point reached, quest updated: kill 5 Risen skeleton sergeants and 10 Risen skeletons. And there agony began.

I was almost ripped to pieces by the very first level 107 skeleton. Hardly managed to escape from it. But it was clear my light crafting armor was no match for skeleton: took the best armor, best shield, best weapon, best jewellery. Found that skeleton again, entered battle. Skeleton's was suffering from my hits...when I looked at my own health. Oh my, I was on my way to be defeated. Recalled.

Then, as per advice of the most experienced player, changed some spells and returned. Casted some curses on skeletons, stunned him...only to found myself having 15% of health remaining. Recalled immediately, to spent some of the day in despair.

I am lvl.100 Warrior, lvl.100 Cleric, lvl.63 Shaman, I have the best armor and weapons, jewellery, buffs...and still I am no match for single skeleton. My friends in chat went to comfort me, but to no results. It's just about feeling useless. If Istaria has such over-powered monsters, it discorages from multiclassing: anyway, it's just a matter of time when you will be killed, be it 1 hit or 6 hits.

Yet another surprise: I stored some Fire Opal in silo. When I came, there was no fire opal at all. Looks like we have some thief going and stealing anything, which is very uncommon on Order.

Then player's D. alt told he finally bought one plot: I would be able to aid him. It was ok, untill I went for Granite to Drift point. In previous (pre-updates...) time there was plenty of granite, storage silos nearby...and now it's no more. 6 nodes, giving maximum 600 granite slabs, all overguarded by golems. It was just nice. Went to Aughundell mines, where there are no silos. However, I found motherload there, so was able to add some 300 granite construction blocks within one day (and, as I over-estimated, there were some 50 left).

Thus the weekend ended. Now, I have things to do - to help Player's D. plot as much as I can. Overall - weekend was good. I understood that I will not take any quest above lvl.100 and my future is pure crafting OR levelling up existing schools up to level 100. And - being usefull to others.