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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Warbands, instances:rise and fall

Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 14 2014 at 6:25AM
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Lord of the rings online

Only NaktiesKarys was active – there were no times for other toons. Initially – daily quests in Hytbold, 30 tokens, one more Cliving quest completed, maybe soom I will finish all its quests and receive +25 tokens.  Result: Norcrofs cottage rebuilt, now only one cottage remains and I could celebrate victory.

Then, daily task items things, reaching Ally reputation with Helmingas, hunt for more task items, Wildermore dailies. There I faced first serious defeat. Voz warband the name. Main monster – over 200.000 hp and has few adds. Tried to fight solo (“me Hulk, me smash”), was killed, rejected Kinship offers for help. Tried easier monster with only 100.000 hp and 3 adds (all ranged), killed too. Despite Kinship’s opinion, I am absolutely sure that any warband with >90.000 health with adds is unsoloable. Thus – several defeats, many disappointments, too many questions about what was I doing wrong. Mount is good, mount traits are good, my weapons are good and I use all of my mounted attack skills. No, I do not use healing skills (+1700 hp won’t help much if I need at leas +100.000 hp) or “ride me directly to the enemy” skills. A mistake.

Prospecting gave me yet another Emerald shard. They drop not often, I get hundreds of Eorlingas ore I do not need (but may need in the future). Advancing my slayer deeds in Western Rohan as well as class ones.

And then we did School instance at lvl.95, I felt very good there, using all my AoE attacks, feeling what was Champion worth. A pity, we failed challenge when you should kill a bos without damaging his birds. Then we did one Annuminas instance, loot was not equipment, but lots of Legendary item settings and relics: maybe some 15. Deconstructed them all, it would help me one day. Looted one Eorlingas lootbox, but it gave lame stuff: one legacy tier upgrade and 5 scrolls of universal crafting.

Then it was almost midnight, I had to go to sleep, but Kinship organized “skraid” (skirmish raid) in Moria. Was pursuaded to join, but couldn’t – looks like I did not finish something in grumpy Moria. It would be a high time to do something there.

And so the day has ended. I had 3315 Turbine points (a pity no sales that could interest me), maybe 5 Hytbold tokens and felt very satisfied with my Kinship. At least 2 instances daily – that’s THE activity! Life is excellent once again in Lotro.