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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Paradise re-found

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 12 2014 at 7:51AM
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Lord of the rings online

4 days of extensive playing. Vytautaz quested in Angmar, killing wargs, dunledings, doing some quests. DunedanMule acted as mule and crafted armour for Minstrels (lvl.7 and lvl. 10 ones).

NaktiesKarys was very active. Initially days were grey, either no instances or ones I did not have. And then things became really fast. One day – 3 instances, one after another plus me aiding one kinnie in Great Barrow. Next day – succesfull crafting grind in HD region, including valuable Emeral shards. Yesterday – yet another instance and it was only thanks to late time that I did not take part in second instance. I can’t remember correctly, but this is perhabs more instances per day than I had in whole February. This is what makes me feel happy. I get clear commands. I get support. I try my best to do my designated role and enjoy shing-shings.

Had one hard talk with one of our Officers – a talk on my equipment. It may be very outdated and that’s why I am performing not so good. Advice – to take lvl.95 instances which I am starting doing. Of course, it’s not pleasant, but better harsh truth, than sweet lies. Yet another talk – about Big Battles, but this is very complex question.

NaktiesKarys is starting to grind deeds in HD. Finished troll slayer, advancing Warg and Boar slayer as well as class ones (use “Clobber” and “Mercyfuyll strike” many many times). This gives me many task items: will use them to get Kindred with Helmingas. I do need that Kindred to purchase Flawed symbols for local tokens. I also hunt local warbands and in only few times I had to run: otherwise, killing, enjoying being powerfull. Some warbands are killed several times in a row. Rewards are typically Marks or some outdated equipment. NaktiesKarys also rebuolds Hytbold: Library, Lumber mill are rebuilt, only 2 houses (100 tokens) remain.

In this turmoil of activity I completely forgot to grind TPs with my Xa…toon. But this is what I could do at any time: currently, just having great fun with my Kinship.

And so long weekend has ended. I had 3280 Turbine points, zero Hytbold tokens, several newly found Emerald shards, finally made full stacks of Eorlingas ore. Life was like a paradise in Lotro. writes:
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