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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Mines of Moria, finally

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 25 2013 at 1:56AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was searching for something to do. Angmar is not an option (will visit it when no enemy would be dangerous), Evendim is left with very boring hunts, Misty mountains require fellowship and Eregion is done.

Mines of Moria. Yes, this underworld region, inhabited by brave Dwarves. Went there – and did not regret it. Ore is plentyfull, lots of monsters, most of them can be soloed without headache. Mines are divided into several regions, each of them has its own quests, deeds. Rewards are good, drops are good too. Unfortunately, player can’t ride a horse in Moria: a Goat is required. Problem? Oh no, you are given a slow Goat as a reward for one quest.  People say, it’s possible to get a reputation Goat: did not try that, but with quest rewards and good drops of reputation items that should not be that hard.

I enjoyed Moria. Was killing anything that moves, looting almost everything, gathering Khazad Copper and Tin, getting xp for legendary items. Even more – Moria has Forge Master and Relic Master, so un-needed Legendary items may be idetified and deconstructed: gained some valuable stuff this way. Also, local Orcs were kind enough and let me finished the last of Champion’s tomes. To make things easier, Moria has its own horse routes so that player can travel in safety.

There are some negative points in Moria too. First is – region is very easy to be lost somewhere in darkness. One time I had to be killed in order to get out: there was no logical way out, map was useless.

And some quests that state in red “This quest is intended for solo player”. Oh yes – it’s when you have to kill 12 Orc recruits, 4 Veteran Orcs and 1 named Orc master in such way that none of recruits/veteran re-spawn. I was able to kill 12, thought it was over…and I was wrong. Then, quest does feature instance for “small fellowship” which means I will need lvl.85 tanks here. Turbine, why do you force fellowships? It may be an option, but please, let it be soloable!

Moria results: had much fun exploring and killing, levelled to lvl.54, mined lots of ore and greatly advanced my Weaponsmith. I seem to like this region – and will like it more when I finally calculate how to get from point B to point C without dying…

Other things: helped one new player to advance, though I disapprove of his strategy (to go to high-lvl monsters area and ask experienced players to finish mobs) and looks like this player did not gain that much xp; took part in one instance raid and finished 1 quest by accident; crafted several weapons for the Kinship members, though had to use valuable Saphire shards and beg for polished Opals; helped one Jeweller with some Ancient silver. What remains – is to publish content of our Kinhsip house chests, but it’s hard since Officers add new stuff all the time.

Weekend in the Lotro was very good. With some help, I will finish Moria and will be ready for next adventures in the vast world of Lotro.