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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lord of the rings online:: quest packs

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 21 2013 at 2:59AM
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NaktiesKarys spent some time in Misty Mountains, killed tons of Goblins, visited Goblin Town where he had a pleasure to fight in one group with some elf. Goblin town is a huge maze where even map won’t help. Maybe – soloable, but still not so great place.

And now, up to main thing: calculations about various quest packs and gains/losses by purchasing them. All values are in Turbine points, too hard deeds, raids and instances excluded


  • Reputation deeds: 50
  • quest completion: 30
  • slayer deeds: 75………………… 155 gained, out of ~600 value.


  • Reputation deeds:50
  • quest completion:35
  • slayer deeds:90
  • explorer deeds: 25………………total 200 gained out of ~600 (?) value


  • Quest completion:55
  • slayer deeds: 85
  • explorer and meta-deeds: 35….total 175 gained out of ~600 value

Misty mountains

  • quest completion:35
  • slayer deeds: 60
  • explorer deeds:25…………….total 120 gained out of ~600 value

I omitted deeds than may be too hard to finish alone, like “Giant/Troll slayer” or Helegrod raids in Misty mountains, Urukhart in Angmar and alike.

It is obvious, that the best return value goes up to Evendim (200 TP). Content is pretty soloable, only with Annuminas city player may need some help.  Next comes Eregion (175 TP), then – my hateful Angmar (155) and at the bottom – Misty mountains are complete fail with 120 TPs. I think, Angmar is over-valued since it is impossible to do all 30 quests solo, so real value of Angmar is about 120-125(should anyone kill few tons of slugs – another hidden deed and another TP). Evendim may be over-valued buy some 10 TPs due to Limfavrn slayer advanced.

Which makes my strategy very clear: get Vilnietiz to Evendim (at least 160 TPs), then to Eregion (200) and finally to Misty Mountains (120). At least some TPs will be refunded. The only thing why I may need Misty mountains – are CHampion deeds, “joy of battle”, “tome of swords” alike things.

I am waiting for today’s adventures. Need to finish Misty mountains as soon as possible and then either kill hundreds of mobs in Sarnur – or continue hunting in grumpy, unfriendly Angmar.