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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Sarnur and duties

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 19 2013 at 4:20AM
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ord of the rings online

One last run through Eregion. Last deed to kill remaining 200 lizards/crawerls – finished. Of course, I used item that counts each kill as two, so had to kill some 100 crawlers instead of 200. And then – several deeds finished: not only slayer (10 TP),  but also “Protector of Eregion” (20 TP).

One Kinship member asked for help with weapons: this is where my weaponsmith could be usefull. Crafted him two good weapons for lvl.38 (he is lvl.35), gave away some ingots I would never use anyway. Then crafted weapon for another Kinship member. I felt satisfied: as an Officer of the Kinship I was able to help others. I also deposited some usefull things into our Kinship house chests: well, I had to run and kill stuff to get them – now anyone can have them for free.

And then I felt I had almost nothing to do. Eregion was finished. Angmar is not and would not be an option. Epic quests does require fellowships.  I remember one name: Sarnur. Territory near Thorin’s Hall, full of enemies and quests.

One recall to my homeland, some talk with NPCs – and voila, I’m in Sarnur. Lots of evil Dwarves, birds, scavengers. Deeds, involving killing 450 of them (150 basic deed, 300 – advanced). First of all, had to kill some “Dourhand blasters” and “Dourhand excavators”. Did it all and went for some snow trolls. I thought it may be easy…untill I met one.

It was a lovely lvl.46 Epic creature with some 9000 hp and two Dourhand ranged mobs-bodyguards. I fought creature, took away some 4000 hp, using almost everything I could…and had to escape. I, at my lvl.53, could not allow myself fight with way lower enemy. Tried to get group – found no one. Well, one player responded, but after hearing it was lvl.50 fight – said he was too low. Once  more I felt angry on Turbine’s forced fellowship quests.

Don’t get me wrong: fellowship quests are good, but I would like an option to make them solo. Maybe lvl. 46 quest could be soloable at lvl.54 – but I would really appreciate soloing. It’s just hard to get any group, the only exception being Bree-land quests (sometimes – Garth Agarwen). All others are a pain.

However, I felt satisfied with my adventures. I can do deeds in Sarnur killing lots of stuff. I can loot stuff here that I will sell ; I can loot reputation items that will be of great use for all my characters (and believe me, I may need some hundreds, thousands of them). I will gain xp here and advance my own characters/their legendary weapons. And finally, I felt happy to help others.

Day in Lotro was good one and I do expect to finish Sarnur quests today.