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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 18 2013 at 2:10AM
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Lord of the rings online

It was a great weekend of much fun in Lotro. I am excited about Eregion: so good looking, so many resources to mine, so many enemies to kill, quests to do and deeds to complete!

Turbine did a present for us, players: all quest packs received 25% discount, so I could purchase Forochel and Misty Mountains. My epic quest does lead there, so it would be a perfect opportunity to do quests and deeds.

I got my first Legendary weapon! It was a long quest, requiring running, helping and some strategy. But at the end, Champion’s Axe of the Third Age awaited me. I had to go to Thorin’s Hall to identify it, then reach weapon’s lvl.10. It was fun too: weapon has its own experience levels, so when you kill monster, you get ‘standard’ and ‘legendary’ xp. Once levelled up – you can increase some status of your weapon. Would it be AoE attack or attack speed? Or maybe improving effects of some special attacks? It’s all up to the player.  So, I killed monsters thus advancing deeds, my Legendary weapon and getting some coins. To make things more interesting, each 10 levels player should bring his legendary weapons to reforge: reforging adds one more ability. And there is even more stuff to do: if you loot Legendary weapon, incompatible with your class, you may identify and then deconstruct. When you deconstuct, you gain some stuff like runes which may be added to your weapon.

At some moment -it was yesterday, if I am not wrong – last quest from Eregion was finished. I felt a bit strange (but well, even 100 quests end someday) – and started doing deeds. Killing some 300 crabain was the first: lucky, there is tree beloved by birds, so I spent some time running there, aggroing  them, sometimes 4 at one time and killing. Then – Half Orcs, their camp was nearby so I finished first part (120) and advanced into second part.

At the end I teamed up with one kind person from our Kinship and we ran through Eregion finishing almost all deeds. Half-orcs were killed easily. Wolves and Warghs – too, we did a good slaughter at one mountain. Then Dunedlings were killed and I looted many Legendary items here. I also got runes that give Legendary weapon experience (+1000 or +1500). At the end of the day all that was left to do – to kill 200 lizards/crawlers. Which I would do quickly. Of course, we had to run to the neariest outposts to repair and sell stuff and I took my time in deconstructing Legendary items.

Aside from that, helped one from Kinship to fight in lvl.20-ish Barrow. Well, it was just slaughter, no enemy could even think about harming me. Also, finally advanced my own Prospector so that I no longer need to mine Ancient iron/nickel/silver – only Khazad copper/tin instead.

I was really satisfied. I had my own personal weapon that I could make according to my own taste, advance it,  care about it. I felt more confident in myself and – and I don’t want to leave Eregion. Maybe there is some other cool region – but so far I do like only Evendim and Eregion.

Statistics: I have some 450 Turbine points, earning more and with the end of Eregion will earn maybe 30 more. Then, I will have many other job to do – there is some important job in our Kinship too.

Life in Lotro was just a paradise for me.