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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 29 2013 at 5:36AM
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Lord of the rings online

Moria is soon to be finished:2 of 4 slayter deeds completed and I await Gerbryg slayer and Goblin slayer (adv.) to be finished. Then, would just ride through the un-wellcoming mines to Lothlorien.

Which is still a question: at the 695 TP price it offers only some 200 TPs in return, the only advantage being – no one could care about Orc slayer since there are repeatable quests that require to deal with Orc invasion.

My thought was to buy Premium wallet and free space: folks adviced Mirkwood or Lothlorien. I voted for Loth, since it is more solo-based. Also, had to discuss Moria/Angmar with kinnies. They think I don’t like them because I don’t know how to advance. Wrong: in order to kill enemy, one has to locate enemy and if there is no entrance, nobody would ever advance. My kinnies are wrong at this point. They do offer help, but I start refusing it.

What’s the use from help if I would ask for it every step? Solo quest, that is too hard for me, when I am 6 levels above any monster. Instance, that experienced players call “hard as hell”. Tunnels that have no entrance or no exit. I just can’t ask for help every time.

Looks like I would vaste my money on Lothlorien: every single quest pack is just a TP loss. However, maybe there, in green Elven lands, I will find some peace of mind?

simplyness, trophies

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 28 2013 at 3:17AM
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Lord of the rings online

Moria – my Dwarf rode once again there. Deleted some quests that required fellowship. Removed all crafts from tracker, since it virtually impossible to find killable monsters. I finally found a solution for Moria: will kill easy monsters in starter areas only, harvest whatever ore I could find in Moria and outside of it – and leave Moria when I have done several basic killing deeds.

I do not ask for help isnce I won’t get any: at its maximum, I saw 6 players near me and nobody was talking in Regional/Advice/Lff/whatsoever chat. So I went alone, killing, looting, selling. Only one time I went to Silver Lodes to deal with Legendary weapons I have found.

OneE found what to do (finally): she got some trophies from my house chest and went to Lonelands: there, she will exchange trophies into xp and start building reputation with the Eglain. Of course, some killing would be a must – but at least trophies will be used.

Day in Lotro – too little fun, almost no. Someone, give any genius-worth idea how to have fun again…

Moria (again)

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 27 2013 at 2:14AM
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Lord of the rings online

Illusions have a tendency to disappear. And when they disappear, person is left with bitter memories. Same happened to me with Moria. Battle for the entrance was a nice one. First area (“Great Delving”) is an interesting with some unexpected quests, like killing bugs un Dwarf’s bed. Also – stables, some vendor and even one route to another settlement. Quests are all good and soloable, rewards are good too. Enemies are everywhere, so don’t expect to have a joy-ride.

Well, lots of enemies means lots of xp and money. No problem. Moving further – disappointment grows higher. No “free” road, only ones blocked by Goblin settlements with a must to fight through. Then – little outpost, no stables, 2 vendors.

And then quests become a little bit of masochist dream. Find some stuff in this area (dot on the map) – but you just can’t find, can’t figure it out. Kill Dragonetes in that area – but I can’t enter it. Map does not help in most cases, sometimes the only way to get out is to be killed.

I decided to abandon almost all Moria quests and focus on Goblin – Gerbryg – bug slayer quests only.  I will kill monsters, harvest ore and sell whatever is not ore, legendary items, legendary xp runes.

Moria, “the best expansion” – yes,the greatest promising…but it fails do deliver almost everything. Rich content, tons of quests – right, it offers, but you almost can’t achieve it. Same thing as someone offered free trip to Imperial Star Destroyer: nice thing, but there is no way to get to Imperial Star Destroyer…

I will focus on crafting. Need some more recipes (failed tro find lvl.15 recipes – weird) and helping newbies. Thanks to you, Angmar and Moria, for taking fun OUT of the game.

*Grumpy face*


Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 26 2013 at 2:43AM
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Lord of the rings online

The day started kind of optimistally: I was in Rivendell, ready to find quest places in Moria, mine any Ancient Silver (for kinship Jeweller), Ancient Iron (for me to make Elf Steel) and all Khazad copper/tin (especially Tin – for my own advancement), do all quests I could do.

Went to Moria quickly, tagged some easier quests – and rode on my Goat…only to find I was unable to locate any quest enemy. Kill dragonets – nice sounding, but I saw no dragonets; destroy nests – but I saw no nests and quest tracker did not help. Map was more of harm than of help.

And when I asked in Kinship chat for help I received silence. I was left alone without clue. Regional chats were all dead: nobody talked here. I felt angry and left Moria. When I was on my road to leaving somebody asked if anyone needed help. I kept my silence: I was dissapointed in Moria.

Make no mistake: at first glance Moria offers all that player can dream of. Huge spaces, lots of enemies to kill, even 900 TPs to achieve, Legendary items to loot, tons of ore to mine, lots of quests to make and instances to do. However, developers made Moria a maze that only few chosen can understand. You are in quest area and see no monster, you are in quest area but if you want to go to another corner you have no clue if it is reachable at all.

I left Moria, went with my own metals to Rivendell, crafted. Thought about helping one player, but he had to go – so I just stood in Rivendell and talked to one new player about armour and weapons.

I do feel disappointed. Saw some from our Kinship in Moria – and forbade myself to ask for help. Asked some questions – and did nothing. I’m just at the point when the fun ended: I have nothing to do. All less grindy deeds done, all that remains  are grindy deeds or impossible instances.

Feeling lost. Nowhere to go, nothing more to do.

Mines of Moria, finally

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 25 2013 at 1:56AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was searching for something to do. Angmar is not an option (will visit it when no enemy would be dangerous), Evendim is left with very boring hunts, Misty mountains require fellowship and Eregion is done.

Mines of Moria. Yes, this underworld region, inhabited by brave Dwarves. Went there – and did not regret it. Ore is plentyfull, lots of monsters, most of them can be soloed without headache. Mines are divided into several regions, each of them has its own quests, deeds. Rewards are good, drops are good too. Unfortunately, player can’t ride a horse in Moria: a Goat is required. Problem? Oh no, you are given a slow Goat as a reward for one quest.  People say, it’s possible to get a reputation Goat: did not try that, but with quest rewards and good drops of reputation items that should not be that hard.

I enjoyed Moria. Was killing anything that moves, looting almost everything, gathering Khazad Copper and Tin, getting xp for legendary items. Even more – Moria has Forge Master and Relic Master, so un-needed Legendary items may be idetified and deconstructed: gained some valuable stuff this way. Also, local Orcs were kind enough and let me finished the last of Champion’s tomes. To make things easier, Moria has its own horse routes so that player can travel in safety.

There are some negative points in Moria too. First is – region is very easy to be lost somewhere in darkness. One time I had to be killed in order to get out: there was no logical way out, map was useless.

And some quests that state in red “This quest is intended for solo player”. Oh yes – it’s when you have to kill 12 Orc recruits, 4 Veteran Orcs and 1 named Orc master in such way that none of recruits/veteran re-spawn. I was able to kill 12, thought it was over…and I was wrong. Then, quest does feature instance for “small fellowship” which means I will need lvl.85 tanks here. Turbine, why do you force fellowships? It may be an option, but please, let it be soloable!

Moria results: had much fun exploring and killing, levelled to lvl.54, mined lots of ore and greatly advanced my Weaponsmith. I seem to like this region – and will like it more when I finally calculate how to get from point B to point C without dying…

Other things: helped one new player to advance, though I disapprove of his strategy (to go to high-lvl monsters area and ask experienced players to finish mobs) and looks like this player did not gain that much xp; took part in one instance raid and finished 1 quest by accident; crafted several weapons for the Kinship members, though had to use valuable Saphire shards and beg for polished Opals; helped one Jeweller with some Ancient silver. What remains – is to publish content of our Kinhsip house chests, but it’s hard since Officers add new stuff all the time.

Weekend in the Lotro was very good. With some help, I will finish Moria and will be ready for next adventures in the vast world of Lotro.


Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 22 2013 at 2:54AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent his day fighting in Misty Mountains and later – in Sarnur. Misty mountains are progressing very slowly: I do want to finish all required quests and then do slayer deeds as quickly as possible. Local instances are not for me: one is super-big Goblin town (I assume it is as big as all other cities of Middle earth if we unite them into one town) guarded by powerfull monsters that just love attack in groups. Killing goblins was good for Champion’s books: one was finished, another two remains.

Then I had to go to Ered Luin and speak with some NPCs. Did it, received some reward (only to sell it) and went to Sarnur. There, I was able to finish Beast slayer deed (kill 150 beasts) and remain with two advanced deeds: Dourhand slayer (300) and beast slayer (300 too). Kind of boring, but the only good thing are reputation items. I will get enough of them to advance some of my toons.

And this is where I feel like I stand i crossroads: I have nowhere to go. Angmar is not finished, Evendim’s deeds are not finished (well, most grindy) and I have not visited some instances. But Angmar is over-powered (it is obvious Angmar should be visited by players higher than lvl.65), Evendim’s deeds are kind of very grindy and in my beloved Eregion I have finished everything I can. Moria – it’s too early for it, I’m only lv.53, it is minimum level reccomended by players.

Not sure what to do, where to go to. If only I could find some groups – I would raid Goblin Town (Misty mountains), The Library (Eregion) or even forced fellowship quests in Angmar.

Day has ended, I do expect it to be better today.

Lord of the rings online:: quest packs

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 21 2013 at 3:59AM
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NaktiesKarys spent some time in Misty Mountains, killed tons of Goblins, visited Goblin Town where he had a pleasure to fight in one group with some elf. Goblin town is a huge maze where even map won’t help. Maybe – soloable, but still not so great place.

And now, up to main thing: calculations about various quest packs and gains/losses by purchasing them. All values are in Turbine points, too hard deeds, raids and instances excluded


  • Reputation deeds: 50
  • quest completion: 30
  • slayer deeds: 75………………… 155 gained, out of ~600 value.


  • Reputation deeds:50
  • quest completion:35
  • slayer deeds:90
  • explorer deeds: 25………………total 200 gained out of ~600 (?) value


  • Quest completion:55
  • slayer deeds: 85
  • explorer and meta-deeds: 35….total 175 gained out of ~600 value

Misty mountains

  • quest completion:35
  • slayer deeds: 60
  • explorer deeds:25…………….total 120 gained out of ~600 value

I omitted deeds than may be too hard to finish alone, like “Giant/Troll slayer” or Helegrod raids in Misty mountains, Urukhart in Angmar and alike.

It is obvious, that the best return value goes up to Evendim (200 TP). Content is pretty soloable, only with Annuminas city player may need some help.  Next comes Eregion (175 TP), then – my hateful Angmar (155) and at the bottom – Misty mountains are complete fail with 120 TPs. I think, Angmar is over-valued since it is impossible to do all 30 quests solo, so real value of Angmar is about 120-125(should anyone kill few tons of slugs – another hidden deed and another TP). Evendim may be over-valued buy some 10 TPs due to Limfavrn slayer advanced.

Which makes my strategy very clear: get Vilnietiz to Evendim (at least 160 TPs), then to Eregion (200) and finally to Misty Mountains (120). At least some TPs will be refunded. The only thing why I may need Misty mountains – are CHampion deeds, “joy of battle”, “tome of swords” alike things.

I am waiting for today’s adventures. Need to finish Misty mountains as soon as possible and then either kill hundreds of mobs in Sarnur – or continue hunting in grumpy, unfriendly Angmar.

Misty mountains: risk?

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 20 2013 at 3:28AM
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Lord of the rings online

Eregion is finished, Thorin’s Hall forced fellowship quests cancelled: I just dislike anything forced. Was wondering waht to do next and then one player mentioned Minsty Mountains. He was almost a genius.

Misty Mountains present a cool Northern landscape with monsters like Snow trolls or Mammoths. Some of them are way overpowered (Mammoth was a bit challenging for me with its 5000 hp) – if fighting as equals, good group is a must. Deeds involv killing 360 monsters (120 – basic, 240 – advanced). Lucky for me, some quests do require killing deed monsters, mostly Warghs. Not so lucky is the fact that this region has no vault and basic camp has no NPC to sell loot to.

I fought monsters, be it bears or goblins and even earned my first Turbine points for doing one deed. However, still have some doubts. Misty mountains mean I could earn only 120 Turbine points, while I bought the region for 521 Turbine points (with discount). One day I will run as Vilnietiz in Evendim and Eregion, Misty mountains and Forochel – then, I will be able to regain some…losses.

Killing aside, managed to help my kinnies. One person needed some trophies: mailed them, then helped to hunt in my hated Angmar. Wanted to help others, but had to wait a way too long. Added some stuff to our Kinship house chest: now there are many trophies usable ty many classes.

Met one person from Lithuania, myu native country and was happy to help her explaining how Lotro works.

And so the day ended. I risked purchasing Misty mountains, but one day this risk may pay off. I felt satisfied being able to help others and hunt freely fightingn 4-5 monsters at one time. This day has been just good and I look forward for more hunt and more fun.

Sarnur and duties

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 19 2013 at 4:20AM
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ord of the rings online

One last run through Eregion. Last deed to kill remaining 200 lizards/crawerls – finished. Of course, I used item that counts each kill as two, so had to kill some 100 crawlers instead of 200. And then – several deeds finished: not only slayer (10 TP),  but also “Protector of Eregion” (20 TP).

One Kinship member asked for help with weapons: this is where my weaponsmith could be usefull. Crafted him two good weapons for lvl.38 (he is lvl.35), gave away some ingots I would never use anyway. Then crafted weapon for another Kinship member. I felt satisfied: as an Officer of the Kinship I was able to help others. I also deposited some usefull things into our Kinship house chests: well, I had to run and kill stuff to get them – now anyone can have them for free.

And then I felt I had almost nothing to do. Eregion was finished. Angmar is not and would not be an option. Epic quests does require fellowships.  I remember one name: Sarnur. Territory near Thorin’s Hall, full of enemies and quests.

One recall to my homeland, some talk with NPCs – and voila, I’m in Sarnur. Lots of evil Dwarves, birds, scavengers. Deeds, involving killing 450 of them (150 basic deed, 300 – advanced). First of all, had to kill some “Dourhand blasters” and “Dourhand excavators”. Did it all and went for some snow trolls. I thought it may be easy…untill I met one.

It was a lovely lvl.46 Epic creature with some 9000 hp and two Dourhand ranged mobs-bodyguards. I fought creature, took away some 4000 hp, using almost everything I could…and had to escape. I, at my lvl.53, could not allow myself fight with way lower enemy. Tried to get group – found no one. Well, one player responded, but after hearing it was lvl.50 fight – said he was too low. Once  more I felt angry on Turbine’s forced fellowship quests.

Don’t get me wrong: fellowship quests are good, but I would like an option to make them solo. Maybe lvl. 46 quest could be soloable at lvl.54 – but I would really appreciate soloing. It’s just hard to get any group, the only exception being Bree-land quests (sometimes – Garth Agarwen). All others are a pain.

However, I felt satisfied with my adventures. I can do deeds in Sarnur killing lots of stuff. I can loot stuff here that I will sell ; I can loot reputation items that will be of great use for all my characters (and believe me, I may need some hundreds, thousands of them). I will gain xp here and advance my own characters/their legendary weapons. And finally, I felt happy to help others.

Day in Lotro was good one and I do expect to finish Sarnur quests today.


Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 18 2013 at 2:10AM
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Lord of the rings online

It was a great weekend of much fun in Lotro. I am excited about Eregion: so good looking, so many resources to mine, so many enemies to kill, quests to do and deeds to complete!

Turbine did a present for us, players: all quest packs received 25% discount, so I could purchase Forochel and Misty Mountains. My epic quest does lead there, so it would be a perfect opportunity to do quests and deeds.

I got my first Legendary weapon! It was a long quest, requiring running, helping and some strategy. But at the end, Champion’s Axe of the Third Age awaited me. I had to go to Thorin’s Hall to identify it, then reach weapon’s lvl.10. It was fun too: weapon has its own experience levels, so when you kill monster, you get ‘standard’ and ‘legendary’ xp. Once levelled up – you can increase some status of your weapon. Would it be AoE attack or attack speed? Or maybe improving effects of some special attacks? It’s all up to the player.  So, I killed monsters thus advancing deeds, my Legendary weapon and getting some coins. To make things more interesting, each 10 levels player should bring his legendary weapons to reforge: reforging adds one more ability. And there is even more stuff to do: if you loot Legendary weapon, incompatible with your class, you may identify and then deconstruct. When you deconstuct, you gain some stuff like runes which may be added to your weapon.

At some moment -it was yesterday, if I am not wrong – last quest from Eregion was finished. I felt a bit strange (but well, even 100 quests end someday) – and started doing deeds. Killing some 300 crabain was the first: lucky, there is tree beloved by birds, so I spent some time running there, aggroing  them, sometimes 4 at one time and killing. Then – Half Orcs, their camp was nearby so I finished first part (120) and advanced into second part.

At the end I teamed up with one kind person from our Kinship and we ran through Eregion finishing almost all deeds. Half-orcs were killed easily. Wolves and Warghs – too, we did a good slaughter at one mountain. Then Dunedlings were killed and I looted many Legendary items here. I also got runes that give Legendary weapon experience (+1000 or +1500). At the end of the day all that was left to do – to kill 200 lizards/crawlers. Which I would do quickly. Of course, we had to run to the neariest outposts to repair and sell stuff and I took my time in deconstructing Legendary items.

Aside from that, helped one from Kinship to fight in lvl.20-ish Barrow. Well, it was just slaughter, no enemy could even think about harming me. Also, finally advanced my own Prospector so that I no longer need to mine Ancient iron/nickel/silver – only Khazad copper/tin instead.

I was really satisfied. I had my own personal weapon that I could make according to my own taste, advance it,  care about it. I felt more confident in myself and – and I don’t want to leave Eregion. Maybe there is some other cool region – but so far I do like only Evendim and Eregion.

Statistics: I have some 450 Turbine points, earning more and with the end of Eregion will earn maybe 30 more. Then, I will have many other job to do – there is some important job in our Kinship too.

Life in Lotro was just a paradise for me.

Legendary weapon!

Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 15 2013 at 4:03AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys fought more in Eregion. There were lots of quests and lots of mining. While many quests were typical “find and kill” – some were wat more interesting. Find and destroy several enemy banners. Find some wandering Pony and escort him from point A to point B while finding his own footsteps (finally ponny just disappears). Killed one named monster by accident – had to re-kill him a bit later. But then, overkill is not overcheating… Only one quest I did not take: it’s lvl.54 for small fellowship.

Ore was plentyfull, I had all my bags full of it and so had to make often raids to Rivendell. Mined Khazad copper and tin, got plenty Ancient Iron, silver, nickel. Sometimes I had to ride and not pay attention to ore.

Finally, I took one quest to receive my first Legendary weapon. This is a long quest line, after ending it I would have to do next questline…and only then receive LI (Legendary Item). First quests were kind of easy: find missing Dwarves, kill some easy birds. Of course, I do gain experience that way making it to level 52.

Unfortunately, I already finished some quests that gave LI experience (well, in Lotro – legendary items have their own experience). To compensate it, looted one item granting LI a +1000 xp boost.

My killing quests are almost at an end. While Half-Orcs killing deed is almost done, all others are about to be grinded. Bright side: I will earn lots of xp for my first Legendary weapon this way, so advancement would be good.

Kinship life: I was happy to advice new players about horse riding. It is one of the most popular questions, second one – travelling rations. I knew the answers and was more than happy to help. At  the same time, had to refuse several raids as I am too low for them.

I do love Eregion. I will stay there as long as possible: kill enemies, loot stuff for sale, loot legendary items xp stuff and gain Turbine points. I will also utilize discount in Lotro store: they offer quest packs 25% cheaper.

Life in Lotro is just very nice and refreshing. Especially in Eregion.

Horns and bosses

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 14 2013 at 2:07AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys is having fun in Eregion. Mining metal ore is a very simple matter, only in rare cases do I have to fight – and there is plenty of ore, second voyage to Rivendell is inevitable.

Quests were just good. ost of them were – “kill NN monsters”, but this constant “go and kill” lets me advance deeds and earn rewards in cash for doing so while having fun. One quest involved killing Half-orc Wolf-breeders (breeder + wolf)…and then I noticed another NPC in captivity.

Of course, it was a quest to free and guard him. Of course, NPC moved as slowly and irrationally as all NPs do. But I managed to protect him, sometimes against 3 monsters and only one time did I use Second Wind skill. NPC was free, I got experience and some rewards.

Had 3 quests fight named monsters: one Worm, one Orc, one Half-Orc. Everyone with >4000 hp, Half-Orc with his own guard. Some were too proud to appear: they had to be summoned with special Horn. All were killed leaving me very satisfied with lvl.50 Champion. Other quests included collecting Elven statues, destroying Worm eggs.

I do like Eregion. In terms of Turbine points it is a complete loss (695 paid while 165 in return with solo deeds) – in terms of fun it is just great. I could compare it to Evendim only. Eregion guides you from one hub to another, there are enough resources everywhere (and a pity, no craft facilities or vaults).

And so the day has ended, I had great fun and left very satisfied. Looking for new adventures today, for new monsters to slay, new resources to gather and new hundreds of ore to mine.

crafting, (mis)calculating

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 13 2013 at 4:21AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent all the day in sunny Eregion doing all quests he could. Every quest was going very good, metal ore was plentyfull. One time I inadvertedly killed named monster that was a target for a next quest. However, over-killing in Lotro is not bad, I think.

I do like Eregion. Plenty of monsters, just come and kill thus finishing deeds. Metal ore is everywhere, just have some patience to mine it.  Quests were nice too: sometimes a bit hard, but always possible. One was meanty for small fellowship – to kill 16 wood trolls – but I did it alone, yet slowly.

Then it was almost high time to head to another Elven outpost: quests at first one were finished. I was happy to use reward – leggings, that were better than mine. Only one thing remained: cave with lots of wood trolls and 2 named ones in the end. Asked for Kinship support and one lvl.79 player came.

We went to the cave and fought. I tried my best…but was killed at the end. Thought it was over, but it wasn’t. My lvl.79 friend came anew and ordered me not to attack: she just swept away any opposition. Quest was finished.

Then – I moved to another outpost, gathered more materials…and rode to Rivendell. My bags were full of stuff and my lvl. 50 Champion needed to train new skills at the trainer. Of course, I needed to do something with that 218 ancient iron ore, some 200 ancient silver ore and 20 ancient nickel ore. At the end crafted all – just miscalculated with Weaponsmith stuff. I made components I could not craft weapons from: had to sell for some 120 silver coins. Opened one level 50 chest: found some 125 marks (useless!) and some potions with huge in-combat power regeneration.

Kinship started instance, I fought there and qas quite satisfied. Used all of my AoE abilities, trying to inflict as much damage to some over-grown turtle as I could. We lost one colleague in a fight, but the fight was won. I looted Moria tokens and one stuff exchangable to Legendary Items.

I also calculated TP outcome from Eregion: only some 165 (bearing in mind I paid 695). One day, when I start levelling Vytautaz, I will earn those and minimise loses. But – so far, life in Lotro is just good, xp is flowing, everything is plentyfull and region is inviting.

New love: Eregion

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 12 2013 at 2:02AM
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Lord of the rings online

Almost all day was spent in Eregion – pretty looking region. There are several settlements here, though absolutely no crafting facilities and vaults. Local Elves do need some support and would give more than 100 quests to do. Locals have even task boards (giving no reputation with any faction, but awarding with valuable xp).

No doubt, there are deeds to finish. Killing deeds include “kill 120″, killing advanced deeds – “kill 240″ monsters. Unlike Angmar, there are many monsters around so payer should never run out of them. Killing worms, crabain, local evil men – there are enough job.

And, of course, crafting. While Angmar is divided between Platinium/Dwarf iron and Ancient Iron/Nickel/Silver – Eregion is divided between Ancient Iron/Nickel/Silver – and Khazad metals. A perfect place to harvest even with little trying. I managed to get 110 ancient iron ore and it’s just the begining.

Ran several quests. Except of standard “we do need to kill those monsters: go and kill ‘em” – had some interesting. Collect seeds from “holly plant”; plant those seeds (while avoiding monster attacks), locate a camp, gather some crates in the forest. Managed to defeat my own level monster who had >4000 health.  I took some “small fellowship” quests and am succesfully doing them.

During these adventures – advanced to level 50 (could finally open lvl.50 Locked box!), so when the time comes, will visit Champion trainer in Rivendell.

When I compare ANgmar and Eregion – I have almost no ‘pros’ for Angmar. Grumpy-looking, overguarded region with almost impossible deeds and lower-tier resources; Eregion is nice looking, non-overguarded with possible deeds and highier tier resources. Angmar purchasing was my biggest mistake: those Turbine points I spent on it would never return.

Overall, I am feeling happy again. Once again I am in a battlefield killing anyone I meet and mining any ore I can see. Life is just excellent

Angmar, Eregion

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 11 2013 at 9:05AM
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Champion's further adventures in the vast world of Lord of the rings online:

Patience and deeds

Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 8 2013 at 3:48AM
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Lord of the rings online: update 10

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 7 2013 at 1:59AM
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The Rift

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 6 2013 at 6:10AM
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About fellowships and some fun

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 5 2013 at 4:04AM
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Angmar raiding

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 4 2013 at 3:30AM
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