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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Losing my faith (?)

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 28 2012 at 3:28AM
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Maintenance day took not so much time, so I was able to return to game quickly.

Went into harvesting marble and advancing, although not too effective, my Mason. It goes slowly, just because there are no motherloads of Granite (at least I saw none), while Granite is optimal for me and marble is too far from storage silos, while marble crafting is ineffective. The best ratio I receive, working in an Expert structure with advanced tools, is 3:1. Managed to advance to level 60, but I need to reach some level 80 (!) to have at least some progress. At the meantime, I had some free time and helped one plot in one town.

Then one of developers came to Marketplace chat (and heared they fixed glitch with disappeared Elm treants). I went to ask too, although having very little hope to be answered. My question was about Massive oak trees, whether their absence was the way it is supposed to be or it is a glitch/bug. The answer was: "I can check it the same way as you - by running around". Of course, it was not the answer I hoped to hear. And the last part frightened me: "We need to revamp this region this year".


They do post about revamps and each time they revamp any region situation just gets worse. Mithril had only one relatively unguarded place. Revamped, now it should be heavily guarded everywhere. Iron and steel had relatively safe place, although it meant long long runs: now they are revamping region so that the best region would be heavily guarded. Is a good crafter – dead crafter?

Some revamp goes still further (and still on Blight server): one NPC begins to sell "social hats". Some Ogres are renamed so that their named should be too hard to pronounce: Aghkuks. We already have Nahkuks, Thankuks, Bhalkuks...Why was "Sand ogre" bad - no idea, except one - revamp.

Yes, I do know opinion of veteran players: there were days when all materials were guarded and big groups were required: one part gathered, another guarded. It's ok to have such regions: now Island of Fire functions as very heavily guarded region with very lucrative resources. It's ok to have high tier resources guarded (now Travertine and alike tier 6 resources functions this way). But it's not ok to make almost any resource dangerous for beginner: please, leave at least some safe areas.

If they revamp region - I am afraid it would become just worse. So far the only resource revamp that was positive was eliminating double metal system. It's like you needed 1 iron and 2 nickel  to produce steel. Now you need 2 steel to produce steel, 2 mithril to produce mithril. Initially I was against it, but now it became clear I was wrong: this system made crafters life a lot easier.

I am afraid to tell myself that my faith in the game isn't as strong as it was earlier. I am not scared by not so huge population or bugs: population may increase, bugs will be eliminated. I am not scared by "outdated graphic", just because community and content matters more than number of pixels. What frightens me - are the updates (or, I should say, downgrades). I am frightened each time I hear phrases about revamping. I wish my voice could be heared by developers, but it will not happen. I wish hardcore players could understand there are softcore players - but it's unlike to happen.

End of rather sad post. writes:
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