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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Great weekend and some math

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 12 2012 at 2:47AM
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At the begining there was a...fight. Yes, after all, one has to advance in combat school and so does my Shaman. I ended up in lvl.55, on the halfway to lvl.56. During the weekend, was fighting my own Sand Scarabs (now have >100 their trophies), some Obsidian golems.

Went to help Players S. and her formal game husband (Player D.) 'alts' to fight Magots. Player S. alt was helped very simply: I just gathered lots of crystals, she used them all, fought a little and within one hour she grew up from lvl.4 to lvl.11. The fight was easy and fun: I just casted curses, monsters died from curses, sometimes I used whirlwind to kill a group of monsters. In some cases I healed. Player S. then went to the seashore, met named Pygmy and was killed. Oh my, went to resurrect.

Later Player S. returned as Player S. and we hunted dangerous Wind Golems (lvl.99). It was a difficult fight, since I could do little harm to them with weapons. The only salvation were cursing spells: they worked and maybe made combat easier. Thanks to this fight I gained half of the lvl.

But the main thing was - crafting. One of my friend - Dragons was constructing new lair and needed resources. I asked if I could help...and received an answer that yes, bronze bars and sandstone bricks, as well as dim essence orbs were needed.

4760 sandstone bricks (that's some 9520 sandstone resource to gather). 9520 bronze bars. 840 dim essence orbs. That's was for one lair, to construct some 7 basic storage silos. For me it meant relax - just peacefull harvesting...and running forwards and backwards. At Sunday it was finished and all I had to do was some 840 dim essence orbs. Then, it became clear I could gather some crystals: well, went to harvest, got some 2000. The same evening was approached by Player D. - he asked for 2160 crystals. Well, I went back to gather.

The result: I helped 7 storage silos to be constructed. I also helped some other structure to be constructed. Even went to kill Sand ogres and got some spell one player was needing.

The weekend was great. I had much fun, I grew up, I was usefull for others. writes:
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