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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

3000 and 10.000

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 6 2012 at 2:11AM
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A day when I was lost again. I still did not find 'my' monster to level on. Either low experience or very hard to kill. Went to Sand Scarabs, but these offered only 3000 xp per kill and only some Sand Scarab Harvesters donated me some 10.000...but there were very little Scarabs. The only good thing was that I managed to collect some Sand scarabs trophies - it would help to level me up.

Went to Dralk, killed one Lava oastic...only to notice it was lvl.67 and same 3000 xp.

I felt lost. Fortunately for me, helped Player S. with crafting: filled two silos with Slate slabs, but then Player S. just disappeared and I do not know what happened to this slate. Hope no one took it away.

The I was approached by Player C. Sad news: she is unable to pay for the game and therefore won't be there for at least 3 months. It's bad, she was such a good and friendly Dragon. I remember hunting with her and helping her. There are some players that seem to disappear for some time (and some, like me, that hang on every day).

At the end of the day I stood understanding I have done nothing. No one to help to, no monster to kill. Even people in the chat could not advice anything, just because I am too strong for lvl.60s-70s and too weak for lvl.80s.

Finally, went to kill lvl.95 flies. These offered medium resistance, although almost immune to my tier 2 spells. Experience was good (some 10.000 per kill), so that I need only ~15 for one combat level. Dark side is that after each fight I have to spent at least 2 minutes in order for all my spells and special abilities to be active again.

Such was the day in Istaria. Today I won't be able to play much - going to volunteer in real life. writes:
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