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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

hunting the world

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 5 2012 at 3:03AM
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Weekend in Istaria: as always, interesting and fun.

Was levelling up. Fought some enemies for experience. And then, I was kindly invited for some hunt with Player S. Yes, the same Dragon I helped to hunt. She was helping one hatchling to level up, hatchling was killed by Golem and I was needed to resurrect. Of course, I deleted resurrection tier 1 spell, so had to buy again, scribe...and go to help.

Resurrection was fast and I asked Player S. if I was needed. She invited me to hunt for some xp. And there it began. Two powerfull Dragons, one hatchling and me - everyone hunting Platinium (lvl.74), Mithril (some level 94) and Mithril Boulder (lvl.99) golems, as well as my enemy - Mhedon, named Mithril golem, lvl.103. It was a good teamwork: hatchling just kept away from trouble, since all he needed was xp. Dragons did almost all job, I tried to help with support fire, some heals and sometimes - invite monsters for fight. It was a good fight - we searched for enemies and killed them, all of them. Hatchling was killed 1 or 2 times only to be resurrected and healed by me. Yes, I had some problems with healing as I can use only 2 low-level spells and 1 high level.

We killed Mhedon several times. Well, Mhedon's hits were hard, my low-level Shaman had to run, but I still did everything I could: casting all available curses, life thefts, attacking with every attack I had, provided Dragons did not kill enemy before.

Then, our hatchling had to leave and I left the group. At some moment, went to hunt other enemies - level 91 Fire opal golems with other player, but eventually was killed when three of them attacked us.

Result: 1 death point and reached level 41. Then I just took all trophies I had and gained almost 50% advancement to level 42.

And then...then our famous Player A. was back to chat (someone should have unbanned him). Once again begging for help with crafting and receiving negative answers. So far no new player managed to turn everyone against himself...Player A did. Later he told since no one is going to help him, he leaves. I tried to explain - but he already left.

And there I could only compare Player A. and Player S. Both are of young age in real life, just with different attitude. Both asked me to help with hunting, both at some point lacked patience. Just Player S. grew up and the more she grew, the less she asked for help. Of course, she still asks, but mainly about NPC location and crafting (she is lower in crafting than I am). Player S. grew to level 100 very quickly. And Player A. - he keeps asking for help on almost everything as he grows. Help me get as much trophies as you could. Help me find NPC (when all he needed to do was to look at the map). Help me with crafting. He just keeps asking for help almost all the time. Player S. helps others now, smashing almost every monster lower than lvl.100 in her way. Player A. does not help others and is afraid to explore the world himself.  All I wish (what I told in chat) is to tell Player A: it's ok to ask for help, be it new weapons/armor or some resource location, it's ok to ask advice on various things, be it resource location or multiclassing. Almost everyone would help him in serious questions (as was I helped when I needed to defeat several, typically named, monsters). What is not ok - it's asking for help in every situation. We have Istaria's wiki - in basic things it is reliable source of information. All Player A. needs to do is to read our wiki.

At the end of the weekend I helped one of our players to find some rare tier 1 resource. Had to find Greymane Alpha wolves and loot their tales. Found two, later - four. I am usefull for the Guild and that makes me feel good. I also hunted -for my own pleasure- some lower level monsters to get their trophies. Have some 300 of them while I may need 500: it means some extermination.

The only question I ask myself is to find suitable monsters. I may hunt level 60-72, but the give only some 3000 xp. I may try to hunt level 80 Marble golems, but these does hurt even my Cleric. So, I need something between 70 and 80, just to grind 4 more levels...and then all the trophies would advance me very quickly.

The weekend was good. I am glad to help others, to grow up, to understand others and to be understood by others. writes:
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