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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

jet-levelling once again

Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 2 2012 at 1:46AM
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Yesterday managed to level up. And it was quite interesting.

First, I went to kill lvl.49-59 golems. There is a place near Tazoon where Golems always are holding parties. All I needed was to come and kill every golem I noticed, loot everything I can and just wat my experience bar growing up. After some time I managed to reach level 26.

Well, it meant new set of trophies can be exchanged to xp. I took every trophy I had and went to Dalimond, a nice-looking Human city to pay a visit to local trophy hunter. And then it went jet-like.

Level 27 - without any problems, some 5000 xp for each 5 trophies. Level 28 - same. Level 29 - stopped. And all of this was done by just standing and exchanging. Since trophies were used, I went for a hunt.

Decided to pay a revenge visit to Topaz golems (level 67). A fight was interesting one: if I managed to hit them with all stealing spells, fight was rather easy. If not - I had to use tier 1 healings spells quite often. However, this was compensated by rather good xp (some 3000-3500 per kill), as well as trophies and sellable items. The only time I had to run was when I faced named lvl.74 Topaz golem and he hit me by some 300 hp. At higher levels it would be little problems, but now I can heal maximum 150 hp per all three spells.

Active hunting was over. I decided to relax a bit and went to kill level 31-37 monsters. They won't give any xp, but they did not offer any real danger as well. It was only two or three times when I faced a horde of them and was hit by some 20-100 hp per group. Managed to collect some trophies for future levels and even gain some 400 xp for killing lvl.41 named monster (once again, named one).

I also gained new abilities (since in Istaria, new ability is gained almost every 'pair' - i.e. dividable by 2 - level). Decay II, for instance, or one of my favourite - Steal Dexterity. Now, I can try to steal enemy's strenght (he loses 36, i gain +36) and dexterity (same numbers). Folks in chat alos explained I should use immbolizing spells: monster is passive for some 30 seconds and I can hit him all the time (or heal myself). It's pretty good, all I need is to get these spells one day.

At the end of the day, I managed to store trophies I found and even exchange 10 trophies into 10,000 xp points.  However, I am in position, where there are too little trophies for levels 31-40, which means I would be forced to fight all my way.

But that's not bad, it's Istaria, where I feel happy and understaning strategy for every class I use. writes:
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