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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 1 2012 at 1:51AM
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It was supposed to be a rather easy day. 1,5 levels - should not be too hard or too grindy.

Well, it wasn't.

It is first time I ran into problems with multiclassing. I was level 24 Shaman and neede to advance. Tried various enemies and failed to found ones. Of all enemies I choose Golems: although they do use Bleed (and I can't dispell anything), they are not too social and don't use any harmfull special atacks. Went to kill some Topaz golems, but these were difficult: I hardly survived duel, and golem's combat level (some 67) was lower than mine (lvl.78).  Went for Cobalt golems (lvl. 60)  - these were not easy too.

Of course, I could try lower level ones, but these give too little xp and one combat level now costs some 47500 xp points. It ended with me going into combat with multiply enemies (Istaria gives bonus xp points for that) and that unlucky lvl.25 was now reached. I tried to level on crystals (kill monster, use crystal, repeat step 1-2), but it was going too slow.

However, the future is not too bright. I just collected too little trophies for levels 26-35. Yes, it is possible to earn some xp by killing some monsters, but it is only level 46-50 that I would be able to rely completely on trophies (maybe due to fact I have >300 of them).

My combat was also a bit hard due to the fact that use tier 1 spells and my enemies are at least tier 2, if not tier 3. Therefore they easily avoid most of my curses (but not my hits with melee weapon).

Bright side: I gained new abilities and some of them are really cool. I can cast Decay - enemy would suffer some hits even if I do not fight enemy; I can cast Corrosive rain that devours my enemy; and finally, I can Steal Strenght - if it succeeds, enemy losses 36 strenght and I gain it. It should be the strategy of any Shaman: make your enemy weakened and bleeding before he enters combat and then just finish him off. With higher level spells that should not be difficult.

I was called to help resurrect one Dragon...but untill I figured out how to get there, he was already resurrected.

I was also helped in Universal Soldiers chat. People told me what to do, told about spells I could use...but I could not benefit from Warrior's abilities so far. Crystals are not effective (well, they are of some use at level 1-10).They told me to use Nature spells, but I could find no serious offensive ones. At level 31 - I would be able to use heavy shield (so far I use none) and at later levels I would be able to use my heavy armor again.

I do hope today I will find some...cooperative monsters and finally make some combat levels. writes:
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