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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

chopping the world

Posted by Lithuanian Monday February 2 2015 at 8:29AM
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Finally uninstalled. Good-bye, EQ.

Everquest II

If one is to speak about EQ2, first thing to come to head: no such word as “community”. Chats empty, no answers to tells and those who are speaking either “LFG tank lvl,.999″ or something about EQ flirting (“come on, game is NOT online dating service!”). Quests sometimes are unclear – thus probbaly abandoning this game.


A really busy days and I liked it. I took my trustworthy axe and went to chop maple. Chop anything I can take, make boards, deposit to the vault, repeat. First day of grind – some 10.000 boards. Second day was a bit lazy – only ~7500 boards. Then – make construction braces, hundreds of them and add to one plot. One player outperformed me – she grinded ~14.500 logs.

I started to joke about myself, like – “Nak is there for only one purpose”. Some player: “Nak, what’s happening? something bad??”. I – “for only one purpose: more maple!“. Folks laughed, joked – mood was just good.

I enjoy maple grind: vault is nearby, crafting structure is nearby, harvesting is very efficient. All I do now – is writing down numbers on a sheet of paper and later striking through what I have added. Yet I have to make 480 braces for silos alone + some 980 braces for crafting stuctures. Cobalt and obsidian is yet another pain in the neck: but I will do them too.

Istaria is great in crafting and questing. No forced content. Don’t wanna craft – go and fight, there is plenty of stuff to kill. Don’t wanna fight – go and advance all crafting schools and if you have all schools at lvl.100 – go and help players with their plots. I am needed in Istaria, I can and have will to help others.

Lord of the rings online

Logged in, took presents, logged off. Later logged in and helped one kinnie with Sarnur. I just ran, killing stuff: Dourhands (traitors deserve death only), trolls, beasts, one named dragon, worms, goblins. Sometimes we were getting lost, but overlal things were just good. Kinnie was a very good tactician and relaly helped me. Yes, I was acting as typical Champion: hit one mob, hit another, run to group of 2-3 mobs…and then start AoE attacks, all of them. I was happy, I was efficient, I wasn’t losing health, only power. Kinnie fought too, sometimes just ran through mobs to get them to me or just casting various curses (after all, he was a Runekeeper, they are very good at burning enemies slowly from afar).

He did some of his deeds and then I had to go to sleep: it was midnight after all.


Finally uninstalled. Good-bye, Neverwinter.

And so the weekend has ended. I felt satisfied, i felt happy – things are good once again. writes:
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