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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Monday February 17 2014 at 7:03AM
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Lord of the rings online

My Xaa toons were very active. Though always underequipped, at the end – stripped from every single piece of clothes/weapons – they did great job in grinding Turbine points and letting me enjoy this really good class.

NaktiesKarys raided barrows for Bree reputation items (which my toon would later use) as well as Mathom society. One day formed a fellowship with two players, lvl.20 and lvl.26. I think it was really cool for them, as well for me. We raided untill their bags were full, then back to Barrow. A very nice run.

Vytautaz went live again only to find how miserable lvl.40s Champion is. Lame armour and nowhere to get quality one. Weapons that do not fit Champion (too low DPS or no +might). Kinnies adviced change trait tree to blue one (“tanking, you could solo instances!”). Changed. Got such lame setup that I’d better be fighting with a fork in hand. Re-switched to yellow one, at least a chance to surive. Bought one quality axe…only to find it was from lootbox drop. Grumpy Angmar was just dead: there were some players, all kept silence. No asking for anything, save for my “who has quality armour for lvl.43 Champion?” (I was sent a set of one…for lvl.34 though). 3 asking of groups within 3 days: one in Angmar (“anyone for Bloodwing?”), one in Bree and one in our Kinship chat.  Despite that, i did some quests in Angmar and Vytautaz even earned some Turbine points.

Had some talk in Kinship chat. SOmeone went to Moria for something and it was my chance to calculate missed TPs: I had some 24 deeds in Moria proper and Moria instances. Deeds that I would never finish just because I won’t find any fellowship. One kinnie asked me if I could tell which ones I needed: oh dear, should I write all 24? Then again, on Big Battles. Some persons claim (without proof, of course) BBs are soloable which is not truth. To solo, one has to do the following things at the same time: aim and fire catapult at enemy catapult; aim and fire catapult at advancing enemy groups; protecting Rohirrim; protecting lame horses from being killed; cutting ladders off; protecting flags; finally, protecting tower from goblin saboteurs. It is obvious, soloing is impossible.

I had lost much of the interest in the game. Raid the same place, be it barrow of Annuminas for the same set of 122 high level reputation. Go to lowbie region, slain 240 Evil Grulets for 5 Turbine points.Go to Wildermore or Hytbold, grind same 5 daily quest in order to reach Kindred/ rebuild Hytbold. Or join BBs, where you can’t perform good unless you are high level and you can’t become a high level unless you perform good or are powerlevelled. The end-game for me came too quickly. Helms Deep content – I used it within some 11 days and now am just creating TP and silver coins grinding toons. I even do not know what to do with Turbine points I earn since I have all quest/expansion packs I need and may wait untill they discount storage. There is nothing more to wish for. Yes, I do log in, though I rarely talk to anyone, stopped responding to cold kinship invites or just hailing everyone in Regional with “Hello, world”.

The game became grey and I do feel bored. Can’t advance my low lvl toon (lvl.44 is far worse than lvl.24), nothing to do (save crafting) on my high lvl toon.

And so the day has ended, I had 1078 Turbine points. Days has been bad in Lotro.