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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lost Turbine points

Posted by Lithuanian Friday February 28 2014 at 7:30AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was not very active. Did Hytbold dailies, collected 20 tokens, invested into 2 quests to rebuilt this town. Tried to look for some veteran friendly Hunter so that he/she could teleport me to the evil beacon of Eaworth. There was one fiendly Hunter, but she could not climb. This quest is absolutely impossible, majority of players agree with that. Developers did a huge mistake with such life spoiling quests, but maybe one day they will remove this.  Then I went to farm reputation items: place 1 was occupied by two tank groups, no one invited me to join; place 2 was occupied by some 4 players, including one sneaky Burglar, no one invited me to join.

XaaV was born, my favourite Minstrel class woman. She quickly did intro, enjoyed one-shotting enemies and went to use Bree reputation items. Reached Kindred, things were good…just Turbine did not reward for Kindred reputation. 20 Turbine points lost. Asked in Advice channel, received some help, later sent a support ticket. Now will look what will happen. 20 TPs is not a small amount. COuld not do any deeds because of this bug.

Local chats were pretty much dead, almost no activity in Kinship cgat while I was not AFK. If I was developer, I would abolish all chats, leaving only one general channel.

Looked at my deeds:plenty of them, some have almost zero chance to be completed, be it instances in Angmar or exploration in Moria, mot saying about some rare creatures slayer. So much Turbine points I would never gain.

And so the day has ended, I had 2160 Turbine points (should have had 2180), life was grey and grumpy in Lotro.


Posted by Lithuanian Thursday February 27 2014 at 7:12AM
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Lord of the rings online

Lotro: one of producers is back, published a very promissing letter promissing lots of nice things. Revamps, return to flooded Isengard (could we get an option to stomp Saruman to the ground?), return of Hobnigan (could we use Grima’s head instead of ball?) and much more. I think everyone is excited.

NaktiesKarys did Hytbold dailies, tried to ask any friendly Hunter to summon to the tower of Eaworth, but there were no hunters and only Kinship hunter was far, far away. I am close to rebuilding Mead Hall and soon would have to grind many tokens to rebuild some houses. After Hytbold went to farm reputation items: some 584 Barrow treasures and 122 Cordolan trinkets. Would have to grind for other items too. Had a discussion with Kinship about our activity and event planning.

XaaU was deleted. Farewell, my good brave toon that gave me lots of Turbine points and 3 gold, you will be remembered as most long-lived TP grinders.

XaaXmini, my Warden, was having hard times. I was accustomed to “each 2 levels, new ability”…and now I get none. I must build stuff for gambit, then use gambit quickly, but up untill 7 lvl. there was no devastating attack. As a Minstrel, I could just one-shot spider, I had one deadly blow…and now each enemy took some hits before gambit and at least 2 hits after gambit. Maybe Warden’s tankin starts at level 10 or 20?

It is highly possible I did miss something. Wiki was of little use. I had to choose traits tree and was lost: tanking was “self heal”. Wait, I do not need self heals. Other tree – “debuff, mezz”. No, thanks, no need to debuff. Finally chose yellow, “damage from distance”…and yet first things to choose were…melee ones.

I got my Warden to level 7, saw Archet burn, then just rode to Bree and used reputation items with 3 factions. This done, toon was deleted. Warden was too hard for me, it’s like playing chess (and I was never good in that): if I move this figure there, oponent would move there, I would counterattack and finally checkmate to oponent. Maybe true Warden starts at some level 20, maybe low damage was due to dull weapons (but once again, my minis were doing serious damage with same dull weapons).

Did I get disappointed? Not exactly. So far Minstrel is my favourite class, it has almost everything I could dream about: not so bad in melee, good ranged attack and healing class. Light armour is bad, but after having several good self-heals, who cares about hp potions?

And so the day has ended. I had 2130 Turbine points, but the day has been mediocre in Lotro.


Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday February 26 2014 at 7:17AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did Hytbold daily quests, invested all available tokens and is close to completing Mead Hall. Of course, there are many things to do and lots of quests to complete. A pity, some of them are impossible or extremely hard to complete (like climbing lame beacon, resupplying lines, dressage and alike). I could earn some 75 tokens…but thanks to developers, it is not possible. Later went to Annuminas, but a group of ranged tanks (hunters+warden) were hunting. Fortunately, they accepted me to their group and after I grinded nearly 100 Bands of Numenor, I quit and recalled to Bree.

XaaU levelled a bit. After killing Orcs, she killed Spiders in Midgewater marshes, then ran to Adso’s camp and killed Brigands here. Had to compete with one LoreMaster, yet I prevailed: minstrels rule. Then came to Barrows, hunted down barghests, wighs, collected all the journal of Cordolan prince. Took quest to guide lame Laila to safety – did it only for quality cloak. Grew up to level 19 and could use some good equipment. The only thing where my Minstrel felt…not good was when several Brigands spawned near me. I found myself in a bit complicated situation. Otherwise, should several mobs attack me, I scare one, finish another, then finish scared mob. Also, was a bit disappointed with “Call of Orome”, thought it to be almost nuclear weapon and it was just debuff with only 150 hp damage. Overall, I felt immortal. Yes, enemy damaged me, but I had self-heals. I ranged-shot almost any enemy and never did I think about running away. Minstrel just rules battlefield.

And so the day has ended. I had 2015 Turbine points, my XaaU has earned 3 gold by just killing mobs. The day has been very good in Lotro.

Mercy for toon

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday February 25 2014 at 6:57AM
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Lord of the rings online

Real life intervened, so had very little time to play.

NaktiesKarys logged in, did Hytbold daily quests, rebuilt one tower and realised he had nothing to rebuild in Wold district with 5 tokens. Time to leave…

XaaU was spared her life. She ran (horse has left horse, bad horse…) in Midgewater marshes, killed Neeker breekers (simple and advanced deeds), Sickle flies (simple deed), spiders (simple and advanced deeds). Deed accelerator was not used, no need for that. Later reached lvl.15, did Minstrel quest and received quality weapon, “A Friend of Minstrel”. Even managed to invest some silver coins into armour: my little Minstrel is going to do more deeds in Bree and enjoy powerfull ranged attacks.

XaaXmini did not log in (no time for that). But I starting to find Minstrel is somehow like Warden. In order to use Coda of Fury, Minstrel has to have some 3 ‘swords’; in order to use any Gambit, Warden has to have several ‘items’. Just Warden has much more ‘items’ and combinations. But if mastered, it can be a good class: one just need to understand how it works. I just need to leave starter area as soon as possible and start real training + TP grind.

And so the day has ended. I had 1955 Turbine points. Life was good in Lotro.

Just a Warden

Posted by Lithuanian Monday February 24 2014 at 8:00AM
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Lord of the rings online

A sale was going on, I had nothing to buy so tempted to purchase some recipe book that would add all missing Westwold recipes. Well well…400 TPs waisted, only one dagger recipe added. Great…

Vytautaz was taken to Ost Elendil by one very kind player and was given some quality equipment. Then, he was power-levelled in some instances and hurray, lvl.45. I could use new equipment. Went to Angmar, finished one lvl.42 “small fellowship” quest to kill Angmarim captain. Was close to death, but enemy died first. Was also able to complete “Enmnity of the Wargs II” deed.

NaktiesKarys ran Ost Elendil several times. One time did a mistake and was killed. Second time I was victorious, slaying everything, even cheating mobs, looting valuable equipment for Vytautaz. Also managed to finish “spirits aiding Angmar advanced” slayer deed + last boss of the list, finishing all slayer deeds in Evendim. Hurray!  NaktiesKarys also met one very kind lvl.90s Dwarf who hunted for War master lashes. That player simply gave me all his hard-earned rep. items. Very kind of him…and too bad, these items drop very rarely, hunting them is a poor pain. Also, did WIldermore daily quests and resumed Hytbold daily quests. Rohan, my beloved Rohan, where I can I ride free like a wind (with Grima’s head on my axe…).

Xaa…toons were half-active, grinding their 105 Turbine points in one run. Cartographile of Eriador is a nice deed with good rewards. XaaU met one very kind lvl.30 Minstrel who formed a fellowship to kill spiders. I did not use slayer deed accelerator, and after returning to Bree went for some Orcish blood. i was lvl.14, enemies – lvl.18/19, yet I was victorious, finishing Orc slayer simple and advanced deeds, later starting Neeker and Sickle fly slayer. I think I will just do all slayer deeds on this toon, at least not too grindy ones.

At the advice of my blog readers – created Warden toon. It is both melee and ranged class: good; uses medium armour: good, because not that squishy as Minstrel. Uses dual-vielding stuff: good. However, the class itself is a bit complicated. I saw stances, I saw gambits and was a bit lost. Ok, in order to perform a Gambit I should perform several combinations, like “attack A+attack B+Attack B+Attack A+Attack C –> Death from the Sky special attack”. Alas, I did not pay attention to wiki, so first steps were painfull, I was less effective than Minstrel. Also, if Minstrel gains new ability at lvl.4, Warden gets it at only lvl.6. So far – no crowd control or DPS, but maybe it’s like Minstrel: true power only after lvl.7? Will try to play, to print Wiki information. So far Minstrel is the best class I have experienced.

And so the day has ended, I left satisfied. I had 1920 Turbine points, my toons were growing and life was just great in Lotro.


Posted by Lithuanian Friday February 21 2014 at 7:44AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys logged in to receive daily award, then Vytautaz logged to see if there was any quality armor for him in Auction house (it wasn’t). It was time for NaktiesKarys to grind Barrows for reputation items.

Hunt was very good, for a very long time I was there alone, taking every single reputation item, my shared vault being overflooded with trinkets, mathoms, barrow treasures.

New Xaa…toon started her adventures and immediately after Archet was burned went to Bree. Using almost 1000 barrow treasures was a challenge to my mouse, but I’ve done it. Kindred with Men of Bree reached, then 122 well preserved Mathoms: Kindred with Mathom society reached. And only then – adventures hunting wolves, hendroval and alike.

And so the day has ended with 1818 Turbine points. Waiting for next sales of individual/shared vaults…

Minstrels' unity

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday February 19 2014 at 11:55AM
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Lord of the rings online

My topic on allowing class changes is becoming a bit popular. Most posters agree, some are too sceptical, but all of them agree of validity of my arguments. Maybe Turbine will listen to it. Hey, Turbine, in order to change my poor Champion to quality Lore master/Minstrel, I could even subscribe for 1 month!

Meanwhile NaktiesKarys just grinded for reputation items.

XaaP was active, met one very friendly Minstrel from some “Pandora’s Box” kinship and made a deed run in Ered Luin. I had no need to use deed accelerator. We ran through enemies, slaughtering them on sight. It was really cool, later I ran to Bree/Combe, finished Spider, Brigand and Neeker slayer deeds, both simple and advanced.

There is very little activity in the game or at least in regions I quest. In Bree there is random acitivity, usually for lvl.95 raids, but I usually see no responses. There is something wrong with game activity. I also talked about my poor lvl.44 Champion with unadequate armour/weapons, and that there is nowhere to get equipment. Fortunately, players listened to me and mostly agreed. I am very happy someone wished to me in otherwise dead chats.

Response to one comment: Warden may be an option, but it seems it is too hard to master all gambits. But the thought of having agressive ranged class is correct: such class may own anything in battlefield.

And so the day had ended, I had 1413 Turbine points (though unsure why I am grinding them: except storage, I have no use for them…). Day has been…kind dof good…in Lotro.

class changes proposal

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday February 18 2014 at 6:45AM
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Lord of the rings online

I could play only for some 3 hours yesterday, so only XaaO was active. She started, looted some (not-so-fashionable looking) equipment and grinded 95 Turbine points. En route to grinding zone used teo sets of reptation items: Council of the North and Men of Bree. Then – sold stuff and was deleted. XaaP should be active today.

In Lotro forums I proposed an idea to have item that would allow to change class. Reactions (trolling about inventory bags aside) are mostly  positive. I think it is needed, since players have been asking about such change for a long time.

NaktiesKarys and Vytautaz were inactive since there is nothing for them to do. Vytautaz will wait for next festival and try to grow up by doing festival quests. I need level 50 to use some quality weapons. Thanks to Turbine, there are no weapons for lvl.40-49 Champion.

And so the day has ended, I had 1273 Turbine points, zero fun and ready for more grind. Not sure what for (shared/individual storage?). Day has been mediocre in Lotro.


Posted by Lithuanian Monday February 17 2014 at 8:03AM
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Lord of the rings online

My Xaa toons were very active. Though always underequipped, at the end – stripped from every single piece of clothes/weapons – they did great job in grinding Turbine points and letting me enjoy this really good class.

NaktiesKarys raided barrows for Bree reputation items (which my toon would later use) as well as Mathom society. One day formed a fellowship with two players, lvl.20 and lvl.26. I think it was really cool for them, as well for me. We raided untill their bags were full, then back to Barrow. A very nice run.

Vytautaz went live again only to find how miserable lvl.40s Champion is. Lame armour and nowhere to get quality one. Weapons that do not fit Champion (too low DPS or no +might). Kinnies adviced change trait tree to blue one (“tanking, you could solo instances!”). Changed. Got such lame setup that I’d better be fighting with a fork in hand. Re-switched to yellow one, at least a chance to surive. Bought one quality axe…only to find it was from lootbox drop. Grumpy Angmar was just dead: there were some players, all kept silence. No asking for anything, save for my “who has quality armour for lvl.43 Champion?” (I was sent a set of one…for lvl.34 though). 3 asking of groups within 3 days: one in Angmar (“anyone for Bloodwing?”), one in Bree and one in our Kinship chat.  Despite that, i did some quests in Angmar and Vytautaz even earned some Turbine points.

Had some talk in Kinship chat. SOmeone went to Moria for something and it was my chance to calculate missed TPs: I had some 24 deeds in Moria proper and Moria instances. Deeds that I would never finish just because I won’t find any fellowship. One kinnie asked me if I could tell which ones I needed: oh dear, should I write all 24? Then again, on Big Battles. Some persons claim (without proof, of course) BBs are soloable which is not truth. To solo, one has to do the following things at the same time: aim and fire catapult at enemy catapult; aim and fire catapult at advancing enemy groups; protecting Rohirrim; protecting lame horses from being killed; cutting ladders off; protecting flags; finally, protecting tower from goblin saboteurs. It is obvious, soloing is impossible.

I had lost much of the interest in the game. Raid the same place, be it barrow of Annuminas for the same set of 122 high level reputation. Go to lowbie region, slain 240 Evil Grulets for 5 Turbine points.Go to Wildermore or Hytbold, grind same 5 daily quest in order to reach Kindred/ rebuild Hytbold. Or join BBs, where you can’t perform good unless you are high level and you can’t become a high level unless you perform good or are powerlevelled. The end-game for me came too quickly. Helms Deep content – I used it within some 11 days and now am just creating TP and silver coins grinding toons. I even do not know what to do with Turbine points I earn since I have all quest/expansion packs I need and may wait untill they discount storage. There is nothing more to wish for. Yes, I do log in, though I rarely talk to anyone, stopped responding to cold kinship invites or just hailing everyone in Regional with “Hello, world”.

The game became grey and I do feel bored. Can’t advance my low lvl toon (lvl.44 is far worse than lvl.24), nothing to do (save crafting) on my high lvl toon.

And so the day has ended, I had 1078 Turbine points. Days has been bad in Lotro.

TP grind:new idea

Posted by Lithuanian Friday February 14 2014 at 6:24AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was active in Mirkwood, doing slayer deeds. Warg slayer (advanced) finished. Dead slayer – finished and I have soloed most of Warg Pens. Unfortunately, some deeds required very precise timing of attacks, so I with my AoE could not complete this. But maybe one day game chats will resurrect from dead and I will be able to find a group.

XaaK grinded TPs fast. Formed a group with another lvl.8 Minstrel, we easily killed wolves, then moved for Dourhands, another player joined our group, then we ran for spiders. I did not use my accelerator untill group dissolved: then, it was a high time for speed killing. Result: all TPs grinded, some 500 silver deposited in shared vault.

Our group member adviced Rath Teraig as an optimal Goblin and Spider grinding place. He is probably right, but only in case one is doing Rath Teraig exploration.

I was satisfied – as always – with my Minstrel, it’s very powerfull class, almost immortal. A pity I started champions and wasted lots of time with shing-shing.

Game chats, including my Kin’s were, as always, dead. I have abandoned idea to find a fellowship for anything. The only thing that still flows are cold invites (copy text, paste into IM); received one even from my former Kinship.

And so the day has ended, I had ~553 Turbine points. Day has been…normal in Lotro.

a grumpy day

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday February 13 2014 at 7:14AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys continued his questing in Mirkwood. Did every quest, evem some repeatables. Managed to finish all exploration and two slayer deeds. All that remains are grindy deedsm but these would be done too. I’ll squeeze every single Turbine point from Mirkwood.

Then decided to do some quests in Lothlorien (had to inform NPCs about various thinks: Book II epilogue). Was not hard. Then – one weird deed “Kill one orc, goblin or Uruk in Lothlorien and Moria”. Oki doki, killed…and received a new quest: do the same in 3 more regions. This quest would wait.

While in Moria, decided to ask Kin for some help with deeds. One person was there, but was not in the mood to help. Others kept silence. Local chats were 100% dead. There were players running around, no one talked. I posted question if somebody was doing slayer/exploration deeds. No one answered throughout half a day. There was nowhere to get help from, although there were tens of players nearby. Moria is so lame and worthless, depressing region that I in Turbine’s place would delete it or make very simple: 5 tunnels, 25 rooms and some 50 quests, that’s all.  I have 13 deeds in Moria that would never be completed and it’s around 100 Turbine points loss. Unfortunately, kinship offered almost no help.

Whatever happens, my NaktiesKarys will stay with the Kinship as long as Kinship lives. My alts – yes, they are starting to leave, since they are of no use to the Kin.

At the end of the day, XaaJ was born, did all deeds she was intended to, deposited 300 silver coins and got deleted. I had real fun with Minstrel (it is considered to be “immportal” in our Kinship), thought met some…very uncooperative players who decided to chose competition over cooperation.

And so the day has ended, I had some 443 Turbine points, but left kind of sad. The day has been grey and despairing in Lotro.


Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday February 12 2014 at 7:57AM
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Lord of the rings online

“Wellcome back” weeked with its double xp has ended, but it had little affect on NaktiesKarys – he continued to have fun in Mirkwood.

There are great many quests there, every settlement has plenty of them. Go scout area. Run and defeat spiders, search for poor Elves, destroy banners of enemy and finally rise the banners of the Free people. It was interesting to observe discussion of Elven commanders about their actions against enemy and even track the Gollum (I had to defeat Orcs assaulting this creature…why couldn’t I kill orcs and Gollum?). Reputation with Mallhedrim was flowing, Legendary item experience was plentyfull. And of course, I was almost invicible, slaying Cargul sentries and trolls, dealing with 50.000 hp strong monsters without using health potions. I felt really good and the land – the land is interesting with its creatures and gloomy mood at night.

Reached Kindred with Mallhedrim, received “Ambassador of Elves” title ant mount plus 40 Turbine points. Did some other slayer deeds. Everything was just great, I am determined to finish all non-repeatable quests I will find and do all deeds there. Only then will I leave Mirkwood.

In Kinship chat we were discussing Big Battles and that they are not very big success (according to what players say). Disucced classes choice and I could reccomend Minstrel only. I am thinking about rolling main toon as Minstrel…but the need to invest ~2000 Turbine points is something that discourages. Still have to think about it.

And so the day has ended, I had 293 Turbine points and ready to continue adventures in Mirkwood. Life is just great in Lotro.

Mirkwood bells

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday February 11 2014 at 7:46AM
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Logged in for a while: met almost no one from those I knew from my Guild. Walked, talked a bit and logged off. Istaria does not fascinate me like earlier.

Lord of the rings online

Most of the day game was on maintenance. When online, I continued to do Mirkwood quests. Since I was 30 level higher than monsters, everything went very easy: lots of quests from almost any Elf, monsters to kill and land to explore. Managed to finish some deeds, can’t remember which exactly. I enjoyed questing there. Things were easy, rewards with Legendary item xp were good too, reputation with locals grows up. And it seems I would do meta-deed “Ambassador of the elves”, then get some additional TPs.

Mirkwood itself may feel grumpy, especially at night. However, it has its own beauty and is an interesting place to explore. Player say, local instances are good for obtaining quality loot: thngs I need to verify.

Then did Rings of Dale instance with one kinnie, he was lvl.31. Things were going  almost good, but he died at least twice per instance. Well, even my AoE attacks could not prevent a horde of monsters from attacking. But we were victorious at the end, that was the most important.

And so the day has ended, I had 228 Turbine points, was happy with questing/deeding and ready to do every single quest or deed there. Life was superb in Lotro.

Lotro:advanced Tp farming guide

Posted by Lithuanian Monday February 10 2014 at 6:28AM
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Lord of the rings online

It was a run to some 2000 Turbine points. I was starting and deleting Minstrel toons. Using all available reputation items. Looking at the clock and thinking it was to make it at all.

January 7 ended with 1152 Turbine points. 3 toons on Silverlode did most of the job. Xaab started with 1467 TPs, finished with 1612; Xaac started with 1612, finished with 1712; Xaai started with 1712, finished with 1817. And before that, Withywindle toons did their job, grinding the hard way. It was a run towards miscalculated goal.

At the end I have looked once more into my Lotro store bookmarks. Right, I just had to calculate real prices…hurray, I had enough TPs to purchase! Add to chart one item, second item, third item. “You do not have enough Turbine points”. Apply coupon. Order placed. Order delivered:

  • Mirkwood expansion quests: 695 points (bought for 521)
  • Vault upgrade VII: 895 points (bought for 671)
  • Shared storage II (10 slots): 595 points (bought for 446)

Total: 2185 points, bought for 1638. Savings: 547 Turbine points. Hurray.

And now, up to advance Turbine point grinding guide. Note: it DOES require ranged class, no matter which. It does require you to use everything you have.

continue reading at:

Farming, discounts, accounting

Posted by Lithuanian Friday February 7 2014 at 6:17AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys understood he was a bit lost and decided to go for some farming. First stop – Bree/Mathom reputation item hunt. Met one Loremaster (lvl.61). We teamed, he attracted monsters, I used AoE and slaughtered. Worked very effectively, I was mostly impressed how lvl.61 outperformed me. It’s hard to think what would this player do when he reaches lvl.95 – an unstoppable killing machine, unlike Champion. Monsters were greedy and I hardly collected 121 Cordolan trinket: instead, some 500 Barrow treasures. Next stop – Annuminas, teemed with lots of players, but drops were once again not so good.

Then – Dunland, finished last slayer deeds there, Uruk and Warg slayer (advanced). Received TPs, legendary item xp and advanced some of my Legendary weapons. Thus, farming was done, I deposited and sold stuff.

Lotro forum news brough joy to me: they are offering 25% discount a la carte! It means – the more you buy, the more discount, but this lasts only 7–9th February. Nex good news – “Wellcome back weekend” withg +100 xp gain. Yet next good news – revamping of some regions, namely Misty Mountains (maybe they would be more user-friendly). Very good to hear this from Turbine. Now, up to my needs:

  • Mirkwood expansion pack: 695 Turbine points
  • Vault upgrade VII: 895 Turbine points
  • Shared vault upgrade: 995

Total:2585 Turbine points. With discount, it would be around 2000.

Which means, I should start creating and deleting my Minstrels. Some 10 of them: create, farm all easy TPs, transfer money to main toon, delete and start anew. Not so easy job, but I have to do and will do it.

And so the day has ended, I had 937 Turbine points (some 1648 remain to grind) and ready for more TP hunt. Life is just excellent in Lotro.

Massacre for breakfast

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday February 5 2014 at 6:50AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys went to Wildermore, doing local deeds. Uruk slayer, Snow cat slayer, Troll slayer, Wolf and Warg slayer, Mounted foes slayer – all are to be done, both simple and advanced. Took some Survivors of Wildermore deeds, did them all, received reputation. Did two quests in helm’s Deep: to bring one stuff to Legolas and then to bring some crap from one gate to another. Boring, poorly done quests as if a teenager programmed them.

Asked about “one kinnie” whom I was helping yesterday, it turned out he had completed what he needed, but asked if I could help with one quest. We tried, but I couldn’t join. Perhabs due to fact I did quest that removed some NPC for me and that NPC was quest-giver. Kinnie started Carn-Dum by accident.

I asked him to stay and get some xp. Well, it became clear I needed to kill some trolls, some Pale folks and even Angmarim. Angmarims were finished quickly, trolls were near completement when we cleaned area up to the entrance.

And then we entered the evil castle: two champions, one lvl.50, another lvl.95. First rooms with spirits and Angmarim posed no challenge. Pale folks and orcs were no match for us too.  Finally, a room with one sorceress.  We entered. Approached sorcerer. She spoke some words…and then all the room was full with her clones. We were in the middle of onslaught.

I started my AoE without thinking, without targeting too much. One attack, another attack, fervour adding button, yet another attack, took some heals, watched my kinnie fighting as best as he could…and finally, within short time, all hall was massacred. We stood, tired and victorious. A very impressive real testing of my new Legendary weapon. It could be called legendary after such fight. We were really impressed.

And the we met the main monster, were (unfortunately) both killed and retreated. I returned to Wildermore, finished some simple deeds. Yes, slayer deeds there may be problematic (I had some 10 Uruks only, so killing 240 would be a problem even with accelerator). Find some good spot with snow cat, maybe will finish their slayer.

Then with another kinnie did an instance, killing evil folks and finally defeating an evil spellcaster. Instance was challenging, but since two members were lvl.30s and I was lvl.95, we were victorious and I gained some valuable marks.

At the end of the day I was invited to join Big Battle, but was confused. My Engineer is still good for firing siege weapons only (well, and I am extremely bad at targeting, so it’s of no use). Not proficient to build barricades yet. And those Rohirrim that have much health and no brains! At the end I did not go there. I’m not good without BB points and to get points I need to show good results in BB.

And so the day has ended. I had 912 Turbine points and was satisfied: I was of some help to others and had some fun. Days are good in Lotro.

Level 95 legendary weapon

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday February 4 2014 at 6:24AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was little active:could play for some 2 hours only. I was gathering Eorling skarn ore, making low level ingots…and they I suddenly asked how much does Flawless symbol cost in Skirmish camp. The price was acceptable so I rushed to craft new Axe.

4 High-grade Eorlingas skarn ingots: check. 5 legendary shards: check. Emerald shard: check (anyway 4 more are in the vault). Flawless symbol of Celebrimbor: check. Run to the vault, take relic removal scroll. Use on old weapon – all relics safely removed.

And then it was very quick, I deconstructed my old good weapon that had served me for a long time and saw all the victories and defeats. Together we went through all battles, together we were having fun. Now, I have new weapon, with the same name, used my IXP runes to bring it to level 60 and invested all points into AoE.

Asked if anybody needed help and lucky one kinnie was gathering rare drops for Champion quest in Angmar. We went, initially easily killed some worms and then he guided me to the barghests. In fact, he went in wrong direction and we had to move through spirit-inhabited land. I fought through 3 hordes of spirits, sweeping them all: my new weapon and my favourite AoE trait tree worked perfectly. Kinnie was a bit surprised, but that’s what is awaiting him, as he is Champion too.  Finally, barghests were found, but too little and we ended with only some 3 items instead of 10.

I left satisfied. Once again I was able to help others and have much fun. It was a real joy to sweep hordes I myself was once afraid of and lead my kinnie to safety. To be in the middle of the swarm of enemies and sweep them all without taking any serious damage. To see famous “shing-shing”. That’s the way of Champion.

And so the day has ended, I earned zero Turbine points, but had some fun. It was an excellent day in Lotro.

Helm’s Deep: Big Battles tested

Posted by Lithuanian Monday February 3 2014 at 7:58AM
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Lord of the rings online

Main event – NaktiesKarys went to Big Battles. Was asked by one kinship member and reluctantly agreed. Had to question him because of too different opinions:developers praise, most users dislike Big Battles (BB). Most users in Lotro forums critisize BB for not being able to survive main line and do side quests and earn any valuable medal. And in order to be efficient you should invest points into profession (Commander, Engineer, Vanguard), while you get point for victories.

Everybody disagrees on Vanguard choice and almost anyone advices to choose Engineer (siege weapons+barricades) or Commander. I went for Engineer after battle was over.

And so, BB. Iconic walls and hordes of orcs ahead. Lightnings flashing the sky, brave Rohirrim defenders and hordes of monsters ahead. Some time to understand map, inspect troops…and then it starts. Enemeis move ahead, our catapult (we were two in a group) firing a spectacular missile, then group of very strong Rohirrim defending their stand. I could do little job while in group…and little job while solo (unbalanced, I think).

Then things turned not so good. I had to run from one corner of the maze to another. Find little rope, climb down, protect horses (2 of them died). Then protect tower from being razed. My “defenders” disappointed me, they just were retreating instead of holding the line at any costs. Finally, tower was blown up no matter the costs. Then, orcs came for wounded Rohirrim and some supplies, once again race against time.

We finished Helm’s Dike, went to Deepining wall, where I had too many hard times to defend wall (DPS…), take down ladders and understand what to do. My kinnie manned catapult and managed to destroy several enemy’s siege weapons. Battle was over, I earned one golden pocket and retreated.

BB made a confusing impression. Orcs march in little group, not that massive assault we saw in movies. No decimation like hundreds of archers fired in the movie. Defenders have huge health and power, but too little brain. Amost no instructions what to do in some situations. Example: war machine attacks gates, help! I stayed at the gate, unable to attack machine…while it turned out I had to protect archers. Thanks for no clue, Turbine.

Overall, it was going no to bad, but BB are not meant for solo (bad!) and a huge group is required. At least 12 players should do it: 8 should use catapults/ballistae and 4 should guard each flank. BB are very hard to master, require a perfect (up to parts of seconds) timing and exceptional knowledge of what’s going to happen. Not that impressed wit them.

After BB, my NaktiesKarys finished everything with the crafting – now I am at top of weaponsmith and prospector. had to use some 3 craft accelerators and make some 600 ingots. Side results: +3 Emerald shards. I also did all quests in the forest of Fangorn, was impressed by its atmosphere. One Kinnie helped with Wyrmdelf exploration. And NaktiesKarys also finished some of slayer deeds:not bad for such grindy deeds like 200 or 240 mobs.

Grinding with myu minstrels is going extremely well and fast. Soon I will have enough points to buy almots everything I need (Mirkwood quest pack, Milestone skill II, shared vault uphrade, vault upgrade).

And so the day has ended, I had some 892 Turbine points and ready for more adventures. Life is just good in Lotro.