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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Helping 2 friends

Posted by Lithuanian Friday February 24 2012 at 12:27AM
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It was expected to be a rather standard crafting day: chop tree, fill silo with logs, make boards, make tools, recycle tools...and back to point one. I worked this way and managed to get 1 level as Gatherer and 1 level as Blacksmith.

Then, was approached by two players at the same time: Player S. alt was asking to help hatchlings with lvl.11 spiders and former Player S husband alt was asking for some combat advancement too. I chose former husband. First, we went to hunt Small ruxus - small, green, but greedy monsters that rarely drop trophy coin. When we had some 10 trophy coins collected, he went to Dalimond to exchange trophies into xp. Then, we came to hatchlings. Helped a bit and then moved to lvl. 70s monsters in order for 'former husband' to gain any xp. Lucky for me, I was able to protect all members of group. Then, Player S. main Dragon joined and our group gained almost zero xp.

Former husband and me moved to hunt Fire opal golems. The very place I was grown at some time ago. I did everything the same: took that player on a hill, told to run if attacked and gave him half of the loot. Another half was given to Player S. alt who came too.

Yes, xp was not too big - some 600 if I killed one lvl.91 golem and some 1000 if I was fighting two of them. One time I had a fight with three, no one from my group (lvl.14 and 24) supporting me with heals, but I made it. Later one named golem was killed and it alone gave some 1200 xp points. Of course, there were deaths, m,y group died many times and was resurrected. We were victorious, all players advanced by 1 level.

At the end, we defeated named monster one more time. My group acted brave - they tried to heal me (alas, got killed for that) and each other, they ran only if it was a must. Being Dragon means being too brave. Finally, I went to take some rest, chop some wood and recycle one silo with yew logs.

I also heared yesterday's terrible lags were because of Order server ("shard") database. Entire Order had to be restarted yesterday. Well, let us hope it won't repeat...

The day was a very good one. I advanced, I helped and had not enough time to help everyone. Left some craft helping for Player S. for today. I like when I am usefull to others. writes:
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