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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Monsters and crafting:two days in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday February 23 2012 at 3:12AM
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Had some interesting time in my favourite Istaria.

First of all  -some crafting, managed to fill almost 2 fulls silos and therefore prepare for at least 1 level in Gatherer and Blacksmith. Soon, with all crystals and gifts and special armor I would be able to harvest Travertine - the top level wood.

Then my Player S. came and asked for some help. Initially - to just wait and heal/resurrect her. Later it became clear she was expecting her quest to finish...and the quest did not finish. We needed some 50 Travertine logs and 1 travertine treants knot to be looted. Went to these deadly monsters: two Dragons (both lv.100) and me. The fight initially was normal one. Only one time did Player S. crashed and, left alone with some lvl.112 monsters, I had to run.

Later we resumed fighting, gathering logs and drops...untill I ran out into three Massive travertine treants. It was The Fight. Player S. and me - we both did what we could best. I healed her, paying little attention to myself, she healed me and fought treants, managing to kill some of them. She died, I resurrected her, healed myself and then I was killed only to be resurrected by her. Then once again we fought together...only to die together. Earned + 2 deaths this way.

Fighting was over and I had leave.

Yesterday I helped one Player S. alt to fight lvl.11 spiders. Bright side: I healed and resurrected anyone. Not so dark side: they gained no experience due to the presence of high levelled character (me).

However, I got very tired yesterday - had to help some people in real life and did not want to do anything too hard. Decided to go on crafting...and the lagging began.

I do realise server may lag, it may crash...but this time it affected everyone. No loot, no transfer from cargo disk to storage silo (example: one player had some 1350 components in cargo disk and decided transfer to silo - components were not in disk and not in silo). I decided to wait - nothing happened. Finally, decided to relogg, only to appear in some space where I could not move or speak, server was empty. Re-logged second time - nothing again.

It was against my principles to visit Istaria's forum - but this time people were reporting and developers told that they would check. Up to the end of the day nothing was corrected. Well, a pity that such a good game experiences lags too often. If I had tons of cash - I would buy Virtrium and first of all I'd hire a technic team to look after servers 24/7....and even more, I would force every member of staff to play Istaria in working hours so that they would know what difficulties arise for a new player and, for example, how hard it may be to craft stuff.

I do hope today would be a better day and I could go on with crafting. Later I will start adventuring once again and one day I will return to Mhedon alone to torture that mean Golem and kill him sloooowly...