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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

no grinding, advancing and fun

Posted by Lithuanian Friday February 17 2012 at 11:26AM
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Two long days (well, officially I am ill, so don't judge too harsh) in Istaria. Two long days to feel what teh game life is - again.

Of course, crafting. Chopping yew trees, making boards, making tools, recyclingt tools...The fun began when I reached Fletcher -the school that takes use of tool recycling- level 97. Yesterday I finally reached top level, level 100 in Fletcher school. Now, it is Blacksmith that I will grow.

Now I have 2 craft schools finished and lvl.90 Blacksmith would be grown very soon, maybe faster than Gatherer.

Once again I asked some help. One player calculated how many resources I may need for my universal tier 5 armor. The list was huge. And it marked a new era: I started to hunt for resources. Once again I went to forest to kill some trees, to slain some Bloodsnouts and so on. Once again I was in my battle armor.

Was helped with trophy hunting by our leader. Unfortunately, I died, but it was nothing when comparing to good hunt and almost 80% of components needed. Later helped one Dragon to hunt. I knew I was one-use healer, but tried my best in healing others and possibly -taking damage,. It ended when I was killed, but at least no one complained. Maybe my heals were usefull too.

Then I ran with Player S. to hunt for some golems and alike. As in old good times we ran, healed each other and slain everything we found. Lava oastics, Marble golems and some others - everything was killed in order for Player S. to complete her ability quests. Only the last quest I could not help - it involved some >100 golems. I am still too weak for them.

Finally, todayt went to kill lvl.95 Nahkuk ogres, These are real evil: they stun, they may hit hard and there are always lvl.103-108 monsters nearby, so one has to take much caution. I killed them, experiencing little problems and even gathered some components.  It does return at least some of self-confidence to me.

Now, most of armor components are ready. I need 3 types of monsters to kill and 2 type of resources to get.  Not so shiny news are that even my lvl.1 adventurer would have to start with killing lvl.73 monsters.  And being tier 1 fighter, he will have very limited amount of heals and buffs.

Player A. starts to show up more frequently and instantly annoys everyone. I start explaining him, sometimes maybe on the verge of poltiness - that everyone started at level 0, everyone chose wrong armor, wrong equipment and made mistakes, but also [almost] everyone learned to fight, to retreat, to ask and to learn. Only our Player A. wants everything to be done for him: help him with craft, help with trophy hunt etc.

Despite of this - these days are going perfectly. Life is shiny once again.