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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

ethic learned

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday February 15 2012 at 3:23AM
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Felt a bit better - spent almost all day untill maintainence and after it - in Istaria.

Of course, it was a routine: run to Massive Yew tree - get everything from it - fill all silos nearby with logs - make boards from logs. Gained some 3 levels this way and today I am lvl.79 Gatherer. Growing up Fletcher is better - now I am level 94, only six levels to the top.

Using woodreaping (tier 5) potions helps great - I should have used them extensively before.

But the main thing was not crafting and enjoying my own growth. The main topic was ethic one.

There were some 6 public silos. Typically one was used by some stuff and it did not bother me, if 5 silos are left. Yesterday I noticed "only" 2 silos were left for me. Others were occupied by other players' stuff.

I thought that I really needed at least one silo. And I went to conclusion that maybe I would take off other player's stuff, fill the silo with "my" logs and then quickly empty the silo (making boards from logs), returining stuff where it was. I did not steel anything, I do nothing wrong.

Lucky enough, asked about it in the chat and was tought by our most honourable member that it is not good takin in concern there are more free public silos left. And they were, just a bit futher than I expected.

Lesson was learned and I began to use more distant silos. Ethic in game plays a big role and not for me only. What other player has left is what other player has left.

Well, now I am just relocating logs to more distant silos so that later I would have not two, but 4 or maybe 5 silos and advance in more levels. And yes, it is not only about jet-jevelling, it's about ethic in the first place. Would I want my stuff taken and themn mysteriously re-appaearing? Obviously no. Would other player be satisfied if I do it to his/her stuff? No.

Stepping aside - we joked about Valentine's day in Istaria. How we would go (with one friendly Dragon) to Bloodskulks and I would drink Bolster Strenght potion and greet them with my weapon and confess to the first Bloodskulk in love: yes, my weapon does love to smash some Skulk's head into one thousand pieces.

The day was succesfull one. I am close to finish one school (Fletcher) and if I work hard -finish Gatherer. Then, I could finally start adventuring, picking on some 3 schools asd prerequisites to join fourth.