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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

(free) Mason apprentice

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday February 9 2012 at 1:13AM
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I am not sure if I would ever be of such high qualities as to enter any Masonic Lodge, not even dreaming about becoming a Master and entering Scottish Rite.

What I am sure - that I am levle 56 Mason in Istaria and will reach level 100. Being Mason in Istaria is fun, good and profitable.

Yesterday went to level up my Gatherer and things were going - as usually - slow. Went to Fabric isle, gathered SIlk and made some stuff from it (had to spent some coin to buy Journeyman formula as well as formula for Expert tools). Reached level 76 in Gatherer school and then one player asked about some help. They were going to build an Expert structure and needed support. I thought my opportunity to add some Obsidian blocks and keystones. Went to Dralk, gathered full load of Obsidian...

And then it became clear my mason was only lvl.57 and could not even produce Obsidian keystones. At the moment my Obsidian is ineffective, but gives good xp. The operation ended when I managed to collect some blocks, which ended full load -->8 blocks added. Highly ineffective.

Later we went to hunt: one big Dragon, one powerfull biped and me. (Almost) traditional Bloodskulk hunt, this time we went directly to their village. There, the battle began. A new strategy was deviced, clearly stating what each member of the group is to do. My main role was healing and supporting (if no heals available) with fire. Cannot judge about healing abilities since I used every spell available, healing others and only at the end caring about myself. Tbe battle was hard: Skulk magicians stunning us, debuffing and attacking in groups. First target of theirs was I, but still - if they attack me, they don't attack valuable Dragon or powerfull biped. One time I paid for this: we were surrounded by some 8 Bloodskulks and I was killed.

This time I did not become upset and returned to battlefield. Group told I was tougher and that my heals were usefull. Once again we fought, then biped left and I was left together with Dragon. We took our time to hunt Ravenous Bloodsnouts (I need their components) and some skulks, including Bloodmages and Soosthsayers. Our Dragon still has to hunt for more components - now he has 14 out of 40 needed.

I did have fun in this hunting. Yes, my multiclassing is still a bit low to fight alone. I can kill Bloodskulk Spearfisher (the lowest mob of their class), but will for sure lose any fight against any their magician. On the other hand - I healed others, I 'invited' magicians to fight so that others may notice where their targets are.

Later returned to crafting. Noticed that one plot in Bristugo needs lots of slate blocks. Started to do them, although gained too little experience. But it still is a kind of support to others (which is good) and a kind of fun.

The day was over. It was interesting, with less grinding and more fun. To be usefull, to level up, to have fun - what more could me ask from a game?