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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

most experienced pla, sharing and chopping

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday February 1 2012 at 12:57AM
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The day started with the traditional...maintainance. Then I went to my woods again. Chopping trees with woodworking potions was very fast. It took me some 2 potions to make some 14000 logs: two tier 4 silos filled at 100% (5600 logs) and one - with some 2000 logs. Advanced by three levels again..

Then noticed one Dragon needed some components for armor. Asked what he needed - and voila, something I have that just takes place in my backpack. Mithril boulder golem fragments: gave 19, I still will and may hunt them for xp (later, when I finally start fighting). Later he told he needed Marbe and Marble boulder golem fragments: I had them too...but my Dragon disappeared.

To take some rest from the tree chopping, decided to harvest stone and add to our Guild structure in Bristugo. I had to make 196 slate construction blocks, 36 slate keystones and some 16 sandstone construction blocks. Went to Snowfall, keeping an eye on the silos. SInce there was a bug, I did not want it to repeat. Fortunately for me, everything was right: made those slate 196 blocks, but just some 34 keystones. Sandstone remains to be done.

And then Dragon appeared once again. Told me he had little time, I asked to come...and he went offline. Had to leave those marble golem fragments in our Guildhouse.

And then our famous Player A. came. This time with rational question. A pity I had no idea how to answer, since he was asking about school that I have not tried yet. The funny thing was: once crafter told Player A like "gather some iron or steel, make metal bars, construct armor and then deconstruct it". Next question from Player A: "So how should I gain xp?".

Crafter one more time explained. I added he should read...and then crafter sarcastically remarked: "Of  course, there is no way you could figure out deconstructing may give you xp, only most experienced players are told that". My remark: "And what is xp for?".

And then came our Player A. epic phrase:

Then I am most experienced player

I sarcasticlaly noted "Indeed" and he thought I was agreeing... Unfortunately, he did not understand sarcasm.

Well, looks like Player A. is getting out of any context. Should he ask wise questions, everything may be ok. Everyone asks everything or sometimes needs some help. But he is not learning, he even fails to read our wiki.

Despite Player A., the day was successfull. I advanced and what was more important -I helped my Guild with the plot. It may sound unnatural: i am using my time for construction I won't gent any xp or coin and I may not even be able to use that silos...but it's about community, about friendship and about realising one has to help others. That's what I love Istaria for. writes:
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