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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

multiclassing:investment and pay-off

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday February 29 2012 at 2:15AM
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Your friendship with Chancellor Palpatine seems to have paid off.

Obi wan Kenobi

An interesting day - or the remnant of one, just because I could play for some 3 hours only.

Spiritist was finally over. I found one good (although giving not too much xp) place: a mix of various golems, from lvl. 46 to lvl. 60 so that that there were always some enemies to kill. Tried almost all attack options, especially life leaching. Once again got disappointed: in most cases my tier 1 spells tend to miss and even if they do hit, they return me up to some 60 health + hits enemy by some 12-13 ethereal damage. Not so serious. And finally - magic level 20 in Spiritist school. My journey within Spiritist school was over and I was happy of that.

The time has come to start long-awaited Shaman school. I went to Sslanis (very interesting town), found my trainer and voila - I am lvl.20 Spiritist. This school is considered to be Prestige one - so when you join, you are level 20.

And then, "payday" began. For some time, I have been gathering trophies. Sometimes tens, sometimes hundreds of them. Grouping by every 5 levels (like "lvl.21-25 trophies"). Getting almost all I could find and have a patience to find. I felt it was a kind of investment: if I have nothing interesting to do, except craft, I may hunt these monsters for trophies.

Now, I took away my first load of trophies and exchanged them all. Result being good: 3,5 levels at once + some coin too. So - my time spent on trophy hunting has paid off. Of course, now I would have to hunt for some time to reach lvl.24, lvl.25 and possibly - lvl.26. Then - turning some trophies into new xp and a little hunting again. I should be levelling fast.

The only problem is to find monsters that give good xp and are non-problematic to kill. My mix of golems is not a good option, since they offer (sometimes) 600-800 xo, while I will need ten of thousands xp points. But I will find my own enemy. Yesterday tried to kill Topaz golem (lvl.67), but it turned to be disastrous: having no real offense and no good defense, I barely survived.

Then we had some discussion in the Universal Soldiers chat concerning Spiritist. I am very sceptic about it, while others are not so. We also had a talk with one person about quest and I am happy I told him about New Brommel deadlands: they offer big xp, but at the cost of very social monsters.

The day was a really good one. I look forward to testing my Shaman in serious combat:make enemy bleed before it reaches you and then finish him off. All I need is just some more combat levels.... - and then, trophies would be just addition.

slaughtering & multiclassing

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday February 28 2012 at 2:05AM
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My multiclassing continues with its own adventures.

Was levelling Druid - the school I like so much. As usuall, I go for golems and after some time of killing - I reached level 20. It was time for spiritist.

To be frank, I expected more of that school. Some offensive abilities or at least -some defense. And guess what: only one free spell (training spirit bolt; usefull only against low level monsters) and some very light defense abilities. I spent first 10 levels by killing poor lvl.4 Magots and using the crystals they dropped. Easy and not too boring job. Later, I went to kill Granite golems.

And there the fun began. I bought some spells and gained some new abilities: Theft of Life and Soul link. Theft of life does exactly what it is named for: if hits, steals life from enemy and gives to caster. Soul link works better: does damage and steals some health. However, they hit monsters in a rare occasion, so were not too usefull. I have also tried some new spells, like "Fist of nature" - a giant stone floating above target and then crushing it.  Good against weaker targets, but almost did not work against stronger ones.

Yes, I killed golems. They were rather easy prey, even when I had to fight 2 or 3 of them...but only due to ability to use some Druid spells.

At the end of the day I was level 15 Spiritist and got tired from grinding. Killing without real offense or defense was not fun. If only life stealing spells worked with 50% probability - it would be interesting. All I want right now - is to finish last few levels and go for Shaman.

What I do expect from Shaman is interesting tactic: first strip enemy off enemy enhancements, then cast all curses you have...and only then engage in melee combat with weakened enemy. This was what some Shamans did to me earlier. This is what I would do with them.

It does not mean disappointment in Istaria. School may be boring at some level (but maybe later it would be interesting). Being Druid was very fun for me; being Mage - interesting, although a bit hard against stronger monsters (but then, Mage can use Fire bomb spell and virtually spam enemy with explosions).

Today it is maintainence day in Istaria - would have a little play, but maybe will finish that Spiritist...

Great weekend in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Monday February 27 2012 at 2:10AM
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Initially I thought it would be just another crafting, racing to just another level 100. But then I decided to take adventure (i.e. combat) multiclassing. As I have told earlier, I needed to take Mage, then Druid, then Spiritist and then - Shaman. And then, it began...

I started as Mage. A good choice, because Mage trainer offers some quests at the very begining. I killed any enemy without a trouble. And mage's usage of spells was great experience too. Some enemies were killed with one hit.  I could also cast Engulf on any weaker enemy and then just watch how monster dies from the flames that engulf it (no need to fight). Also, Mage school increased my Flame skills and thus enabled some Flame spells to be used by any class later. Levelled Mage to level 10 and then switched to Druid.

Druids are Nature class - they do love forests, their spells (be it offensive or defensive) reflects Druids' love for forest. And Druid so far is the most fun school. They have "Cloak of Thorns" spell and it does damage to any attacking enemy or enemies. Therefore, if 3 monsters attack you - you fight one of them and the others get damage by Cloud of Thorns. Needless to say, everyone in Istaria loves this spell. There also many other usefull spells. Petrify - makes your enemy stand and not respond to any attack. Some allow you to be healed over some time. I did enjoy fighting as Druid. Initially I just killed low level magots, used their crystals and thus made up to some lvl.11. Later switched to killing level 48-69 Golems. They gave me 600-1350 xp per kill plus trophies plus sellable items. It was great fun too. Yes, I had to use all spells I had. Yes, I had to heal myself often and to use all the buffs, but it was still great experience.

As a Druid, I also had the opportunity to use Flame bolt (Mage-given spell), but to less effect: my flame skill is too low. The only good thing is that Flame bolt does not cool down: you use it untill your enemy is dead. Overall, Druid is a great combination of melee and ranged class, having good defenses and balanced offense.

Now I need only few classes before switching to Spiritist. I am less optimistic about this school as it lacks serious defense or offense. Spiritists are masters of healt tranfer: they can cast spells that make damage dealt to you be transfered to you. So, if enemy hits you by 100 points, some 50-60 points will be added to you. These spells are good, but as supportive only. I don't know how will I level up this school.

And after that - Shaman. It's school that loves '"vampirism" and stripping enemy off any enchantments. It may be that enemy will be cursed many times and enter combat with Shaman very weakened. At least that' s what I experienced when tried to hunt Bloodskulk Shamans. Now, it would be some repayment time...I expect even more fun with Shaman.

I also had to help Player S. and some Dragon hatchlings doing their Adult rite of passage. Player S. needed to kill 90 automatons (level 30s) and it took her 1 hour to kill 10 of them. Together we killed the remaining 70 or 80 automatons within one hour, it was pretty easy.

And then - mission of escorting hatchlings to one deadland and protecting them while they kill some hard enemies. Player S. and me protected our hatchies - untill deadlands no one died. In deadlands there were maximum 2 hatchling deaths, but I was able to resurrect and heal. This kind of escort is not my favourite one: we had to travel through dangerous enemies and in that deadlands there are monsters capable of killing even Player S.

I also helped one impatient hatchling to reach one oasis through desert swarming with wolves. Hatchie was killed one more, but only due to lack of patience. Next time she reached oasis in safety.

Weekend was great. As one player said - "when multiclassing, don't forget the main thing - to have fun". I look forward for more hunts and more fun. Life is good and bright.

Helping 2 friends

Posted by Lithuanian Friday February 24 2012 at 1:27AM
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It was expected to be a rather standard crafting day: chop tree, fill silo with logs, make boards, make tools, recycle tools...and back to point one. I worked this way and managed to get 1 level as Gatherer and 1 level as Blacksmith.

Then, was approached by two players at the same time: Player S. alt was asking to help hatchlings with lvl.11 spiders and former Player S husband alt was asking for some combat advancement too. I chose former husband. First, we went to hunt Small ruxus - small, green, but greedy monsters that rarely drop trophy coin. When we had some 10 trophy coins collected, he went to Dalimond to exchange trophies into xp. Then, we came to hatchlings. Helped a bit and then moved to lvl. 70s monsters in order for 'former husband' to gain any xp. Lucky for me, I was able to protect all members of group. Then, Player S. main Dragon joined and our group gained almost zero xp.

Former husband and me moved to hunt Fire opal golems. The very place I was grown at some time ago. I did everything the same: took that player on a hill, told to run if attacked and gave him half of the loot. Another half was given to Player S. alt who came too.

Yes, xp was not too big - some 600 if I killed one lvl.91 golem and some 1000 if I was fighting two of them. One time I had a fight with three, no one from my group (lvl.14 and 24) supporting me with heals, but I made it. Later one named golem was killed and it alone gave some 1200 xp points. Of course, there were deaths, m,y group died many times and was resurrected. We were victorious, all players advanced by 1 level.

At the end, we defeated named monster one more time. My group acted brave - they tried to heal me (alas, got killed for that) and each other, they ran only if it was a must. Being Dragon means being too brave. Finally, I went to take some rest, chop some wood and recycle one silo with yew logs.

I also heared yesterday's terrible lags were because of Order server ("shard") database. Entire Order had to be restarted yesterday. Well, let us hope it won't repeat...

The day was a very good one. I advanced, I helped and had not enough time to help everyone. Left some craft helping for Player S. for today. I like when I am usefull to others.

Monsters and crafting:two days in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday February 23 2012 at 3:12AM
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Had some interesting time in my favourite Istaria.

First of all  -some crafting, managed to fill almost 2 fulls silos and therefore prepare for at least 1 level in Gatherer and Blacksmith. Soon, with all crystals and gifts and special armor I would be able to harvest Travertine - the top level wood.

Then my Player S. came and asked for some help. Initially - to just wait and heal/resurrect her. Later it became clear she was expecting her quest to finish...and the quest did not finish. We needed some 50 Travertine logs and 1 travertine treants knot to be looted. Went to these deadly monsters: two Dragons (both lv.100) and me. The fight initially was normal one. Only one time did Player S. crashed and, left alone with some lvl.112 monsters, I had to run.

Later we resumed fighting, gathering logs and drops...untill I ran out into three Massive travertine treants. It was The Fight. Player S. and me - we both did what we could best. I healed her, paying little attention to myself, she healed me and fought treants, managing to kill some of them. She died, I resurrected her, healed myself and then I was killed only to be resurrected by her. Then once again we fought together...only to die together. Earned + 2 deaths this way.

Fighting was over and I had leave.

Yesterday I helped one Player S. alt to fight lvl.11 spiders. Bright side: I healed and resurrected anyone. Not so dark side: they gained no experience due to the presence of high levelled character (me).

However, I got very tired yesterday - had to help some people in real life and did not want to do anything too hard. Decided to go on crafting...and the lagging began.

I do realise server may lag, it may crash...but this time it affected everyone. No loot, no transfer from cargo disk to storage silo (example: one player had some 1350 components in cargo disk and decided transfer to silo - components were not in disk and not in silo). I decided to wait - nothing happened. Finally, decided to relogg, only to appear in some space where I could not move or speak, server was empty. Re-logged second time - nothing again.

It was against my principles to visit Istaria's forum - but this time people were reporting and developers told that they would check. Up to the end of the day nothing was corrected. Well, a pity that such a good game experiences lags too often. If I had tons of cash - I would buy Virtrium and first of all I'd hire a technic team to look after servers 24/7....and even more, I would force every member of staff to play Istaria in working hours so that they would know what difficulties arise for a new player and, for example, how hard it may be to craft stuff.

I do hope today would be a better day and I could go on with crafting. Later I will start adventuring once again and one day I will return to Mhedon alone to torture that mean Golem and kill him sloooowly...

joy, lags, bans

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday February 21 2012 at 1:47AM
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First statement: Velveeta's post about Istaria was so good I did not dare to enter my own.  And now to my  experience.

First of all - mysterious thing happened. Some stuff disappeared from our Guildhouse, a structure that only Guild member can access. Tier 6 and some mysterious components just disappeared. Tier 5 items, armor, crystals - everything else left intact. I know I did not take out anything, contrary  - deposited stuff so that it may be used by someone else later.

Of course, it was a topic for our chat. There were some advices to ask some persons to be repsonsible for certain things. For example, one player is responsible for Guild crystals, another -for Guild formulas, third - for components etc. Whoever wants to give away or receive this stuff - just adresses appropriate player. So far - Guild leadership made no decision, maybe it was someone's mistake.

Otherwise - things are going pretty well. I am advancing in crafting, although slow. Some 12000 logs are enough only for 1 Gatherer level and some 7000 boards (14.000 logs) - for only one Blacksmith level and I have 10 levels to go.

However, I take it as investment: Gatherer and Fletcher will give maximum woodworking skills. Miner would give maximum metal working and mining skills. Therefore any craft school I would take - would be easier to level up. So I am taking it very calm, as an investment.

I was happy to help other people. Player S. needed my help in locating and killing some monsters:Oak treants, Lava oastics. We hunted together as in old good times. And then she took some really hard quests. Initially it was some named Fire wolf. I knew it was dangerous, but she asked for help and I agreed. I hardl come to the place, guarded by 2 Dragons...only to find being attacked by fire beetles. When it came to the wolf, my Dragon died at least 1 time and I died one time too. I resurrected her, she resurrected me, we healed each other all the time...and finally we were victorious. Next stop was named Thornwood treant. Player S. died one time - a pity, that lvl.103 treant did not attack me, I could take some more damage just because of the heals. However, we were victorious.

And finally - my old enemy, the one I wish I could torture and then kill slowly: Mithril named golem, Mhedon. Once he dared to kill me and now we went for revenge. Player S. knew my "warm" feelings towards it... We spent more time in locating it, than in killing it. Fight was hard, health sometimes running dangerously low, but no one died and we both were very happy.  And then it was almost midnight, I had to sleep.

Except of this - once more my impatience is getting me. I was offered some cool spells, all I needed was to hunt some Enraged Glowing wisp. I found two of them in a big place, no one dropped stuff and I decided it was impossible. Other player killed some 20 of them, got 2 stuff and made me cool spells. I was nervous: I could defeat some lvl.99 enemies in a row and get their components...and am unable just to wait. Weird.

Also helped one Dragon to get Holy war and my own Player S. - to find one trainer.

What did not help me - lags and Player A. I am not sure, but for me lags are becoming instatnt problems. Harvesting yew, then suddenly everything stops..."Server connection failure". Fighting treant, treant low on health, but I can't attack and treant won't die..."Server connection failure". Teleporting/recalling - and often game just freezes.

Player A. has met his fate: he is banned from our channel. His third (or is it fourth?) personage (we call them "alts") went to the chat and continued to begg. This time - "plz help me grow up to crafting level 20". Everyone did it himself. yes, sometimes I saw and participated in "craft advancing group", when 2 players gather resources for the third, but it was never because of begging "gimme gimme more", only of free will. Player A. continued to begg. I answered that I never asked for crafting help and levelled myself. He continued to begg and was banned.

I was relieved...but it wasn't quite right. First of all, a warning should be before ban (since it's not enough to put someone in the prison - person must be explained why he is put there). Ye,s it was first ban I witnessed...but Player A. may come with his next alts and begg once again. One experienced player told - maybe we should teach Player A. how game is played? But he would answer his typical "ok" to anything and fail to read our wiki, even if adviced so.

In spite of this, I had a very good time in Istaria. I helped others, I was having fun and relax killing weakier enemies and no grinding is almost a paradise. Things are getting just good - and soon I will begin my new combat schools, that offers me even more fun.

no grinding, advancing and fun

Posted by Lithuanian Friday February 17 2012 at 12:26PM
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Two long days (well, officially I am ill, so don't judge too harsh) in Istaria. Two long days to feel what teh game life is - again.

Of course, crafting. Chopping yew trees, making boards, making tools, recyclingt tools...The fun began when I reached Fletcher -the school that takes use of tool recycling- level 97. Yesterday I finally reached top level, level 100 in Fletcher school. Now, it is Blacksmith that I will grow.

Now I have 2 craft schools finished and lvl.90 Blacksmith would be grown very soon, maybe faster than Gatherer.

Once again I asked some help. One player calculated how many resources I may need for my universal tier 5 armor. The list was huge. And it marked a new era: I started to hunt for resources. Once again I went to forest to kill some trees, to slain some Bloodsnouts and so on. Once again I was in my battle armor.

Was helped with trophy hunting by our leader. Unfortunately, I died, but it was nothing when comparing to good hunt and almost 80% of components needed. Later helped one Dragon to hunt. I knew I was one-use healer, but tried my best in healing others and possibly -taking damage,. It ended when I was killed, but at least no one complained. Maybe my heals were usefull too.

Then I ran with Player S. to hunt for some golems and alike. As in old good times we ran, healed each other and slain everything we found. Lava oastics, Marble golems and some others - everything was killed in order for Player S. to complete her ability quests. Only the last quest I could not help - it involved some >100 golems. I am still too weak for them.

Finally, todayt went to kill lvl.95 Nahkuk ogres, These are real evil: they stun, they may hit hard and there are always lvl.103-108 monsters nearby, so one has to take much caution. I killed them, experiencing little problems and even gathered some components.  It does return at least some of self-confidence to me.

Now, most of armor components are ready. I need 3 types of monsters to kill and 2 type of resources to get.  Not so shiny news are that even my lvl.1 adventurer would have to start with killing lvl.73 monsters.  And being tier 1 fighter, he will have very limited amount of heals and buffs.

Player A. starts to show up more frequently and instantly annoys everyone. I start explaining him, sometimes maybe on the verge of poltiness - that everyone started at level 0, everyone chose wrong armor, wrong equipment and made mistakes, but also [almost] everyone learned to fight, to retreat, to ask and to learn. Only our Player A. wants everything to be done for him: help him with craft, help with trophy hunt etc.

Despite of this - these days are going perfectly. Life is shiny once again.

ethic learned

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday February 15 2012 at 3:23AM
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Felt a bit better - spent almost all day untill maintainence and after it - in Istaria.

Of course, it was a routine: run to Massive Yew tree - get everything from it - fill all silos nearby with logs - make boards from logs. Gained some 3 levels this way and today I am lvl.79 Gatherer. Growing up Fletcher is better - now I am level 94, only six levels to the top.

Using woodreaping (tier 5) potions helps great - I should have used them extensively before.

But the main thing was not crafting and enjoying my own growth. The main topic was ethic one.

There were some 6 public silos. Typically one was used by some stuff and it did not bother me, if 5 silos are left. Yesterday I noticed "only" 2 silos were left for me. Others were occupied by other players' stuff.

I thought that I really needed at least one silo. And I went to conclusion that maybe I would take off other player's stuff, fill the silo with "my" logs and then quickly empty the silo (making boards from logs), returining stuff where it was. I did not steel anything, I do nothing wrong.

Lucky enough, asked about it in the chat and was tought by our most honourable member that it is not good takin in concern there are more free public silos left. And they were, just a bit futher than I expected.

Lesson was learned and I began to use more distant silos. Ethic in game plays a big role and not for me only. What other player has left is what other player has left.

Well, now I am just relocating logs to more distant silos so that later I would have not two, but 4 or maybe 5 silos and advance in more levels. And yes, it is not only about jet-jevelling, it's about ethic in the first place. Would I want my stuff taken and themn mysteriously re-appaearing? Obviously no. Would other player be satisfied if I do it to his/her stuff? No.

Stepping aside - we joked about Valentine's day in Istaria. How we would go (with one friendly Dragon) to Bloodskulks and I would drink Bolster Strenght potion and greet them with my weapon and confess to the first Bloodskulk in love: yes, my weapon does love to smash some Skulk's head into one thousand pieces.

The day was succesfull one. I am close to finish one school (Fletcher) and if I work hard -finish Gatherer. Then, I could finally start adventuring, picking on some 3 schools asd prerequisites to join fourth.

seld-confidence and flu

Posted by Lithuanian Monday February 13 2012 at 1:36PM
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Today I am ill. Somke 38 temperature - lying at home, no play. Therefore - all weekend adventures in very short manner.

Hunt. Yes, hunted for components. Decided to ask one player to make me armor for Gatherer, using tier 5 technologies. That meant lots of grinding. Yew treants refusing to give me components. Yew sapplings doing the same. Finally, rare Massive Yew treants initially refusing to give components too.  It helped me to regain at least some confidence and cool down a bit.

Support.  Was helped by one very friendly Dragon in hunting of Gloomwolves. Later he was very kind to guve me his own Gloomwolves fangs. He needed them, but gave to me.

Armor. Finally, got it - every status increased, now I can harvest Yew at almost optimal level.

Craft. Goes very well. Ratio is optimal, experience increased by some 50%: if I needed two silos of maple for one level - now I need only one.

And of course I was wrong about developers (see my post concerning Granite). No, they did not remove Granite and they did ruin stone-based schools. As people say, Mea culpa...

Today went to the game only to tell that I won't be active there and that I did not have trophies one player requested. Soon, our famous Player A. appeared and directly to the business: "Nakties, I need your help with tier 2 trophy hunting". I refused, asking him to re-read my two sentences where I mentioned I was ill.

No idea when I will update this blog :-/

just depressed

Posted by Lithuanian Friday February 10 2012 at 7:44AM
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Jean, if you can please calm down...

The Messenger:the story of Joan of Arc

"The Messenger" is one of my favourite movies. Call it odd, but I really like it and some of it phrases have become iconic, at least for me. This time it would not be about the movie (the movie is excellent) - it's the quote when Jean arrives to Orleans and count Dunois tells her - " Jean, if you can please calm down and let me accompany you to Orleans - it would be my honor to wellcome you". Something (except honor) can be told about me in Istaria.

Yesterday I decided to go crafting. Adding slate to someone else's building was good, but not enough xp. Decision was clear - to go mine granite, fill all silos with it and then produce stuff. I knew place where there was plenty of granite, guarded by easy to kill Granite golems. Vault, Stoneworking structure and even public silos are all nearby - just craft and enjoy.

The granite was gone. I went around only to find one node. Golems were intact, though no granite nodes. Folks adviced to go further - and walking far from the plot I found entire 3 veins! At their maximum, they could give 500 granite slabs and the backpack contains some 1500. So - I should go forward, harvest a little, then run backward, pray that silos are not full and make 3 runs instead of one. Oh, did I mention I could need some 5000 slabs just for one level?

The the server was shut down for repairs (something went wrong). I don't know if these changes were deliberate (which seems they were - updates are too often downgrades in Istaria) or just server-side error. Later I went to search for other nodes only to find there was no place that could allow efficient levelling.

Talked with one player. I did not intend to talk to him, just noted in the chat "Another [crafting] school doomed". Received an answer that I annoyed him etc. That was too unexpected. Yes, I did complain -and this blog won't let me lie- about ruined metal schools, i.e. that developers wanted to ruin them. It was only once upon a time. I know Gatherer is a very grindy school and so far there were no complaints. I know Fletcher is grindy too, but never complained about it nor about my Weaponsmith. Disappointed, I left the chat. There was nothing more I was wanting to hear.

But things only began to happen.

Thought about levelling up crafting -and no good news. It took me 2 full silos to advance by one level. Of course, it was maple and more efficient was to chop yew. But it was in vain - I ran throughout all the Yew forest, avoiding only most dangerous area and found no Massive trees. And I knew simple trees were not efficient.

I was approached by one player - I know him, high level crafter, very friendly and always offering his support. I told him I needed to calm down. Of course, I was (and am) upset by approach like I received.  Instead of calming down, I was upset even more. No, that player did not want me to be upset, it's all about me. he just told me Yew masisve trees were at...(and coordinates followed). I was almost furious. I ran throughout forest, I checked almost every tree, trying to avoid enemies, getting sometimes too close - and no tree. Suddenly out of nowhere - Masisve trees are there and unguarded. I left the game quickly.

This was not the kind of  a day I have expected. It was first time when I did not know what to do. Crafting is either doomed (Mason) or too slow (Gatherer, Fletcher). Asking someone's help for crafting is not my way of doing, I must handle it alone. And I don't know what to do now. The only thing I could do is to write down list of trophies: need to have at least 5 of each of them.

Another point is - I don't understand how can others jet-level craft, where I just going very slow. They should have prepared millions of resources and I have only 3-4 public silos available. I don't understand how could I level if main resources are too far away from needfull structures. And I seem to run out of patience. If I had at least one place where I could efficiently advance at least one crafting school - I would go for it. But developers seems to downgrade if they feel something is too good. Granite just 10 steps away from silos, structures and vault - we will take away granite. Iron too close for smelter and anvil -we will remove iron (already done with Trandalar's iron at Blight server). Mithril too close to silos unguarded - will make heavily guarded.

I know I could have more patience. Or just think about grinding that it is romantic and poetic (if Britney could sing hit me baby one more time, why couldn't I say chop Masive tree 2058-th time?). I just can't and am losing my patience.

That was the day. Not so lucky. Maybe today it would be a bit better

(free) Mason apprentice

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday February 9 2012 at 2:13AM
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I am not sure if I would ever be of such high qualities as to enter any Masonic Lodge, not even dreaming about becoming a Master and entering Scottish Rite.

What I am sure - that I am levle 56 Mason in Istaria and will reach level 100. Being Mason in Istaria is fun, good and profitable.

Yesterday went to level up my Gatherer and things were going - as usually - slow. Went to Fabric isle, gathered SIlk and made some stuff from it (had to spent some coin to buy Journeyman formula as well as formula for Expert tools). Reached level 76 in Gatherer school and then one player asked about some help. They were going to build an Expert structure and needed support. I thought my opportunity to add some Obsidian blocks and keystones. Went to Dralk, gathered full load of Obsidian...

And then it became clear my mason was only lvl.57 and could not even produce Obsidian keystones. At the moment my Obsidian is ineffective, but gives good xp. The operation ended when I managed to collect some blocks, which ended full load -->8 blocks added. Highly ineffective.

Later we went to hunt: one big Dragon, one powerfull biped and me. (Almost) traditional Bloodskulk hunt, this time we went directly to their village. There, the battle began. A new strategy was deviced, clearly stating what each member of the group is to do. My main role was healing and supporting (if no heals available) with fire. Cannot judge about healing abilities since I used every spell available, healing others and only at the end caring about myself. Tbe battle was hard: Skulk magicians stunning us, debuffing and attacking in groups. First target of theirs was I, but still - if they attack me, they don't attack valuable Dragon or powerfull biped. One time I paid for this: we were surrounded by some 8 Bloodskulks and I was killed.

This time I did not become upset and returned to battlefield. Group told I was tougher and that my heals were usefull. Once again we fought, then biped left and I was left together with Dragon. We took our time to hunt Ravenous Bloodsnouts (I need their components) and some skulks, including Bloodmages and Soosthsayers. Our Dragon still has to hunt for more components - now he has 14 out of 40 needed.

I did have fun in this hunting. Yes, my multiclassing is still a bit low to fight alone. I can kill Bloodskulk Spearfisher (the lowest mob of their class), but will for sure lose any fight against any their magician. On the other hand - I healed others, I 'invited' magicians to fight so that others may notice where their targets are.

Later returned to crafting. Noticed that one plot in Bristugo needs lots of slate blocks. Started to do them, although gained too little experience. But it still is a kind of support to others (which is good) and a kind of fun.

The day was over. It was interesting, with less grinding and more fun. To be usefull, to level up, to have fun - what more could me ask from a game?

another day in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday February 8 2012 at 1:29AM
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Traditional maintainance day in Istaria, therefore had little time to play.

Crafting went wrong since the very begining. My tactic usually is simple:to find Massive tree, cut it to fill some half silo and then search forn re-born Massive tree thus repeating the circle untill I have some 3 or even 4 silos.

This time Massive tree was nowhere to be found. Well, I thought I would go for Yew trees. But once again, no Massive trees in sight and folks in chat told there was one, just over-guarded.

Tried to chop single Yew tree...and got 50 logs from it, while normal maple gives me about 150 logs. And I managed to make boards with the bad ratio 4:1 (the worst is 5:1 and the best is 2:1). Advancement was too slow to level up.

To make things more difficult, there were some problems with silos (could not access some for  a while) and - our Guil house in Bristugo. It showed it was empty, with all my trophy tokens gone. At the end it was available and the trophies were not gone.

Of course, folks in the chat began to report new levels achieved. Only I from all crafters failed to achieve anything at all. Felt sad because of this. Everyone levels up, it is just me with this maple that gives little experience and yew is very ineffective.

Folks tried to cheer me up (it's Universal soldiers chat after all), but I feel it is more to self-confidence. I made my weaponsmtih...and its skills are not required by anyone except me. And eveyrone is jet-levelling...just not me. I was given one advice though and will try it today.

Went offline for a bit to calm down. Later, when returned, I finally found that unlucky Massive tree. When I finished it, I was asked by Player S. to help with crafting. Finally, I found something usefull and the rest of the day harvested slate. I hope Player S. advanced at least by one level.

Such was the day. Maybe today's crafting would be better one.

to die, to craft, to think

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday February 7 2012 at 2:13AM
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...and justice for all.

It was meant to be just another grinding: not too enjoyable, not too boring in a race to reach both Gatherer and Fletcher lvl.100 and they go up for fighting.

Initially it was grinding when one Dragon asked for help in defeating some skeletons. "Peace of cake" - I thought. I am a top-level Warrior and top-level Cleric: heavy armor and 7 healing spells, what could go wrong?

it went. Was killed when to to sneak past some Bhalkuk gatherers. Recalled. Then went another way to my Dragon. Yes, I saw those skeletons: lvl.106 ones, higly evasive. Alone I could nebver have a chance against them. We killed one, then went to second and the second was on his way to be owned...but the third one came. I was killed first, then my Dragon. 3 death points in a day.

Later we discussed strategy with this Dragon and came to conclusion we should 'invite' only one skeleton at a time. Then we would have some chance.

Went back to grinding. I thought fighting was over. 3 death points were more than enough for one day. Of course, it hitted my self-confidence. I thought being multiclassed meant I should be strong...and it wasn't. Conclusion: I need more multiclassing to be strong and don't be afraid of any monster.

Then another Dragon approached. He needed some Bloodkskulk stuff. We went to hunt together. Ran across small island killing everyting: simple Bloodskulks just because they are ugly Bloodskulks; Bloodskulk Bloodmages because he needs their trophies; Bloodskulk Soothsayers because he needs their trophies.

It was running around: to notice Bloodskulk and to kill it. I was of little use - just as a healer...and still this Dragon gave me lots of trophies just for taking part in a hunt.

Finally, we both had to recall. I deposited some trophy technologies in our Guild house (maybe someone will need them?), scribed something and replaced tier 2 technologies with tier 4 ones.  Then went to crafting again, reaching lvl.70 in Gatherer school and almost lvl. 85 (or 86?) in Fletcher.

At the end of the day one Dragon needed some money, I gave it (since it is not hard to earn).

Player A. showed up, asked for some tier 2 spells and left before our most honoured member (usually adressed only as Sir [nick]) made them. I felt somewhat strange. When Player A. asked/demanded for some money, I did not respond. When that Dragon said, I answered "yes" without thinking.

And yes, Player S. We hunted 20 fire ogres with her, I got some trophies to level up my future battle classes and she - I suppose - got new Dragon ability.

The day was succesfull one. Little grinding, much helping/fighting. Today is maintanance day, so I would have little time to grind or fight.

Wiki, patience, Dragons

Posted by Lithuanian Monday February 6 2012 at 1:47AM
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A long weekend in Istaria.

First of all - crafting. I am almost lvl. 69 Gatherer and lvl.82 Fletcher. Of course, this means instant chopping, teleporting, filling silos and when all silos are filled - making boards from logs. But it is worth of grinding. Gatherer school will greatly pay off later, when I will switch to other organic schools, it is only now that I grind in the name of grinding. I can see how more experienced players play: they have high levels in craft, they just gather some 50.000 resources and then make stuff from them, advancing by tens of levels per day.

Tried to chop some Yew trees, but these proved to be less efficient than standard maple. Conclusion: will stay with maple.Alas, now it takes me 3 full silos to get one level and I have 32 levels to advance. So -I must have some patience. It will pay off.

Player S. asked for some help and I was happy to do so. One time we fought Lava golems, another time -a long fight with some Dire wolves. I am still hit by them and could not survive alone against a horde of wolves. She had some really tough times...but we survived. Only one time I had to run, feeling ashamed. Later Player S. told me to run and I refused. I told a phrase I did not expect myself to - that it would be a shame for Cleric to leave group. In fact, as a Cleric I see it as my duty to heal others even at the expense of my own health and life. After all, it is Player S. that must gain experience, and I at level 100 cannot gain it.

Later we went to most deadly territory - Spirituos swamp. Had to make some trophy hunting (for some reason Player S. is a huge fan of it). Hunting was hard. The enemy we were hunting was not problematc; level 82 Shrunken purple spiders. However, they were protected by lvl. 84 and lvl.92 Spiders. To make things worse, there was one named monster and few Bloodskulks around.

We hunted. Killed several bloodskulks by the way, including Bloodskulk Bloodmage and Soothsayer. The last two are real evils. Soothsayer can dispell any positive enchantments and castg powerfull curses. Bloodmage is like all bloodmages - powerfull to fear in one-to-one combat. And they do stun.

The problem arose and it was this named monster. 8000 health is some kind of problem. Killing me or my Dragon with 3 hits is a big problem. Finally, we had to call another Ancient Dragon to kill that named evil and continue our peacefull carnage.

Player S.was killed one time and finally, named monster killed me. The hunt was over. I could return to my maple trees.

Later, was approached by one lvl.55 Dragon to be his healer. We went to New Brommel deadlands and killed tons of monsters. Once again my healing was superb. Player S. noticed it and now I saw it in action. Unfortunately, one time I 'invited' too many monsters and Dragon died. Not a problem - resurrected him and we continued a fight untill it was a time for me to go to sleep.

And finally - our Player A. Once again asking things he could easily found on our wiki. People are starting to answer him: read wiki (in cases where the answer is clearly written). Maybe it is bad to ignore him, but he would beg for helping anywhere (thanks to God, no more direct commanding) or state "I would reach lvl.100", although he can't advance withour help from lvl.17 to lvl.18. If only he could read wiki before asking - things could be better. I too ask question in chat, but they are not covered in wiki. It is natural. What is not natural - is asking for help every second.

I am planning some hunting - need to gather some components for myself and help one Dragon. It won't be soon, but it will surely be done. I also took advantage of the Guild structure taking one crystal for my tools. Added some of  my crystals to compensate.

Weekend was good, full of impressions. I was usefull to others once again and my time in the game was not pure grinding. Good.


Posted by Lithuanian Friday February 3 2012 at 1:28AM
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Yesterday went to chop maple trees. Used my potions and filled 4 silos with the logs. Everything is going so fast with the wood reaping potions. If I see more of them - will definetly buy some 100.

When fourth silo was almost filled, Player S. contacted me. She asked my help with some quest "if you ever have time". Well, she could handle these quests (Dragons have a lot abilities quests) herself. Promised her to help as soon as I finish the tree. Then soon the tree was finished.

I teleported to Trandalar, told her to follow me...and strange things appeared. My enemy I was attacking was not doing anything, I could not attack me and game crashed due to "communications failure". Relogged - and received notice that "Server would shut down in 15 minutes". Logged off and just went to browse the web.

After some 2 hours server was there again. Judging from little number of people - maintainance was just over. Player S. have disapperared and I do hope she was not angry on me. I wanted to help her and I will help her just when I am high enough in crafting.

Then I thought the time has come to craft. Made some 4 levels as Gatherer, crafting boards from logs and made some 9.000 boards this way. Then switched to Fletcher and recycled boards: made tools, deconstructed tools and repeated this circle untill had no boards left. Advanced only 2,5 levels: this operation is giving too little experience, but still it is better than nothing.

And I saw I was able to use some top-level tools I have crafted. Unfortunately, this does not apply to tree axe as I am still too far from 800 experience points in Logging. Lumbering, Woodworking are at good levels...not the Logging. I would have to go some 30 levels.

The only bad thing I have noticed is that I am getting a bit tired. I go to forest, I chop my tree, store stuff in silos, fill up all free silos, make boards, switch school, make tools, re-switch school...and gettting little fun of that. Hopefully, when I reach that magic Logging 800, I would be able to advance faster and finally switch to fighting. Maybe this would be of more fun.

So, the day was a normal one.  I am looking forward for something like fighting.

advancements and thought about helping

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday February 2 2012 at 1:37AM
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The day started as usuall - chopping massive maple trees without mercy. Woodworking potions helps great. Already used 10 of them, only 90 remaining. With such speed, filled 3 silos (some 17.000 logs) very quickly. Then I saw there was only one public silo left, so abandoned chopping. Well, if there are public silos, I cannot take them all - I was very unhappy when saw one plot with public silos, and all silos were used.

Then it was time for some crafting. Managed to reach from lvl.44 to lvl.47 and later chopped only 1 tree to get it to lvl.48. The result was filling another silo with maple boards.

Well, time to switch to Fletcher and recycle tools. Once more, some 2.5 levels advancement.

Met with my Dragon and gave him Marble and Marble boulder golems fragments. My practice of taking any component/token if it can be rare, paid off. Later, I gave yet another 20 marble golem fragments...and left with only 13 in my inventory. It means, I cannot give any more of them: just because I may need them. Explained this to the Dragon, he understood.

Now this Dragon has the most dangerous enemies to hunt. Bloodskulk fishermen are bad, but he does neet Bloodskulk magicians. These evils cast cursing spells, removes beneficial spells from player, stun, and overall are deadly. Even most battle-hardened Dragon can fell a victim for these. And my Dragon needs...40 fragments. I told him he may need big and very strong group....and lots of time to get these trophies.

Once again our Player A. appeared. Once again crying for help: he just could not find a trainer. This time I lost my patience and explained he should read our wiki: there are coordinates for almost any NPC and he should be able to locate trainer and if it's hard, he just have to look at the map. Some minutes later, Player A. finally (after two days of searching) found that NPC...

One player came and politely asked for help explaining what for was I needed (as a healer only). Reason:one Dragon was doing quest and had to kill 20 elm treant saplings. This was sometimes risky, so they needed healer. well, I went there and healed anyone that got hurt. Soon 20 saplings were killed and I was free to go. That's where that person differs from Player A.

Then he started asking once again. "Guys, I need some of u help". No one respnded. I was busy with maples (finishing my lvl.48), others had their own business too. Player A. adressed me: " Nakties, I want to kill Giant sand beetles". I explained him beetles were not that hard and he shoduld be able to deal with them alone.

It is not good that I refused help to Player A. But as I explained him before leaving - no one will hunt every monster for him, no one will find any NPC for him. He needs at least some exploring.

Did some crafting for Guild too: transferred some maple boards for Guild, then applied some slate keystones and sandstone construction blocks to our silos. Had some more construction blocks - used them to help other plot.

Overall, the day was a success. If I had enough patience, I could have filled more silos with maple logs and advance further. Level 48 - it's almostr halfway  from, say, lvl.73 , when I would finally be able to switch to more profitable Yew trees and the best tools.

most experienced pla, sharing and chopping

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday February 1 2012 at 1:57AM
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The day started with the traditional...maintainance. Then I went to my woods again. Chopping trees with woodworking potions was very fast. It took me some 2 potions to make some 14000 logs: two tier 4 silos filled at 100% (5600 logs) and one - with some 2000 logs. Advanced by three levels again..

Then noticed one Dragon needed some components for armor. Asked what he needed - and voila, something I have that just takes place in my backpack. Mithril boulder golem fragments: gave 19, I still will and may hunt them for xp (later, when I finally start fighting). Later he told he needed Marbe and Marble boulder golem fragments: I had them too...but my Dragon disappeared.

To take some rest from the tree chopping, decided to harvest stone and add to our Guild structure in Bristugo. I had to make 196 slate construction blocks, 36 slate keystones and some 16 sandstone construction blocks. Went to Snowfall, keeping an eye on the silos. SInce there was a bug, I did not want it to repeat. Fortunately for me, everything was right: made those slate 196 blocks, but just some 34 keystones. Sandstone remains to be done.

And then Dragon appeared once again. Told me he had little time, I asked to come...and he went offline. Had to leave those marble golem fragments in our Guildhouse.

And then our famous Player A. came. This time with rational question. A pity I had no idea how to answer, since he was asking about school that I have not tried yet. The funny thing was: once crafter told Player A like "gather some iron or steel, make metal bars, construct armor and then deconstruct it". Next question from Player A: "So how should I gain xp?".

Crafter one more time explained. I added he should read...and then crafter sarcastically remarked: "Of  course, there is no way you could figure out deconstructing may give you xp, only most experienced players are told that". My remark: "And what is xp for?".

And then came our Player A. epic phrase:

Then I am most experienced player

I sarcasticlaly noted "Indeed" and he thought I was agreeing... Unfortunately, he did not understand sarcasm.

Well, looks like Player A. is getting out of any context. Should he ask wise questions, everything may be ok. Everyone asks everything or sometimes needs some help. But he is not learning, he even fails to read our wiki.

Despite Player A., the day was successfull. I advanced and what was more important -I helped my Guild with the plot. It may sound unnatural: i am using my time for construction I won't gent any xp or coin and I may not even be able to use that silos...but it's about community, about friendship and about realising one has to help others. That's what I love Istaria for.