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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Everquest II

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 26 2015 at 11:17AM
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Everquest II

Tried this gamre, although Sony entertainment charges even for using global chats. Free player –> no global chats. Pay subscription, get global chats. Very “nice”…

Customization: too little. No chance to change many things, except head, hair and alike. I chose some magic class, capable of burning enemies from distance.

I think I started to like this game. The world is kind of old-school: no maps marked with “quest there”, how you finish objectives is up to you. To make things easier – quest monsters are marked with feather, so you should know which are priority targets. Level gaining is kind of quick, new abilities almost at every level.

Crafting is easy and non-easy. You can gather resources from level 1 – no tools needed. Just come to Fallen tree, harvest and increase crafting skill. However, I did not find how to actually craft items.

Inventory is little, not sure how to increase it. Selling items to vendors reminds me of Istaria: very little copper coins.

Quests: the game title speaks for them. Wherever you go, you will seen NPCs offering quests and rewards for them. So far I do like this system.

The world is coloured one, some enemies are apathic, some – eager to engage anyone close to them. Loot exists, even collection exist (though not sure what threy really do). Housing theoretically exist, for some coins to buy house and then paying upkeep. Subscribers should be getting something better. Player base is not that cool like in Istaria. I sent one tell to player asking how to “close the rift” – received no answer, even “Sorry, don’t know”. No invites to guilds etc. But maybe things will be better later.

So far – like this game, although it lacks big-chested female wizard running around and grying everything with her…spells.


My Cobalt joinings – were stolen. Left them in public silo – and they were no more. I was angry, saw some player deposited his stuff, first though was to take away his stuff. But was it really that player? Or someone before him? Or maybe someone from our Guild took and added to the plot I am helping? I left angry, but did not take stuff: no need to wage war.

I spent day running in Dralk, crafting cobalt items and one time plot owner arrived to take things for his own plot. It speeded my crafting and helping. A pity, cannot be ninja-helper for one plot anymore…

Our Guild almost rushed to help one player. He needed some crafting materials. One Guild member provided with some fabric, I gave some wood. Player was impressed and started to think how to repay. I answered – “You will repay. One day, when you will be big and strong, you will meet new player…”. And the circle will turn – he will help newbie, this newbie will grow up and help other newbie… Both in Lotro and Istaria people are very quick to help other players.

Lord of the rings online

Just some chat, Hobbit presents (Marks. A pity, I cannot sell them for in-game gold). Helped one player to do slayer deeds in Ered Luin. He saw my Minstrel in action and Minstrel outperformed his Beorning. At least some relaxation.

I am not very enthusiastic about de facto leaving Lotro (i.e.: logging to take present and chat). But the situation is very simple: game becomes something I really do not like. I can’t change anything and do not wish to sufer from content I do not like. This year would be year almost without Lotro.

Maybe when developers understand they are going to have only ruling 100 players and their alts – maybe then they will listen to hard numbers (Helms Deep favoured by 4,4% of voters at and return backi to good old pre-HD Rohan times.

And so the day has ended. Good in Everquest II, good in Istaria, tolerable in Lotro.