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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Neverwinter iron

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 19 2015 at 8:56AM
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Finally tried this one. Had some trouble to bypass (adware?) “Arc”. Impressions are mixed. Free players have 2 toons, all races unlocked. Customization is hidden behind “Advanced” (no, big-chested half nude Elf cannot be created…). I chose Archer which proved to be a good choice: she had single shot as well as AoE shot – the longer you aim (hold mouse), the stronger shot is. Later played one magic class that could freeze enemy. Not bad too.

Enviroments are nice, graphic is nice, there are tons of NPCs in the town – they just walk, stand and they are there…well, just because they are, serving no real function. Some NPCs are single-use: one hero greets newbies, sees some evil sorcerer and is Darth Vader-style choked to death. Game tries its best to help players: press Z and magic glowing path will show you a way to your next objective. Initially it was good, later became just irritating. UI is weird. Initially you move with WASD. If you turn mouse -your hero looks in that way (had some problem with playing Istaria and Lotro…). Of course, you can customize, but why not leave up, back, left, right keys?

All action so far (up to lvl.5) takes place in one huge city. One time you are headed outside to kill enemies. You could be in “Heroic encoutner” – forced group content. But beware, free players: if you are not level 15 (and when you firdst enter there, yo uare some lvl.5), you can’t use chat or whisper. Unless you buy “zen” – then chat is unlocked. Well, dear developers, chat is not a luxury and newbie could want asking for help. I fought, mostly – was killed. One time some good sould resurrected me. Overall – this forced content was not my favourite. Later had to go to other partsb of the town, defeat some thieves who stole crown…and could not go outside. Game wanted me to be within town.

Neverwinter is something that looks like playable for me, yet misses something. Maybe it is forced enviroment (I sued to go outside in Istaria and Lotro). Maybe absence of self-healing ranged AoE tank (like Minstrel in Lotro). I could play it from time to time, enjoy seeing many newbies and experienced players around (well…what is lvl.60 doing in lvl.5-10 town?) – yet can’t call it my game. No chat, very little bank and inventory space (unlockable by Zen, no doubt). Bright side – if you receive items, these would be for your class, so – no meditating.


Naktieskarys ran forwards and backwards. Weaver finally reached lvl.60, since now I have but two choices: grind Ironsilk without end (grind, make spoons, delete spoons, repeat) or harvest cotton and make construction items. Right now I am taking some rest, i.e. helping one low-tier plot with basic materials. To my joy, I could craft everything needed.

Talked to “my” friendly Dragon, but unfortunately, had to log off before she told me what materials were needed for her lair. Well, let us hope she’ll be online today.

In Guild chat we joked, ranted almost without end, mostly about Dragons. Sometimes I was asking for grind directions. One time Guild was organizing end-game fighting content. I could go as a healer…yet probably thought too late, group was formed without me. Wanted to help one player – and yet he received help faster than I could do.

I am satisfied with Istaria. Helping is good, seeing how structure advances is very good too. I have 2 plots to help with – and now have third, just because it is easy and could look nice.

Lord of the rings online

As usually, Windstorms turned in task items in Esteldin, received Hobbit present, logged off. Naktieskarys logged in, talked a bit in kinship chat, logged off.

And so weekend has ended. It was a good and interesting one. Neverwinter could be an option, but I am still unsure about it. writes:
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