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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

necromancing, building

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 30 2015 at 1:02PM
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Created second toon, one weirdly named (“storm”, ‘wind” are not allowed) necromancer.  She started in some icy island. Was weaker than wizard, but island proved to be a bit easier. Saw 1 or 2 newbies in this area, but did not talk to them. All I need now is to realise my wizards need Intelligence. Also, finally managed to cope with items that give quests – need just to “examine” them.


Crafting and once more crafting. Running to Cobalt fields, then to mine Obsidian. I have discovered a thing I thought to be a bug: no matter how overburdened you are – you will still be able to move at 25% speed (“Your speed is reduced by 75% because of overburdening”)> i thought it was a positive bug. No, it was a policy of developers – to make things easier, not harder. Hurray, all Guild chat enjoyed this. This memans only one – I can be more effective with cobalt.

I have soloed almost 60% of one tier 4 structure. if I had more time yesterday – it was possible to finish it. Well, will finish today. I really enjoy my life in Istaria: running, gathering resources, aiding other people.

Lord of the rings online

Logged in, took Hobbit presents, sold them, talked to the Kinship. Nothing new, no positivde news from developers this year. Maybe, when they will have their only own loyal fanclub left (~100 players + their alts) they will start to reconsider things?

And so the day has ended – very good in Istaria


Ever-alone and plotting

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday January 29 2015 at 12:25AM
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Everquest 2

Naktieskarys quested in newbie territory (sorry, bad at names). Some quests were done and then..and then i had quests out of the map. Somewhere. Map was of no use, so I used one “gate”.

I emerged into some “blah blah City of Hate”, started some quests…and suddenly felt alone. Almost no players nearby. Crafting was pure fail; Weaponsmith had no recipes/formulas, only items and formulas did not drop from monsters, they were not sold at merchants. Opened my crafting book – nothing again, empty. How on Earth was I supposed to craft? The only posisble answer – to finish one quest in starter area maybe. But then, i had zero clue where to mine certain resources – and there was noo hint even in local wiki.

Everquest seemed…deserted. To make things worse, I could not use a chat. Maybe it’s time to leave this game?


Naktieskarys continued harvesting Cobalt and adding to the big plot. Now working with 2 storage silos – they require lots of resources, including obsidiian, marble, cobalt (and sometimes yew). One kinnie confessed to have a plot, so I would look what could I do.

Lord of the rings online

Just chatting with kinnies, taking Hobbit presents, paying for house upkeep.

And so the day has ended: good only in Istaria. I still can’t find any “replacement game”.

Everquest II

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 26 2015 at 12:17PM
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Everquest II

Tried this gamre, although Sony entertainment charges even for using global chats. Free player –> no global chats. Pay subscription, get global chats. Very “nice”…

Customization: too little. No chance to change many things, except head, hair and alike. I chose some magic class, capable of burning enemies from distance.

I think I started to like this game. The world is kind of old-school: no maps marked with “quest there”, how you finish objectives is up to you. To make things easier – quest monsters are marked with feather, so you should know which are priority targets. Level gaining is kind of quick, new abilities almost at every level.

Crafting is easy and non-easy. You can gather resources from level 1 – no tools needed. Just come to Fallen tree, harvest and increase crafting skill. However, I did not find how to actually craft items.

Inventory is little, not sure how to increase it. Selling items to vendors reminds me of Istaria: very little copper coins.

Quests: the game title speaks for them. Wherever you go, you will seen NPCs offering quests and rewards for them. So far I do like this system.

The world is coloured one, some enemies are apathic, some – eager to engage anyone close to them. Loot exists, even collection exist (though not sure what threy really do). Housing theoretically exist, for some coins to buy house and then paying upkeep. Subscribers should be getting something better. Player base is not that cool like in Istaria. I sent one tell to player asking how to “close the rift” – received no answer, even “Sorry, don’t know”. No invites to guilds etc. But maybe things will be better later.

So far – like this game, although it lacks big-chested female wizard running around and grying everything with her…spells.


My Cobalt joinings – were stolen. Left them in public silo – and they were no more. I was angry, saw some player deposited his stuff, first though was to take away his stuff. But was it really that player? Or someone before him? Or maybe someone from our Guild took and added to the plot I am helping? I left angry, but did not take stuff: no need to wage war.

I spent day running in Dralk, crafting cobalt items and one time plot owner arrived to take things for his own plot. It speeded my crafting and helping. A pity, cannot be ninja-helper for one plot anymore…

Our Guild almost rushed to help one player. He needed some crafting materials. One Guild member provided with some fabric, I gave some wood. Player was impressed and started to think how to repay. I answered – “You will repay. One day, when you will be big and strong, you will meet new player…”. And the circle will turn – he will help newbie, this newbie will grow up and help other newbie… Both in Lotro and Istaria people are very quick to help other players.

Lord of the rings online

Just some chat, Hobbit presents (Marks. A pity, I cannot sell them for in-game gold). Helped one player to do slayer deeds in Ered Luin. He saw my Minstrel in action and Minstrel outperformed his Beorning. At least some relaxation.

I am not very enthusiastic about de facto leaving Lotro (i.e.: logging to take present and chat). But the situation is very simple: game becomes something I really do not like. I can’t change anything and do not wish to sufer from content I do not like. This year would be year almost without Lotro.

Maybe when developers understand they are going to have only ruling 100 players and their alts – maybe then they will listen to hard numbers (Helms Deep favoured by 4,4% of voters at and return backi to good old pre-HD Rohan times.

And so the day has ended. Good in Everquest II, good in Istaria, tolerable in Lotro.

Istaria:cobalt madness

Posted by Lithuanian Saturday January 24 2015 at 12:28AM
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Time was short even for Istaria – thus finished run in Dralk. Switched to another, better place near plot. A place with Cobalt motherload, so I have to do lesser runs. Run to vault – deposit ore – run back to Cobalt. However, the plot owner has very high ambitions. Lots of tier 5 job, which means 120 cobalt sheeting and 200 cobalt joining for one storage silo. And he has some 30 silos on his plot.

To make things worse, there is Obsidian – only gatherable near Dralk with vaults far, far away. And each silo needs same 120/200 sheetings and jointings.

in Guild chat we joked all the time and I felt it was just great spent time.

Lord of the rings online

Task items finished, now I log in my toon for some chat and Hobbit present. Asking if anyonje played Everquest with its non-existent controls. Players regard Istaria as “crafting game” and offer me to stay in lotro.

I am not leaving it once and for all. Developers and ruling 100 players wanted people like me (and there are hundreds, thousands of them) to get out – I simply comply. Logic is not wellcome in official forums, casual f2p PvE opinion would never be listened to in official forums. But if you propose to take something off players, if you scream “more hardcore, me ownz anything” – you will be listened to (just do not ask for raids).

Maybe one day Lotro will return to its normal, softcore state and the same day I will come back to activity. Not now, not this year/

And so the day has ended – a fun cobalt madness in Istaria with some good chat.

Ever-spank, ever-help

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday January 22 2015 at 7:05AM
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Tried one more time. Created a new toon, told myself I could cope with controls. Well, I couldn’t. Controls are non-existent, non-intuitive and heavily rely and pressing DOS type comands. My toon was killed in firstb encounter just because there is no button to attack (only to turn autoattack on/off). Running around was problematic too. Developers of Everquest deserve eternal spanking untill they manage to understand English word “control”. When they create first user-friendly interface in EQ -well, only then will EQ become playable.


Once again, helping with slate, some sandstone and even (evil) Kenaf are on their ways. Meanwhile our kinnie has destroyed one of his buildings: it was too demanding in resources to be finished. So, instead of large vault he would have small one: but this would speed up buildings. To make things faster, I started to grind Cobalt near Dralk. It is really painfull, since there is no vault nearby, you have to run and run. One storage exists, yet it was occupied by someone’s stuff.

Lord of the rings online placed a poll about best expansion. Lotro’s expansion 15 (Helm’s Deep) got entire 4,4% of all votes. Users just did not like forced fellowship content, clumpsy new skill tree and RNG that is for RNG purposes only.

I just turned in task items on Windstorms and that’s all. Today last task item will be used…and there would be almost no need to visit Lotro (except for Hobbit presents). A pity game is declining so fast.

And so the day has ended – a bit lost and clumpsy.


Neverwinter iron

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 19 2015 at 8:56AM
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Finally tried this one. Had some trouble to bypass (adware?) “Arc”. Impressions are mixed. Free players have 2 toons, all races unlocked. Customization is hidden behind “Advanced” (no, big-chested half nude Elf cannot be created…). I chose Archer which proved to be a good choice: she had single shot as well as AoE shot – the longer you aim (hold mouse), the stronger shot is. Later played one magic class that could freeze enemy. Not bad too.

Enviroments are nice, graphic is nice, there are tons of NPCs in the town – they just walk, stand and they are there…well, just because they are, serving no real function. Some NPCs are single-use: one hero greets newbies, sees some evil sorcerer and is Darth Vader-style choked to death. Game tries its best to help players: press Z and magic glowing path will show you a way to your next objective. Initially it was good, later became just irritating. UI is weird. Initially you move with WASD. If you turn mouse -your hero looks in that way (had some problem with playing Istaria and Lotro…). Of course, you can customize, but why not leave up, back, left, right keys?

All action so far (up to lvl.5) takes place in one huge city. One time you are headed outside to kill enemies. You could be in “Heroic encoutner” – forced group content. But beware, free players: if you are not level 15 (and when you firdst enter there, yo uare some lvl.5), you can’t use chat or whisper. Unless you buy “zen” – then chat is unlocked. Well, dear developers, chat is not a luxury and newbie could want asking for help. I fought, mostly – was killed. One time some good sould resurrected me. Overall – this forced content was not my favourite. Later had to go to other partsb of the town, defeat some thieves who stole crown…and could not go outside. Game wanted me to be within town.

Neverwinter is something that looks like playable for me, yet misses something. Maybe it is forced enviroment (I sued to go outside in Istaria and Lotro). Maybe absence of self-healing ranged AoE tank (like Minstrel in Lotro). I could play it from time to time, enjoy seeing many newbies and experienced players around (well…what is lvl.60 doing in lvl.5-10 town?) – yet can’t call it my game. No chat, very little bank and inventory space (unlockable by Zen, no doubt). Bright side – if you receive items, these would be for your class, so – no meditating.


Naktieskarys ran forwards and backwards. Weaver finally reached lvl.60, since now I have but two choices: grind Ironsilk without end (grind, make spoons, delete spoons, repeat) or harvest cotton and make construction items. Right now I am taking some rest, i.e. helping one low-tier plot with basic materials. To my joy, I could craft everything needed.

Talked to “my” friendly Dragon, but unfortunately, had to log off before she told me what materials were needed for her lair. Well, let us hope she’ll be online today.

In Guild chat we joked, ranted almost without end, mostly about Dragons. Sometimes I was asking for grind directions. One time Guild was organizing end-game fighting content. I could go as a healer…yet probably thought too late, group was formed without me. Wanted to help one player – and yet he received help faster than I could do.

I am satisfied with Istaria. Helping is good, seeing how structure advances is very good too. I have 2 plots to help with – and now have third, just because it is easy and could look nice.

Lord of the rings online

As usually, Windstorms turned in task items in Esteldin, received Hobbit present, logged off. Naktieskarys logged in, talked a bit in kinship chat, logged off.

And so weekend has ended. It was a good and interesting one. Neverwinter could be an option, but I am still unsure about it.


what does the fox say?

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 16 2015 at 7:10AM
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Naktieskarys was active, harvesting materials for Weaver. Travelled to Kirasanct, switched from Mason to Weaver, then back to Mason and back to Weaver. made some items, advanced to level 52.

And then – one mysterious thing that happened to already nervous me (thanks to real life). I stored some 2000 Kenaf spools in one public silo. It was not ewasy to find one: our Guild member used most of the silos for his plot building materials (not nice…). I arrive, ready to craft Kenaf…and kenaf is gone.

I was in real anger. Why steal? If my kenaf spoils something – relocate to another silo, there were enough empty silos. I was in fury and began thinking about retaliation: if I notice kenaf or silk – I will steal them too. Never did that, but…

Very quickly problem was solved. Our Guild member accidentaly deleted kenaf. No stealing, no conspiracy, just Human/Dragon mistake. Kenaf ws soon in place, I was constructing things and very quickly advancing.

Posted in Istaria forums some ideas about game, how could we make it more popular…yet folks did not listen at 100% to me. When I am talking to write/blog/vlog/post on social networks about Istaria, I am referred to “Spread the word” program. Ok, it’s nice…for paying players. Free players get zero from that program. Forum members failed to see that vital point (and I have no will to argue about that). As they sing – what does the [Nak] say?

Overall, I am satissfied with Istaria. So far, I am taking some rest. When I get tired from growing up Weaver, I’ll return to good old Marble and Steel.

Lord of the rings online

As usual, nothing: turn in task items on Windstorms, sell Hobbit presents, talk to the Kin.

And so the day has ended. It was pretty normal in Istaria/Lotro.

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Numbers: 30 and 100

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 13 2015 at 9:52AM
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NaktiesKarys was busy with crafting. Running forward and backward, avoiding monsters (in Istaria they may attack no matter the level)…untill I met other player in “my” marble fields. We were near the esame facility doing the same job using the same stratgey. I tried to harvest, but saw no point and left.

My kinnie’s plot has some 30 structures to do. And each structure means some 150 marble keys, 250 marble blocks, 200 cobalt jointings, 120 cobalt sheetings and 100 yet timbers. Not talking about obsidian which is near Dralk and almost no vault nearby. A lot of of work, yet I will do my best to aid.

Finally, my Mason has reached level 100. Now, have to level up a Weaver (which is still lvl.43). This is the next aspect Istaria shines: multiclassing. You can finish every single crafting school and finally be self-proficient.

Talked with one friendly Dragon. Looks she was surprised by my will to grind. When I give examples from Lotro, she tells she couldn’t grind that much. I do have patience for grinding, the main thing is reason why do I grind. In Istaria it is clear: helping others.

Lord of the rings online

Standard action: log in Windstorms, turn in taskboard items, take hobbit present; log in Vytautaz, turn in taskboard items. At teh end of the day – log in Naktieskarys, talk to Kinship, log off.

And so the day has ended. I was a bit tired, yet really enjoyed my runs in Istaria. The day has been very good in Istaria.

Joy of helping

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 12 2015 at 7:21AM
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Naktieskarys was active grinding various things. Trandalar:Acul for dark iron (steel bars–>steel sheetings and steel jointings). Then – visit to Marble golems (marble bricks –> marble bloks and keystones). Harvesting untill I have no place, then running to the vault, depositing…and running back. A few runs later – adding items to the buildings. Lucky for me, there is one plot nearby that needs tons of marble blocks/keystones. I added as much as I could, but there is more work to do. Some 30 storage silos, each requiring 250 marble blocks and 150 keystones. That means lots of work. Even if I could create a crafting bot, 24 hours per day won’t be enough.

And there are few other plots that need help. I will do my best to aid them.

Talked with Guild members about helping and some our members. One of the best Guild players, Disintergrate_u, has left Istaria some 1 year ago. A pity, he was one of the best, always knowing everything, always organizing runs, always ready to help. One friendly Dragon left too. Fortunately for me, there are still many friends from good old times.

I am happy with Istaria. It has perfect free-to-play model (all regions free, all main features free, no restriction with quests/deeds). I am happy to help others with their plots or just go with Dragons and let my Cleric support them with heals/resurrections. There are no obligatory quests that requrie huge fellowship with little chance to succeed. Istaria is so peacefull and nice.

Lord of the rings online

Logged in, turned in task items. Checked Hobbit presents. Talked with Kinship. Kinnies are sure many players will leave “thanks” to (de facto) abolishing of reputation items. Others are openly stating tier 2 instances are almost impossible now. I try to explain:I am not against raiders/pvp’ers. I am just  for a roght to choose. If there is enemy – please give realistic chance to solo it. And a chance to form fellowship. Or a raid. Or a triple tier 4 raid. Give me chance to choose, do not make forced content. But developers want me out and I agree. My toon are no more active.

And I can clearly tell what is going to happen to Lotro within next 7 years. I mean, by the 31st December 2022, if Lotro is still online: there would be no ways to earn Turbine points in game, only way would be to buy; there would be  no free to play (or a very short trial, like 48 hours or up to level 15); game would become pay-to-play or (more likely) pay-to-win; there would be no more solo content, only fellowship/raid; reputation items and task board items would be abolished.

Well, as one song said – “it must have been love, but it’s over now”. Bye-bye, Lotro, I will visit you occasionally.

And so the day has ended. I am very satisfied with acitivty in Istaria, with helpingh others, chatting with old friends. Sun does shine bright for me in Istaria (unlike grumpy skies of Mordor Lotro).