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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Minstrel the invicible

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday January 29 2014 at 6:41AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys turned in some task items, increased reputation with Helminga and logged off.

Xaab continued adventures. Now – it was time to feel like terminator in Bree. Did all quests I could. Almost soloed quest to defend lame sheriff Bolger from 3 waves of Brigands. Soloed named lvl.14 Brigand and his thieves easily. I do remember going there as Champion: sneak, wait, then attack, if any aggro – run. Now, I just took half mob’s health with 1 call, yet another with second and finished with some simply ballad. That’s all.

In swamps near Combe- finished Neeker slayer (simple and advanced), Sickle fly slayer (simple) deeds. Easy, too easy. While running forwards and backwards, all 45 quests were finished. Then – short run to Bree, finishing History of Dunedain.

Playing Minstrel is pure enjoyment. A very powerfull ranged class. Before enemy reaches Minstrel, enemy would be dead. The problem is in ranged class itself: only one weapon, only light armour. While light armour looks fancy and romantic – it does not protect much. However, self-heals are nice, helps when you health potions are on cool down. Another problem is I could not sent money to my main or use quick travels.

Deeding in Bree is less proftable than in Ered Luin. Distances are too long and some quests do require “kill boar, go to NPC, go to second NPC, kill 10 board, go to NPC…” things. However, I do these deeds just to feel the joy of being almost invicible. Stand at 35 meters from target, make one shopt, watch target dead, wait for 10 seconds, one-shot another monster. I just enjoy this new class.

And yeah, class quest at lvl.15. Rewards: excellent new weapon, new title. Quest – to slay some mobs, I just one-shotted them. Too easy, unlike Champion. At the other hand – class deeds are harder than those of a champion.

In a future, I will be rolling Minstrels, ride them to Ered Luin and then grind every single TP. Few hours gave me ~120 TPs while yesterday same (and maybe more) amount – only ~70. If ~3 hours gives me 130 Turbine points, I could earn about 250 per day.

And so the day has ended. i had some 357 Turbine points and ready for more Minstrel adventures. Life is just excellent with Lotro.