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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Big Battles ahead

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 27 2014 at 6:57AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was busy in Western Rohan, doing all available quests. The region really fascinates. Eowyn, the Shieldmaiden, orders a full-scale evacuation (and we know where). Lots of people are on the move and it was up to me to aid them. Find a lost child, repair houses…what really made me feel the drama – was a task from farmer. He asked to water his crops one last time…and pull out the weeds.

It was later, in another town where I saw fields of crops – they were burning, demolished by the Orcs. Once green fields, now they were black and only wargs inhabited here. And I saw river full of dead Rohirrim and their horses. They fought as well as they could, yet they failed and now Orcish looters were defiling their bodies :(

But at that very moment – I felt sorry for that man. If he would return, he won’t find his fields as he left them…and still, it is triumph of life over death, faith – over countless hordes from Mordor and Isengard. At the same time – politics. One Reeve/Thane disagrees with Eowyn, another even attacked her, blaming her for war. Traitors of Grima are everywhere.

Over all, quests were doing just superb. They were interesting, I was immersed in them, sometimes they made me smile (like Eowyn became not so grumpy and even happy after killing entire warband).

However, I could not say any good word about quests near Helm’s Deep itself. These are of “we will torture you if you take this” type. Go, encourage men. And then they give you some puzzle to perform emotes (as far as I understood – two emotes, one after another). If there are 100 emotes only – then total number of combinations is only…10.000! Now, we have 5 NPCs, so one should use same 10.000 combinations 5 times. I.e. if all NPCs were in a row and targeting+typing one combination takes ~2 seconds, we have a total of: 50.000 x 2= 100.000 seconds which means 1667 minutes. And, dear developers, it is some 28 hours! There is no info on wiki and on the forums information about 4 emotes that work…but even if they work, that leaves us with “just” 24 hours. Cancelled that quest, it was impossible (and a pity even my kin did not listen to mathematic arguments).

Another quest – of evil Moria type. Go, take this stuff at the highest wall place near Legolas. I went where evil Elf should be – nothing. Went to another point – no Legolas, no place to drop stuff. Cancelled too.

Exploration deeds in HD region are finished. Orc and Dunlending slayer deeds – finished too.

Another activity: helped one kinnie to farm Annuminas…and finished deed to kill 80 brutes there (10 Turbine points). Found yet another 2 Emerald shards so now I have 3 of them.

And then – time for Minstrell, named “Xaab”. I fought, killing wolves, getting to almost level 7 after Archet was burned. Had a problem with trait trees, finally chose red one.

It was THE choice. I almost one-shot any enemy and if not – well, I was able to use few other ranged attacks. 35 meters is a safe distance to slay an enemy. Minstrel was, of course, better than Champion. One shot from distance, wait for cooldown, kill another mob…Farmed wolf slayer very fast this way, the only competitor being another minstrel, lvl.13. I am excited about this class – very easy to grind TPs, easier than for champion.

And so they weekend has ended, I left almost satisfied, had 157 Turbine points and ready to grind more. Helm’s Deep…it will wait untill someone posts information how to finish these “pick something bring somewhere in some way” quests. Days have been good in Lotro.