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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro VIP: on/off

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 14 2014 at 6:27AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys ran 3 quests in Limlight Gorge. Trees, Huorns, Spiders – everything was owned, all thanks to one very friendly player. Then I saw I had one quest missing and decided to take instance Roots of Fornost.

Man, it was a mistake. We were two, were defeated many times untill we went to the last boss – some 300.000 health with 2 guards. It was risky, but we tried. Failed. Resurrected, I called another friendly player (Hunter), but we were defeated and after some tries we left instance. Tried to call Kinship for help, but to no results (those willing were under-levelled or did not have quest pack).

Then, I ran to Trollshaws, to do remaining quests, hurrying and picking up every quest, starting every exploration deed (and by accident – finishing one). I had my “finish 20 quests in Trollshaws” completed, picked up some 11 quest to make sure I would be able to do “finish 30 quests” after I cancel.

And then – logging to my account and cancelling subscription. A pity, but I have to do this. I really enjoyed VIP status. Squeezed almost every Turbine point from some regions. North Downs (with the exception of Fornost) is done. Great River would be finished soon, except Heroes of Limlight Gorge reputation. In short, free VIP gave me:

  • free Great River -  795 Turbine points
  • free North Downs – 595 Turbine points
  • free 4 trait slots – 400 Turbine points
  • from North Downs – some 150 (?) Turbine points
  • from Great River – some 105 from slayer deeds + 105 from exploration (metadeeds not counted)

In short, 14 days of eternal grind has given me (in theory) some 2150 Turbine points both directly and indirectly. Also, there are some things I would now later, like inventory bags or change in maximum number of toons.

At January 16th my subscription will be terminated. I really enjoyed it, bringing even my Vytautaz to explore North Downs and starting some slayer deeds. As of today, I had 4348 Turbine points, more than enough for Helm’s Deep.

Life is just superb in Lotro. And new adventures are starting soon.